mac book pro

  1. abhishek333

    Boot loop - Kernel Panic - Core 1 Panicked

    Hi, I tried everything safe mode, First aid in disk utility, Reseting SMC and NVRAM. Nothing worked. Please help me with it. Also, I do not have a backup. Now, I cannot even try to transfer the files because the mac restarts every 5 seconds. How should I do backup in this situation? Please help...
  2. GuitarGuy77

    Mac Book Pro Hackintosh Potential?

    This DIY Laptop looks like it has great potential for a Mac Book Pro hackintosh? Anyone do one for these yet?
  3. JoshCave

    Razer Blade as Hackintosh Laptop I want to get peoples opinions of the possibility of making one of these a Hackintosh, I think this is the first laptop that finally looks better than any of...