1. Shad0walker

    Resize Partitions Hackintosh (Dual boot OSX - Win 10)

    I'm looking for resize my hackintosh's partitions. I have a HDD with 700GB OSX (el capitan) and 300GB Windows 10 I need a smaller OSX partition, so i used disk utility (OSX usb installer) for shrink OSX about 150GB So,Disk utility make a OSX Extended partition of 150GB Windows didn't show its as...
  2. bryankby

    Compatibility for Acer Aspire Z3-715

    Hi. I have an Acer Aspire Z3-715 lying around and I wish to install Hackintosh on it, if possible. The specs are as such: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700T CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2808 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) System Type: x64-based PC (I do have x86 files too) GPU: Nvidia Geforce...
  3. AFX

    Is it possible to increase RTX nvidia card memory from 32MB?

    I'm running a dual boot setup with WIN10 & macOS Catalina which works great, but because I have an RTX 280 installed I have to run WIN10 from the RTX via the USB C port and MaxOS from the Intel 630 via displayport on the mobo. This setup actually works pretty well, but can sometimes be a pain...
  4. vitesse67

    Win10 Runs 30deg Hotter than HackOS! - NUC8i7

    I run an Intel NUC 8i7 Hackintosh with dual boot macOS Catalina and Win10. It's fitted into the Akasa Turing passive case - this is effectively one big heatsink and no fans. Running macOS its about 37deg C general use and 78-83deg flat out compressing mp4 in Handbrake. Running Win10 its about...
  5. icoric

    Adding new Mojave or Catalina boot on a separate SSD, while keeping existing dual boot of High Sierra and Windows 10

    Hi, I could not find a guide on adding a new boot while keeping existing boots intact. Currently, I have a fully working dual boot of Windows 10 and High Sierra (because of not released NVIDIA drivers for my GPU) on separate SSDs. Now I would like to do some coding for iOS and need new version...
  6. topapollo

    【Help】fresh installation of catalina OS on Asus Z170 + i7-6700k + Radeon RX 580

    Dear All, I am a beginner to hacktonich, and want a fresh install of catalina on my old PC. I found a usefull post to guide me: And for this I bought a new Radeon RX 580 to replace my...
  7. hkisthebest

    Win10 couldn't boot after restarting, "Your PC needs to be repaired." Error.

    I wanted to dual boot a win10 on a transcend ssd with a High Sierra(Samsung Evo) which is what is used to have. So I followed the instructions: Unplug Samsung Evo. Plug in Transcend ssd. Install win10. Disable update. Shutdown. Plug in Hackintosh ssd. Add clover to the UEFI firmware boot menu...
  8. Jphilli

    2 GPUs - One for W10 and One for OSX

    Hey everyone, Curious how this interaction would work and if it is possible to have a RTX 2070 for Windows and a RX580 for OSX? I just ordered all the parts for a new rig and I've always wanted to do a dual boot machine. All my parts are good to go by coincidence! My noob thinking says it...
  9. stupidwithcomputers

    HP 8100 elite hackintosh

    so I want to build a hackintosh for a HP 8100 with a core i5 650 (3.2GHz) with a Intel Q57 Express chipset, I have already searched for a guid or another thread but couldn't find any full guides for my model or I didn't help me find the parts I need, please help Ps this computer dose not have a...
  10. M

    few questions about installing win10 after os x

    hello there after 2 and half hard weeks of searching the web + trying to install OS X I finally installed it !!! (in UEFI) I should first say that I format the entire HD (which is 240 GB SSD) for the OS X so my plan is to create 50 GB portion and install win10 on it now I just want to ask 2...
  11. MartinJoop

    Best install copy of Win10 on same drive?

    Hi, I have Macos running smoothly on my system (specs on left). However, I would like also windows 10. So, what are my options to install it on the same drive? I have default install by tonymacx86, so using clover. Thanks.
  12. lentife

    Dual booting on two separate m.2 drives

    Hi folks, I plan on building my second Mac/Win10 dual boot Hackintosh from scratch and am looking for advice. My intention is to use two separate Samsung 970 evo 500GB m.2 drives, one for the Mac and one for the Windows partition. As for the motherboard, I am looking at the Gigabyte Z370 AORUS...
  13. L35l33

    Advice needed, stuck at bios cold boot.

    Hi all, Hoping if theres someone who can help me solve my problem. Thanks in advance for the advice. So i run El capitan 10.11.4 with win10 in separate hdds. I connected all HDDs (win10 & osx) to sata3 controllers set to AHCI. One day, out of the blue, the hackintosh refuse to boot and stuck...
  14. thescottc

    [Solved] HELP - I accidentally reformatted my Windows drive to exFAT

    On my hack I dual boot Windows 10 alongside my OSX Sierra installation. Today, while hastily trying to reformat a Kingston 64GB USB stick I instead reformatted my Windows 10-containing Kingston SSD to exFAT. Now I haven't done a single thing with it since, so presumably all the data is intact...
  15. st1lgar

    [Solved] Can no longer boot after trying bootcamp

    I started bootcamp to guide me through creating a window partition (needed to be able to use a specific CAM app). After rebooting and going through win10 install process i got to a point where it told me it cannot use the partition to install. I closed the installer and it reebooted but since...
  16. Baldo

    dual boot windows 10&osx high Sierra asus rog gl702vm-ba135t

    Hello to all!! I would like to know if it is possible to make a dual boot win10 and osx 12 on asus rog gl702vm-ba135t and come to do it. I did not find any guide at all. I hope I can help. Thanks to who will answer me: D
  17. aydin55

    Triple Boot Mac OS X Sierra and Win10 and Mac OS X Snow leopard

    Hi my freinds I want to install snow leopard, Windows 10, and Sierra onto 1 HDD. I have Windows 10 and sierra Installed and I want that to installed snow leopard Is it possible? The Hard drive has 3 partitions right now one for Sierra, 1 for win10, and 1 I'm wanting to use for snow leopard...
  18. tburdzzz

    Been using win 10 for 6 months want mac sierra for final cut pro need help with dual booting.

    I have been using windows 10 for 6 months now and I plan to keep it as my main os, I want to be able to boot into mac os if I want to edit some vids in final cut pro, Like I said earlier I will be mostly using windows 10. My situation I have a 120 gb ssd with windows 10 installed and I have...
  19. christobaldo

    Help needed after wrong operations

    Hi, I just built my first hackintosh ... going for a triple boot with 3 SSD (OSX, WIN10, Ubuntu). I installed OSX el captain but still need to add all the drivers (nvidia ...etc). I made an error installing WIN10, i guess it installed itself in legacy BIOS. Since then clover is unreachable, i...
  20. ericdong886

    Y50 Dual boot UEFI Windows?

    Hi! I recently tried to install Windows 10 onto my y50 which already has El Capitan running. After I installed windows, the laptop boots straight into windows without ever going into Clover. Is there anyway to prevent this and let the laptop boot into clover first? Thanks!