kernel panic

  1. DSS3113

    Solved > Random Kernel Panics on Catalina 10.15.7

    Hi, my hackintosh reboots randomly when I am working on it. It'll even do so when I would've left it idle. Other than this it works perfectly thanks to the support provided by these forums. This report was generated the last time it had a kernel panic: panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800cc13467)...
  2. ktmsulaim

    No nvram variable found Open Core 0.6.4 Catalina Installer

    Hi, I'm trying to install macOs Catalina using open core bootloader on my build. I've followed each and every steps described in Dortania, besides I did research on this forum about macOs installation processes. Any way I got stuck at no nvram variable found in verbose mode. Also, there was a...
  3. cci[RR]us

    [Clover] Kernel Panic during boot up to Big Sur installer

    I followed guides and successfully upgraded to the latest Clover r5127 on my Acer Aspire XC-605 (Intel i7 4790, HD 4600). It boots into Catalina perfectly. I did the upgrade to Big Sur, but upon reboot and selecting the installation partition, it triggered kernel panic. So I removed all...
  4. RohitKarthik

    Having Problems with an Ice Lake laptop

    Hello, I tried to install macOS on my Ice Lake laptop (mentioned in my hardware profile) using the Dortania install guide (Link to the Ice Lake plist configuration from Dortania), but I keep getting this kernel panic whenever I try to do so: I'm attaching my OC folder as well, to see if I am...
  5. Aries08

    Waiting for DSMOS

    Hi, I installed MacOS High Sierra, using 9400F and 1060 6GB Strix. After “Waiting for DSMOS” comes out everything goes slower and stucks as in the photo. Ends in Kernel Panic What to do? I’m still a Noob
  6. DjMike238

    KP on Sony VAIO Fit 15E

    After updating to the latest macOS 10.14.6, and after updating Clover and some other kexts, I've been unable to boot back into macOS. I think the issue might be in my config.plist, since I tried using this one from RehabMan's repo and I managed to boot my system just fine, even with not...
  7. fivos1996

    Panic when trying to boot with Clover, works with OC.

    Hi all. I'm facing a stange problem again. I have 11.0.1 installed onto an external drive and everything works using OC but I get this kernel panic every time I try to boot using Clover: "Rooting from the live fs of a sealed volume is not allowed on a release build" makes me think there's...
  8. rishi44

    Hackintosh periodically restarting crash report attached kernel panic

    Hello, My hackintosh is periodically restarting. Can you please let me know the reason why my computer could be restarting? The error report is attached below. Thanks
  9. kajaba

    Kernel panic on AppleEFIRuntime and AppleEFINVRAM

    Hello, I have a problem with my yet stable Catalina install. Recently I updated clover to 5117 and started to have a problem to boot - Stuck on [EB]#LOG:EXITBS:START] I downloaded latest bios for my gigabyte z390 I Aorus Pro Wifi - disabled MSR (CFG lock) with grub and it worked. Now I am stuck...
  10. gulios

    [Solved] macOS 11.0 Big Sur Public Beta 10 - boot, kernel panic

    Hi, macOS 11 beta OC 0.6.2 Until BS PB9 everything was fine. After installed PB10 getting kernel panic while trying to boot. "Rooting from the live fs of a sealed volume is not allowed on RELEASE..." Any idea ?
  11. Jolopu

    Occasional Freezes

    My hack is quite stable but I experience occasional freezes. I have no idea how to read the logs. Any ideas where to look? I attached my EFI. If you need more information, just let me know. Thanks for your help!! Catalina 10.15.6 Fresh install Open Core 0.6.1 Kexts are up to date. Gigabyte...
  12. jezzalencko9

    Constant reboot from Clover - "type 14=page fault", "can't perform kext scan"

    Hi, I have the following setup: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H i7 3770K Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 Windforce Running High Sierra (10.13.4) I've been successfully booting from Clover for many months but today a consistent kernel panic has started for no apparent reason. See attached. I've read a few...
  13. RAFFAY

    KP while booting macOS Big Sur installer

    Can anyone please decrypt this KP for me? I'm trying to boot macOS Big Sur on my Skylake HP Probook G3 (i7-6200U + HD 520, 16GB RAM)
  14. rain.nh

    Solved > Catalina unknown panic with OpenCore

    Trying to install Catalina with OpenCore and followed every step from their site. Was going with online installer. I am attaching the efi file here with picture or panic.
  15. Yuliaan

    Solved > Possible to use Catalina with NVIDIA Pascal installed?

    Hi there, I recently updated my PC from High Sierra to Catalina. HS is just too old for my programs, but was the best option for the NVIDIA graphics. Now I installed Catalina successfully, but I've got one question: Is it possible, to use the iGPU as before, but hide the NVIDIA-GPU from the...
  16. MK0916

    Help identifying kernel panic

    Hello, I'm running MacOS Sierra on a Clover laptop, and my build has been stable for ~2 years. But recently I've been getting frequent kernel panics that result in instant restart of the system. I've included the most recent panic report along with problem reporting files. I use a lot of USB...
  17. brunokraucher


  18. RizkiAA

    ACPI Error after renaming XHC1 to XHC

    Hey all... I've been trying to figure out how to configure all the ports of my Laptop's USB to work properly on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5, everything seems to work fine, MacOS seems to work properly, the only issue is that I can't seem to make one of my USB 2.0 Port to be recognised in MacOS and...
  19. cmd-S

    Kernel panics with Catalina and Z97

    Since I did a clean install of Catalina in March, I’m getting occasional but persistent kernel panics. It happens about every other day. It's been difficult to track down since it can happen during simple tasks like previewing photos in Finder or browsing Safari. Machine is put under CPU tasks...
  20. liamwachs

    How To View Boot Log After Kernel Panic During Boot

    Heya everyone. I recently completed my first build using @CaseySJ 's guide. Pretty much everything is working perfectly except I am getting some KP crashes during boot every so often. Once I reboot it always boots fine on the second attempt. I can't seem to be able to work out how to scroll up...