1. rudemac

    Solved see comments. ELAN1200 touchpad tap to click fix. VoodooI2C GPI0 guide confusing statement at the end, (delete return from _CRS Method?)

    Hi first off notebook model is ASUS 430U, using OpenCore 0.6.5, Intel i7-7500U HD620 installed 10.14 Mojave. The ELAN1200 Precision Touchpad works in the sense that I can move it, right click works yet left click doesn't (Clicking on Safari links opens a scollable preview, when clicking on text...
  2. anythingbutwindows

    Can somebody help me patching someone else's DSDT's and SSDT's/ install VoodooI2C?

    I have a Lenovo IdeaPad L340 laptop with Synaptics touchpad that supports Microsoft Precision driver. I've been trying to install the VoodooI2C drivers for a while but no luck. Most of my tries were to install the EFI files of people with the same laptop as mine. They claim the laptop doesn't...

    Issue:Installing VoodooI2C.kext in macOS Mojave

    Hello, I have just set up my dual boot set-up of Windows 10 and macOS Mojave. Now I'm trying to enable my trackpad. I have patched the DSDT using MaciASL. Can anyone please elaborate how should I install VoodooI2C.kext and the corresponding satellite kext. I am unsure as to how to properly...
  4. icatface

    Lenovo Yoga 520 Issues with compiling DSDT, patching VooDoo I2C and ACPI table errors

    Hello everyone, I have successfully installed macOS Mojave with almost no issues (Audio and battery indicator fixed with kexts). Now I'm trying to fix the trackpad. Even though the keyboard and external mouse works out of the box, the trackpad is pretty important since the laptop only has 2 USB...
  5. Hugotai

    About voodooI2C.kext

    i found a video from a Chinese site said the voodooI2C.kext can support real mac gestures, is it legit? the first video on the site https://www.zhihu.com/question/21959447/answer/135054284
  6. medjahriabed

    [solved] No audio in 10.13.4 on my ASUS

    Hello , so I've basically tried everything , every thread in here but nothing worked , what I didn't try is the dsdt patch , I couldn't patch it , I have a X751 ASUS running i3 4030U / Intel HD 4400 with Realtek HD audio , anything that might help ?
  7. Feartech

    Help! Voodoo HDA cannot save changes!

    glad your laptop is working i don't use VoodooHDA.kext but you may need applehdadisabler.kext (which you can search for) for your battery: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-how-to-patch-dsdt-for-working-battery-status.116102/
  8. magneto538

    Brightness keys PS2 remap

    I am trying to set up my brightness keys on the build as per my profile. I've been following this guide as reported by the FAQ https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Voodoo-PS2-Controller/wiki/How-to-Use-Custom-Keyboard-Mapping but I'm not sure how to actually remap the keys (or, more specifically...
  9. spigandromeda

    Mechanics of keyboard kexts

    Hi, I have some problems to understand the mechanics of the keyboard driver. As far as I know there are two ways the laptop could use the keyboard: ACPI and PS2? Is that correct or is it always a combination of both? The VoodooPS2 Kext from RehabMan is used to make a PS2 connected keyboard...
  10. p.m

    Thinkpad T430 Trackpad with VoodooPS2Controller

    I have Voodoo PS2 controller kext installed on High Sierra, and it works perfectly fine for the keyboard and touchpad, but it does not work well with the red Trackpad nub, or rather not nearly as well as it works natively with Windows or Ubuntu. Its very twitchy, even on the lowest sensitivity...
  11. giacomo.dessi2303

    [solved] Dell touchpad with gestures

    Hi guys... my touchpad works with voodoops2controller.kext... i have the trackpad's preferences panel: But i have only 2 finger gestures like scrolling and tap with 2 finger to secondary menù's click and if I want to drag a window or select file the simple tap on the touchpad and dragging does...
  12. metigel94

    Missing VoodooHDA Pref Pane

    Hey guys, I've been now messing with this problem for quite some time. I've installed VoodooHDA on my mackintosh and everything seems to work fine. The only thing that I'm missing, is the prefpane, so I can make adjustments to the sounds. I don't know what to try anymore. Maybe you guys can...
  13. alv456

    [SOLVED] Voodoo HDA 2.9 - White Noise on Headphone jack

    Hi, First of all, big thanks to Voodoo HDA devs for providing this kext to make my laptop sound works but with some flaws (better than nothing). By using this kext, my built in speaker works flawlessly, but my headphone jack did not. It always output white noise sound even when the volume is...
  14. Homer Simpson

    Keyboard and Touchpad Compatibility

    I have a Lenovo y700 laptop. I installed the VoodooPS2Controller provided by RehabMan. Detection of keyboard was fully successful. Detection of touchpad was somewhat successful. One finger works, I can move the mouse. Two fingers does not work, so I can't even scroll websites. The touchpad is...
  15. SickintheCells

    VoodooPS2Controller Kernel Panic

    I'm attempting to install 10.12 with clover (v.3961), but I'm stuck at running the installer with the clover bootloader on a USB. I've got the latest FakeSMC and VoodooPS2Controller.kext in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other. Installing on an HP Probook 4540s currently running 10.9.5 with Chimera. I've...
  16. extwofour

    [SOLVED] Realtek 1150 broken in Windows after Sierra install?

    Hey guys, quick question. I've successfully installed Sierra on a separate SSD than my Windows 10 install. My only hiccup now is that it seems that my Realtek 1150 audio no longer works in Windows 10. I've got it running well in Sierra with Voodoo. In Windows, it appears as an available device...
  17. EverythingIsRed

    [Solved] Swap Fn+fkeys with fkeys

    The option to swap Fn+fkeys and keys is not visible in SysPrefs->Keyboard I use VoodooPS2Controller.kext and I think my system uses ACPI events for the keys. Changing the setting in the BIOS has no effect. How do I swap the keys? (I'm guessing it has something to do with VoodooPS2Keyboard ->...
  18. NicoM4491

    [solved] VoodooHDA.kext kernel panic

    Hello again! i have a problem, finally i could install sierra on my laptop core i5 4200u hd4400 everything is working great! but when i try to install voodoohda it result in a kernel panic at booting (after the characteristical sound that makes voodoo when is injecting the sound), tried removing...
  19. CAVS

    Sierra really slow after booting up

    Hello everyone, I´m kind of new in to Hackintosh. I installed Sierra a few days ago and I had a lot of problems. Most of them are solved. I had no sound so I tried to install VoodooHDA. After that I had a kernel panic on the boot up sequence. I fixed that with deleting every VoodooHDA file I...
  20. fraggz99

    ALC883 audio on El Capitan?

    I need a way to get audio working for my chipset, I dont know fully how to install voodoohda so if someone could give me a detailed guide for el capitan that would be great