kernel panic

  1. MimiBoatino

    Stuck at “ please switch to xpc or bootstrap_check_in()”

    Hello, It’s my first time doing a hackintosh build. I’ve a Lenovo ideapad 110 151sk and I’m trying to install Mojave 10.14 on it through a vanilla installation using CLOVER. I made the bootable USB using 2014 MacBook Pro running Mojave. Downloaded the kexts using clover configurator ...
  2. Nyak

    Post-Installation Kernel Panic

    My build has been running High Sierra splendidly for nearly two years until today. Initially, it lost connection to the internet (via ethernet). Upon restart, it got caught in a boot loop. I've tried -x and debug=0x100 to no avail. Just before booting into Clover (version 4458), it posts this...
  3. itizme

    Solved > Kernel panic after installing kext

    Hi, I've searched tonymac86x for a week now. I've installed AppleIntelInfo.kext with Hackintool. After restarting the computer was stuck at the apple boot logo (+++++randomseed) Now I figured out that I shouldn't have installed this kext file. But now I'm stuck at a kernel panic. I was able to...
  4. ravnized

    KP at shutdown

    Hi, After Booting in Osx High Sierra i have always a pop up saying "Your Computer was restarted because of a problem" Here is the dump of the problem files Anonymous UUID: D6D64994-0C26-8BBB-9B13-194C4FB9A691 Wed Sep 4 11:46:04 2019 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 0 caller...
  5. abomb2503

    Impossible Kernel Panic

    I’ve been having a constant problem with my hackintosh for the past month where it won’t work. i keep trying to boot in but, depending on the settings i use, the progress bar loads all the way and just stays there, or the progress bar goes like 1/16 of the way, and the whole system reboots and...
  6. Whitesirillus

    Mojave only boots with Cpus=1

    Hello. I updated my Mac OS Sierra to Mojave and the system reboots right before the login screen, 1/100 times it works but when I put my password it reboots again. On Sierra this happened too, but not every time like this... When I boot with only 1 cpu everything works perfect, even the...
  7. Gorakh

    "OPEMU" Error in Hackintosh Mojave

    I recently installed Hackintosh Mojave on my USB and the installation went fine. But after installation i booted in Hackintosh in default mode i.e "-v", it shows many lines of code executing and one of them is "Crash: VDCA Assistant: Too many corpses being created" then suddenly a message keeps...
  8. ngc598

    Random Kernel Panic on Mojave 10.14.5

    Hi there, Very exciting to join this forum. A friend helps me built my new iMac Pro couples weeks ago. It's always rebooted by kernel panic when I'm working or even using Chrome. I tired to find some topics help me fix, but I could't find it. My system as follows: CPU: Intel 9900K GPU: MSI...
  9. hinsaru

    Error loading kernel cache (0x9)

    Hi guys, I have had this build since the Mountain Lion days but after trying to make the move up to High Sierra, I have been stuck with the same error over and over again. I have reinstalled at least 5 times now with the same result. Installation seems to work fine but once I restart the...
  10. bwilliams2002

    Mojave Kernel Panic after GPU Switch.

    So after buying a AMD RX 580, I plugged it in to my machine hoping to upgrade HS. I made a bootable USB to test and see if Mojave would work without any flaws and I was VERY wrong. I plugged the USB in and proceeded to the installer, and the installer stopped mid-way through the apple loading...
  11. KrisKenesei

    Solved > Kernel panic on final loading screen

    Hi Folks, I've been busy trying to install OS X on my new build pretty much the whole of today: Intel Core i5-9600K ASUS Z370-P II 2x SAMSUNG EVO PLUS NVMe drives (was intended for a Windows+OS X dual boot config). ASUS RADEON RX580 8GB OC a Broadcom DW1820A in a PCI-E adapter The very last...
  12. scud

    KP when trying to wake from sleep

    Hello, my hack is working more or less as expected but I can't solve the issue of restarts due to kernel panics every time it goes to sleep. It would be nice if I could solve this problem with your assistance. OS: Mojave 10.14.4 (18E227) I am attaching the debug dump
  13. berry64

    Kernel Panic on waking from sleep

    Hey, I have been getting KPs whenever i try to wake my 10.13.6 hack from sleep. KP report: Anonymous UUID: 96040B66-F9C6-A71A-91CF-035601E92866 Sat May 4 09:55:17 2019 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800ff87f6f): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f92923964, type 14=page fault...
  14. berry64

    [Problem] kp on sleep

    Edit fri may 3: just realized posted on wrong form :shifty:, should be high-sierra forum, can't move myself though :( On my newly installed High Sierra, it seems to me that I can't put my hack to sleep. I followed the guide on patching battery status and setting CPUs, and the power management...
  15. shm7

    help! shutdown reboot with kernel panic problem

    Hi, I build my hackintosh with (msi b360m fire board) + (i3-8100) + (rx570) on mojave 10.14.2 at Nov. 2018, with help of multibeast, it works fine. Last few days, i want try new multibeast 11.2.1 and new clover, may update to newer 10.14.4. Then, **** happens. When I config clover and...
  16. saruken

    Kernel Panic after shutdown in macOS 10.14.3...

    Hi, I'm hoping someone her might be able to help me fix an issue that suddenly happened. My Hackintosh has been working great for the last couple of weeks, but yesterday I shut it down, unplugged it, and moved it. I'm 95% sure it fully shutdown before I pulled the power cable, the 5%...
  17. oxygenium95

    Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI Core i5 9600K Stuck after installation Mojave 10.14.4

    Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI Core i5 9600K UHD 630 16 GB DDR4 Keys, that used to boot: -v slide=0 dart=0 debug=0x100 SMBIOS iMac 18,3 I tried to follow this thread, but something went wrong. After installation on HDD, it doesn't boot and stuck like this. It looks like a kernel panic... Help me, please!
  18. jwindle72

    Kernel panic after installing RX 570 (v2)

    Let's try this again. I have my fresh Mojave 10.14.4 install working fine, except for my graphics and video card. 4K Asus monitor. Working from iGPU (without the RX 570 installed), getting flicker and distorted or empty windows on some apps 1080p, and still some empty windows at 4K. When RX 570...
  19. waffl

    Solved > Kernel panic when sleeping or idle (Mojave 10.14.2)

    TL;DR: Kernel panic on sleep, no audio after upgrade to Mojave with Intel HD 4600 graphics. Kernel panic report always says: `timed-out during locked wait after NMI`. Edit: Sorry if this should be in the Mojave forum, please change if necessary. Also, something that's a bit unsettling is that...
  20. nikhil99

    Kernel Panic and driver issues After Install

    Hello there. I'm new to hackintosh ,any help and suggestion is appreciated. My pc specs are i3 3220 , dh61bf intel motherboard , gtx 1050ti , 12gb ram.I have two HDD and I have installed win10pro on one and sierra on another following few guides. The problem is I got kernel panic every single...