kernel panic

  1. gulios

    macOS 11.0 Big Sur Public Beta 10 - boot, kernel panic

    Hi, macOS 11 beta OC 0.6.2 Until BS PB9 everything was fine. After installed PB10 getting kernel panic while trying to boot. "Rooting from the live fs of a sealed volume is not allowed on RELEASE..." Any idea ?
  2. Jolopu

    Occasional Freezes

    My hack is quite stable but I experience occasional freezes. I have no idea how to read the logs. Any ideas where to look? I attached my EFI. If you need more information, just let me know. Thanks for your help!! Catalina 10.15.6 Fresh install Open Core 0.6.1 Kexts are up to date. Gigabyte...
  3. jezzalencko9

    Constant reboot from Clover - "type 14=page fault", "can't perform kext scan"

    Hi, I have the following setup: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H i7 3770K Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 Windforce Running High Sierra (10.13.4) I've been successfully booting from Clover for many months but today a consistent kernel panic has started for no apparent reason. See attached. I've read a few...

    KP while booting macOS Big Sur installer

    Can anyone please decrypt this KP for me? I'm trying to boot macOS Big Sur on my Skylake HP Probook G3 (i7-6200U + HD 520, 16GB RAM)
  5. rain.nh

    Solved > Catalina unknown panic with OpenCore

    Trying to install Catalina with OpenCore and followed every step from their site. Was going with online installer. I am attaching the efi file here with picture or panic.
  6. Yuliaan

    Solved > Possible to use Catalina with NVIDIA Pascal installed?

    Hi there, I recently updated my PC from High Sierra to Catalina. HS is just too old for my programs, but was the best option for the NVIDIA graphics. Now I installed Catalina successfully, but I've got one question: Is it possible, to use the iGPU as before, but hide the NVIDIA-GPU from the...
  7. MK0916

    Help identifying kernel panic

    Hello, I'm running MacOS Sierra on a Clover laptop, and my build has been stable for ~2 years. But recently I've been getting frequent kernel panics that result in instant restart of the system. I've included the most recent panic report along with problem reporting files. I use a lot of USB...
  8. brunokraucher


  9. RizkiAA

    ACPI Error after renaming XHC1 to XHC

    Hey all... I've been trying to figure out how to configure all the ports of my Laptop's USB to work properly on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5, everything seems to work fine, MacOS seems to work properly, the only issue is that I can't seem to make one of my USB 2.0 Port to be recognised in MacOS and...
  10. cmd-S

    Kernel panics with Catalina and Z97

    Since I did a clean install of Catalina in March, I’m getting occasional but persistent kernel panics. It happens about every other day. It's been difficult to track down since it can happen during simple tasks like previewing photos in Finder or browsing Safari. Machine is put under CPU tasks...
  11. liamwachs

    How To View Boot Log After Kernel Panic During Boot

    Heya everyone. I recently completed my first build using @CaseySJ 's guide. Pretty much everything is working perfectly except I am getting some KP crashes during boot every so often. Once I reboot it always boots fine on the second attempt. I can't seem to be able to work out how to scroll up...
  12. dhruv12221

    Solved > Open Core - Kernel Panic when trying to update from High Sierra (10.13.5) to Mojave

    was a clover user then switched to open core both of those only work upto High Sierra and then it gives a kernel panic. the config.plist is for opencore.
  13. rjcampo

    Kernel Panic Help

    Hello, I got my Acer Aspire 5 to the kernel panic stage and I took a slow-motion video of the verbose boot up. I've posted the focused frames from the video here. I'll also put up my EFI and config.plist for easy access. I would appreciate any help you all can offer. Thank you, Richard
  14. zLeqitEclipse

    "Your Computer was restarted because of a problem" after every *normal* restart

    Hi all, i just restored my Hackintosh with an Time Machine Backup. I used MultiBeast for the first time to create my EFI folder. Everything works fine, but after a normal Reboot my Mac Says this Error Message which is not a Problem, but annoying. In the Message box it says something about an...
  15. JonnIEnglish

    Hackintoshed Huawei Matebook x Pro kernel panic on sleep.

    Hi all, I recently got macOS Catalina working on my Huawei Mateboox x Pro and everything seems to be working except for sleep. Whenever the laptop goes to sleep it either wakes up immediately or crashes and reboots with this kernel panic error message that I have put at the bottom of this post...
  16. Piero2411

    Solved > Catalina work only with 0x12345678 platform id

    Hi i just installed catalina on my hackintosh and i have a problem with video drivers. MOBO: Z170XP-SLI CPU: Intel 6600K GPU: Intel HD 530 SSD: Samsung 97 Evo plus The video card integrated in the processor is an Intel HD 530 When I boot it gives me the error in the photo. The only way to...
  17. levleviev

    Solved > Kernel panic booting High Sierra install

    Hi, I installed High Sierra on my Hackintosh earlier today, and I'm getting a kernel panic whenever I try to boot to the new install. I followed this guide, with the exception of I could not get the OS from the App Store (because it's no longer available.) But I had an install drive for High...
  18. Postshow

    Solved > Video playback - Kernel Panic

    Hi everybody. I built a Hackintosh and setting up the system went quit well. But I do have one major problem. Every time I play a video (with Quicktime or any other player) the video stops after some seconds, the system freezes and the gpu no longer provides a picture. Seconds later the fans...
  19. aljinni

    catalina fresh install permanently reboots

    it doesn't even stay long enough for me to get the picture of the -v dialog. i've run it multiple times in safe mode, and googled several times, but can't find any solutions. when i boot it into safe mode, it stays at 'waiting for remote debugger connection' forever. enclosed is my EFI folder...
  20. vincenteee

    Kernel panic: kernel extensions in backtrace:

    Hello all, I tried booting into macOS installer but it gives me the Kernel extensions in backtrace: error. See picture attached for context. Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it? Thanks a lot!