boot loop

  1. abhishek333

    Boot loop - Kernel Panic - Core 1 Panicked

    Hi, I tried everything safe mode, First aid in disk utility, Reseting SMC and NVRAM. Nothing worked. Please help me with it. Also, I do not have a backup. Now, I cannot even try to transfer the files because the mac restarts every 5 seconds. How should I do backup in this situation? Please help...
  2. GuiHenning

    Your computer restarted because of a problem - Loop Hackintosh

    Good morning guys, I have a Hackintosh and every time I turn it on, it enters this loop and restarts. This happens about 3 times until the hack actually starts. Has anyone had this problem and managed to solve it? Video of the problem: My setup: Huananzhi X99-BD4 32GB RAM DDR4 Xeon E5-2670...
  3. tztmex

    Boot loop from SSD but OK from USB (Catalina)

    I just got Catalina installed on my SSD, if I boot from my Clover USB stick, and select the SSD as boot device, it can enter Catalina successfully. If I remove the USB stick, I can still go into the Clover interface, but when I start Catalina, it just boots infinitely. What could be wrong here...
  4. DellT3610

    Dell T3610 Boot Loop High Sierra

    Hey Guys, i have a boot loop problem and tried many different things from other guides to get it to work. But no chance.. The boot log sequence is really fast, so i filmed it in slowmo. I created the vanilla usbstick via unibeast with uefi clover System config: My system: Dell Precision T3610...
  5. venomInVeins

    << Solved >> Kernel Panic? after High Sierra to Catalina update

    I updated my High Sierra hackintosh to Catalina. The system still boots in safe mode. I am on clover v5098. Here is a video of the kernel panic. Please help.
  6. AdrianTucker

    << Solved >> 1 Year Hackintosh without issues suddenly does not boot

    Hello, I have not much experience in the hackintosh world, I built mine following guides at tonymac with detail. I built my Hackintosh a year ago under High Sierra, then I uploaded to mojave, everithing working fine! Today as every single day I turned it on and started working in my stuff...
  7. abomb2503

    Impossible Kernel Panic

    I’ve been having a constant problem with my hackintosh for the past month where it won’t work. i keep trying to boot in but, depending on the settings i use, the progress bar loads all the way and just stays there, or the progress bar goes like 1/16 of the way, and the whole system reboots and...
  8. jakubnovak

    Stuck at boot loop

    Hello, my I cant install macOS on my laptop ASUS X555L. I have tried putting different kexts, but nothing worked. I am always stuck at Apple Logo with loading bar and eventually it refreshes and then same thing happens on and on. Can anybody help me?
  9. Maria.Liddy

    Apple Logo Boot Loop

    Hello! I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section, it's my first post! I've been reading through some threads here about how to fix the issue of my PC restarting when the Apple logo (with progress bar) shows that it's almost going to load the language screen of the installation program...
  10. richardpsic

    Bizarre SSD drive failure

    Hello, I'm having a bit of a bizarre issue with my SSD. The Hackintosh suddenly restarted itself while I was using it, and it won't reboot, the boot bar indicator below the Apple logo just goes a quarter of the way and then it reboots again on an endless loop. So I removed the SSD and...
  11. abimhr

    Intel HD 3000 Graphics, Dell Inspiron 3520

    I have successfully installed Mac OS Mojave on my Dell Inspiron 3520 and everything is working fine. However, there is some graphics lag and under the 'About This Mac' section, for 'Graphics' it says 'Display 4 MB'. I have tried to install the Intel HD 3000 kexts, however, when I do that, I...
  12. LucasMorris

    Stuck in boot loop after Multibeast update

    I recently installed 10.13.6 and everything was fine except my USB ports--external drives didn't seem to work. Read here to install “Remove XHCI USD Port Limit” and “USB Inject All” with Multibeast, did that, and now my PC restarts during boot. Things I've tried: - Can get in with safe mode...
  13. God4Play

    Optane - Boot loop

    Hi! When I insert my Intel Optane Memory 16GB in my Motherboard and I start High Sierra, it will boot loop. I don't know the reason. This is the video about.

    [HELP!] GA-Z77-DS3H rev 1.1 + XFX R9 280X DD - Trapped in a Boot Loop

    GA Z77 DS3H rev. 1.1 i5 3570K I bought this XFX 280X as a GPU upgrade over my old 650 Ti. I've installed latest version of High Sierra just with the integrated graphics, everything ok. Installed Multibeast, it didn't boot. Because of problems latest time I did a full installation, I used...
  15. Sleens

    [Solved] Boot loop without the USB-key

    Hi, I did the whole process, Multibeast and restart. When I change the Boot source to UEFI p0, Clover seems to work fine, but when it automatically select the right partition, it loads for a second then re-boot. So I'm only able to start when I select the USB-key as source in the Boot menu and...
  16. jiodavid

    Not Booting to High Sierra Installer, Clover Boot Loop

    Hello everyone! It is currently my first time to try to hackintosh, and with these parts; Motherboard: Alienware Aurora R4 X79 Processor: Intel Xeon E5 4603 4 core 2ghz Graphics Cards: Asus GTX 760 RAM: 16gb G. Skill Ripjaws ddr3 1600mhz SSD: Zotac 120gb HDD:Hitachi 320gb It has been almost a...
  17. iPito

    Boot loop after installing "UEFI- Quick Setup" via Multibeast

    Hey, After choosing the UEFI option from "Quick Setup" menu from the latest version of Multibeast my hackintosh falls into a boot loop. It tries loading up the system, but when the progress bar reaches around 75% everything resets and loops like that. I'm using the latest version of multibeast...
  18. njacob22009

    High Sierra 10.13.3 Fresh Install - GeForce GTX 1060 Install causing boot loop

    So this is my first hackintosh and everything went very smooth up until I wanted to get this GeForce 1060 GTX card working with it. I have followed the instructions for installing the web drivers from the High Sierra install guide and it is currently causing a boot loop. If I'm lucky, I get to...
  19. haymar

    Boot loop & stuck with apple logo during installation.

    Hi, I'm very new to Hackintosh altogether. Please bear with me and i would appreciate very simplified instructions to solutions. I'm working with my old Acer 5750. I'm looking to convert it via Unibeast. I have followed the Tonymac guide...
  20. zoommmmm11

    Adobe Creative Cloud Updates killing internet connection and ability to boot up again

    OSX Version: High Sierra 10.13.2 Clover Version: 4380 NVIDA Version: 378. Clover Version: 387.128 Hey everyone, I'm posting just as a heads up and to see if anyone has had this issue as well. Basically upon updating one of the major apps through the adobe creative cloud app...