Boot loop - Kernel Panic - Core 1 Panicked

Jan 19, 2023
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Intel Iris Plus 645
I tried everything safe mode, First aid in disk utility, Reseting SMC and NVRAM. Nothing worked. Please help me with it. Also, I do not have a backup. Now, I cannot even try to transfer the files because the mac restarts every 5 seconds. How should I do backup in this situation? Please help me resolve this without losing data. Here is the report:

Debugger message: panic
Memory ID: 0x6
OS release type: User
OS version: 20P2059
macOS version: 21G320
Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 22.2.0: Thu Nov 10 20:40:09 PST 2022; root:xnu-8792.61.2~1/RELEASE_ARM64_T8010
KernelCache UUID: D65CBF31465686CEA773B6B3569122DD
Kernel UUID: A9DF127E-F886-35CE-B377-B76E772B3FCA
Boot session UUID: 441359E5-DB35-406E-B91D-4C35AFE5405F
iBoot version: iBoot-8419.60.44
secure boot?: YES
roots installed: 0
x86 EFI Boot State: 0x16
x86 System State: 0x0
x86 Power State: 0x0
x86 Shutdown Cause: 0xec
x86 Previous Power Transitions: 0x70707060400
PCIeUp link state: 0x1614
macOS kernel slide: not available
Paniclog version: 14
Kernel slide: 0x000000001c038000
Kernel text base: 0xfffffff02303c000
mach_absolute_time: 0x12ce8fd1a
Epoch Time: sec usec
Boot : 0x63c9349f 0x00021c06
Sleep : 0x00000000 0x00000000
Wake : 0x00000000 0x00000000
Calendar: 0x63c9356c 0x000ccb81

Zone info:
Zone map: 0xffffffe023c38000 - 0xffffffe623c38000
. VM : 0xffffffe023c38000 - 0xffffffe10a29c000
. RO : 0xffffffe10a29c000 - 0xffffffe156f68000
. GEN0 : 0xffffffe156f68000 - 0xffffffe23d5cc000
. GEN1 : 0xffffffe23d5cc000 - 0xffffffe323c30000
. GEN2 : 0xffffffe323c30000 - 0xffffffe40a298000
. GEN3 : 0xffffffe40a298000 - 0xffffffe4f0900000
. DATA : 0xffffffe4f0900000 - 0xffffffe623c38000
Metadata: 0xffffffee49af0000 - 0xffffffee4b2f0000
Bitmaps : 0xffffffee4b2f0000 - 0xffffffee4b550000

TPIDRx_ELy = {1: 0xffffffe409afa4e0 0: 0x0000000000000001 0ro: 0x000000016f75f0e0 }
CORE 0: PC=0xfffffff02325a824, LR=0xfffffff02325a824, FP=0xffffffe7c3e4ff00
CORE 1 is the one that panicked. Check the full backtrace for details.
Compressor Info: 0% of compressed pages limit (OK) and 0% of segments limit (OK) with 0 swapfiles and OK swap space
Total cpu_usage: 15407735
Thread task pri cpu_usage
0xffffffe409afa4e0 watchdogd 97 0
0xffffffe409e702f8 kernel_task 81 235281
0xffffffe40a159088 kernel_task 0 4339080
0xffffffe409ee09c0 kernel_task 0 4650067

Panicked task 0xffffffe23d5458c8: 171 pages, 3 threads: pid 38: watchdogd
Panicked thread: 0xffffffe409afa4e0, backtrace: 0xffffffe7c3db3170, tid: 914
lr: 0xfffffff02322944c fp: 0xffffffe7c3db31b0
lr: 0xfffffff02322925c fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3220
lr: 0xfffffff02335ef9c fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3290
lr: 0xfffffff02335df34 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3350
lr: 0xfffffff0231e95fc fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3360
lr: 0xfffffff023228cd0 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3710
lr: 0xfffffff0238d2650 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3730
lr: 0xfffffff0226b1578 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3750
lr: 0xfffffff0226b0f04 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3770
lr: 0xfffffff0226b00c8 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3890
lr: 0xfffffff02385ff40 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3a30
lr: 0xfffffff02332dc50 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3b50
lr: 0xfffffff02322ee68 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3bf0
lr: 0xfffffff023205f3c fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3c50
lr: 0xfffffff02321b950 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3d80
lr: 0xfffffff023355390 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3e50
lr: 0xfffffff02335e444 fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3f10
lr: 0xfffffff0231e95fc fp: 0xffffffe7c3db3f20