1. lreiza

    ASK Voodoo Battery for Yosemite

    hi everyone :problem: today, I installed my laptop Toshiba C655-5061 with Dualboot Win10 + Yosemite 10.10.5 I used Clover Bootloader and retail Yosemite everything is fine, but the problem is, I can't see the percent battery. on System Preferences I can't check show battery status. please...
  2. amroxas17

    Request for Voodoo 2.8.7 and Rehabman's ACPIBatterymanager.kext + others

    Had to turn Google upside down to find that Voodoo version and that battery kext. Also request for Asus Elan touchpad kext to be included as some laptops don't work with the VoodooPs2 (learned from experience...)
  3. sohumc

    ALC 269 VC Samsung Laptop Help

    Hi, I've gotten everything on the laptop running besides sound. Does anyone know where to start to get native ALC269VC sound running, or am I forced to just use VoodooHDA?
  4. perishr

    Can't delete Voodoo HDA

    Hi, I'm newcomer so sorry for nubing. I just build fresh hackintosh using Gigabyte h87m d3h motherboard System boots nicely but the audio won't work. In some thread there was advice to install voodoo hda so i did and after that multibeast said that it was installed with error and won't...
  5. adumbbird13

    [SUCCESS] Working GA-Z77x-UD3H OSX Mavericks 10.9.1 Build (Audio, LAN, etc.)

    First of all, some specs: i7 3770k, running at 4ghz Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H motherboard (Arguably the best hackintosh board!) 32 GB Kingston HyperX Blu RAM Corsair H100i Corsair SP120 fans (For the h100i) MSI GTX 760 4GB OC Edition Cooler Master i700W PSU Seagate 600-series SSD, 240GB...
  6. colbygardner

    After Updating Mavericks, my machine no longer works. Ideas?

    I just updated Mavericks - I now think it may have went to 10.9.1. I got the errors, then removed the following KEXTS: Voodoo, IOAudioFamily, and IOPCIFamily. Evidently, I wasn't supposed to remove IOPCIFamily because safe mode wouldn't work after that. I hooked up my HD to the dock...
  7. Coldgamr

    MSI GTX 760 HDMI Audio

    I am using HDMI out from my MSI GTX 760 for audio and video. My motherboard also supports realtek alc898 audio. I am using a GA-z87x-ud4h mobo without a DSDT. I have the alc898 and HDAEnabler drivers installed from multibeast and VoodooHDA v2.8.4 driver. I installed the voodoo driver when I...

    Problem with Voodoo and HDMI Audio

    Hi! I'm building a new Hackintosh. My soundcard is an Asus Supreme FX II. I need an edited Voodoo to become running this card (in attachment). All was perfect working. Now i changed the graphics card from an GT9800 (no HDMI port) to an Gigabyte GT630 (with HDMI port). Now I can't boot because...
  9. colbygardner

    Post Installation Error Messages

    After I successfully installed Mavericks, I added a few audio kexts and upon restart I received a screen full of error messages over the apple loading screen. Do I have to do a completely new install from here or can I remove the kexts somehow without going through the whole ordeal again...
  10. chenbing99

    HP Pavilion dv6-6138nr (Entertainment PC with Beats Audio) on ML

    After much trials and sleepless nights I finally got Mountain Lion installed and running on my HP laptop. Problems with my audio led me to even reinstall OS X right after updating to 10.8.4. It's working now, however, the audio seems really choppy. Is there a fix for that? Also, I can't seem...
  11. LePresident


    Just installed Lion and cannot boot, VoodooHDA is causing trouble and I cannot boot anything up (Used xMove+MultiBeast method) These are the errors I get, How to fix them?