Black screen when booting into Windows 11 via OpenCore

May 3, 2017
Lenovo Flex 2 15inch
HD 4400 + GT 840M, 1920x1080
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Hi there.

I have 2 SSDs on my laptop.

1st: Monterey + Ubuntu dual-boot via OpenCore
2nd: Mojave + Windows dual-boot via Clover

Each drive has its own working EFI and all 4 OSes work perfectly fine, even Windows! So I actually have zero problem if I stick to the right bootloader (i.e. Boot Windows/Mojave via Clover and Boot Monterey/Ubuntu via OC)

The problem only occurs when I try to boot to Windows 11 from OpenCore. Surprisingly OpenCore can detect Windows partition (a screenshot attached) even though it's on another drive, so I want it to be able to boot into it correctly! Unfortunately I get a black screen but I can still clearly hear Windows startup sound, so it seems everything is working behind the black-screen.

I also think I know where the problem lies. If I boot into Windows (via Clover) and disable "Intel HD graphics Family" in Device Manager, then Opencore will be able to boot into Windows without the black-screen.
So having iGPU disabled solves the problem, but it's not the best solution because I need iGPU being enabled inside Windows.

EFI and OC picker have been attached.


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Hi @norwayRainyday, @CaseySJ suggested me an OpenCore configuration change, which fully solved my problem here. Hopefully it will solve your issue too, as I have the feeling they are similar.

EDIT: I overlooked that you mentioned you can hear the Windows startup sound, so it is eventually not the same issue as mine... as it means that you can actually boot into Windows, which was not my case. Anyway I can suggest you at least to get in contact with him, as he is a very serious and successful problem solver.
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