1. ozz.yyy

    GenericUSBXHCI alternative

    I decided to do a clean install of Mojave on my system, using clover as the Bootloader. Everything is working pretty well except for the USB 3.0 as it uses a 3rd party controller (VIA VL805). All of my rear USB 3.0 ports don't work, the front panel ones do, however, because they use the chipset...
  2. kgp

    XHC USB Kext Creation Guideline

    Using XHCI, there are no predefined SMBIOS XHCI identities (like iMac17,1 or iMacPro1,1) in Apple's AppleUSBXHCIPCI.kext, thus without any working USB port limit patch, USB3.0 devices usually will not work in most of the USB3.0 ports, as most of the SS-ports will not be implemented (SS-ports...
  3. jabirbin

    NEC/Renesas uPD720200A USB3.0 XHCI controller support

    Is there any way to get this controller to work? The hub dies when the install disk begins to boot and "still waiting for root" shows up which I guess is expected. I also can't get the eSATAp port to work. Are they somehow related? Does anyone know about any possible workaround? Laptop: Dell...
  4. rmflom

    Can Not Putting Multibeast Into Flash Drive Make it Unbootable To Install Sierra ??

    Hi, i recently installed Unibeast into a flash drive, i just forgot to get Multibeast onto it, as of this moment, I can't boot to the bootloader, can it be from the flashdrive not having multibeast on it or something else?? Hardware: Asus Gryphon Z87 AMD R9 280 32 GB Corsair Value Select 1333...
  5. x130844

    new motherboard lost USB in windows?

    I had a working system, clover, OS X + windows on different drive. I decided to switch motherboard. , kept everything else the same. OSX no prob. all works well. But now when I boot in windows 7 (ultimate), the login screen (user/passwd) my mouse/keyboard aren't responding I tried all USB ports...
  6. coniman97

    Help! Asus Z97-A and sleep (USB 3.0 and xHCI related)

    Hi! I need your help please :D. I've managed to install OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 on my brand new Asus Z97-A using Clover. Here are my PC specs: MOBO: Asus Z97-A CPU: i7-4790k @ 4GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX970 (Asus Strix GTX970 OC 4GB) RAM: G.Skill Trident X DDR3 2400MHz 16GB (2x8GB) SSD: Samsung 850...
  7. Ommudra

    GenericUSBXHCI causing Kernel Panic - please help

    Repeated kernel panic while using Ableton Live. Error message says GenericUSBXHCI caused corruption of registry. See IMG file. GenericUSBXHCI.kext does not appear installed in system/library/extensions. See later screen cap. But under system profiler, GenericUSBXHCI is listed as "Host...
  8. Tricktech

    USB3 Not Working - GA-Q77M-D2H MAV>YOSEMITE

    I found this old thread ...and tried several different XHCI configurations without success. In Mavericks I had USB3 working, but it was unstable and unreliable, I was hoping...
  9. rad-we

    Unwanted wake ups in Mavericks "Wake reason: XHC"

    Hello, I am experiencing an apparently common issue with Mavericks (the only OS I tested): after I put the computer to sleep, it wakes up immediately and then goes back to sleep, and again in an infinite loop. I found that the Dell U2413 I have triggers the issue, but it is not the source of...
  10. de_inn

    10.8.4: no USB on wake up after sleep (Z77x-UD5H)

    tl;dr: Z77X-UD5H mobo - can't get USB to work reliably after sleep on OSX 10.8.4, unless I trick GenericUSBXHCI into leaving one USB device to AppleUSBEHCI to manage, and work with all others in -gux_nosleep mode (reset on wake up). Experiencing everything from devices not working post-sleep...
  11. DanN7

    Brightness control for HD4k 0x01660003

    Asus a46ca Hi, Rehabman. I have an ASUS A46CA and almost work on all with DSDT What it worked: >Integrated Camera >Keyboard and Multi-Touch pad + gestures >Fn (Moved to the Context menu + fx) >Sound (Integrated Speaker + Integrated Mic) >HD4000 (Device-properties 0x01660003)...