usb 3.1

  1. barrywhite

    USB 3.1 Type C port on MOBO not working with El Capitan10.11.6 (IMAC late 2015 27-inch 5k retina setup)

    Hey, Sorry if this has been posted before (I did look high and low) I am a semi-noob - built this machine like 2017 kinda time. Have since altered/updated most notably the EFI file to inject the latest security updates on El Capitan and the m.2 NVME driver for the internal drive on the mobo...
  2. jzrodriguez98

    [Solved] USB 3.1 ASMedia issue in Big Sur installation

    Hello @Feartech I installed Big Sur release in my system (z97-hd3) using a USB pen drive and it went smoothly. The only issue so far is that the USB 3.1 ASmedia 2142 controller pcie card is not loaded and the USB 3.1 external disk is not recognized as such when connected. Attached are some...
  3. johnny28

    << Solved >> Usb ports are left with power and audio don’t work after Windows

    I managed to install Catalina on my Hackintosh, it works almost all right, except for two problems: Shuts off but USB ports are left with power the speed of my Usb ports 3.1 (ASMEDIA 1241) is 480 Mb/s No audio after Windows I accept suggestions!
  4. Slickademo

    [Solved] Z370 Gaming 7 type c external drive not seen

    Didn't see any other posts that we're specific to this problem. Recently, I got a Type-C USB hub and any drive I plug into it does not show up in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. All the other USB ports seem to work fine. It powers on, just doesn't seem to transfer data etc.
  5. Heinrich

    Thunderbolt worth the trouble? A video editor asks...

    I've been prioritizing TB in the past and don't know if it is worth it for my next build. Rather than daisy-chaining many devices and a monitor at the end (I don't), all I really need for the editing I do should be covered via USB-C SSD external drive speeds, which would allow me to be more...
  6. danielgrapes

    USB 3.1 missing GA-Z270x-UD3 under Sierra

    I have successfully installed the latest Sierra on my first hackintosh, got the nVidia gtx card working with the webdrivers after a couple of tries The only issue I have left is that in the sys report I only see USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 is missing. I installed the generic usb driver and the raise...
  7. mdog474

    Would someone please help w/Clover config or DSDT to get USB3.1/Type-C PCIe card to work w/Sierra?

    I really need some help. I have a PCIe (ASM1142) USB3.1/Type-C card sort-of working on a GA-Z170X-UD5 TH motherboard with Sierra, 10.12.5. I have my PCIe card plugged into a 16X PCIE slot and it is not recognized as a USB 3.1 cards and operates at < 1/10 the expected speed (37MB/s when it...
  8. PlatformDisphoria

    95% Sierra Build GA-Z170X Designare build - Need help with USB 3.1!!

    I've built a pretty successful Hack following the various guides on this site (thanks guys, you rock!) Dual boot Windows 10 pro 64bit(to load thunderbolt drivers, works perfectly on windows side) System Definition iMac 17,1 i7 6700k (overclocked to 4600MHz) GA-Z170X Designare (BIOS F22) GTX...
  9. Campanis

    USB-C Not working

    I am trying to get my usb c port to detect my audio interface. Whenever I plug in the USB C cable I get an error message on the screen saying thunder bolt accessories are not supported on this Mac. Any ideas? under about this Mac>system report> USB> the usb 3.1 shows up and just says apple...
  10. Kuke

    *Noob Friendly* CustoMac Build Discussion and Buying Advice

    Hello all! I have been reading the TonyMac forums for quite some time without any type of participation. Since I am a proud member of Apple's horde of displaced professional users, I would like to learn more about CustoMac builds while contributing to the community. I've noticed the huge amount...
  11. adamrabbit

    AppleUSBXHCISPT vs AppleUSBXHCIPCI... what does it all mean?

    Hey there! Long time lurker here. I wonder if someone might know about USB 3.1/C First, the build: Gigabyte z170mx gaming 5 i7 6700K NVidia GTX 960 32 GB RAM Some stuff Annoyingly, a few USB ports on the back have never really worked. I finally dug into the forums and got most of them working...
  12. Er4gon

    Asus X99 Deluxe USB 3.1 [Question]

    Asus X99 Deluxe USB 3.1 is a good Mobo for Hackintosh build, but I heard about a problem with USB's and sometimes this problem can corrupt the OS. Is it an usual problem with this Mobo? If it is an usual problem, how can I resolve this problem? I wanted this Mobo because Wi-Fi and Audio are...
  13. thienzsch

    First Hackintosh Build! Xeon & Usb 3.1

    Hi Guys, so my plan is to build the following: CPU: Xeon 1231v3 Mainboard: Asus Z97-A/USB 3.1 GPU: GTX 960 (Zotac GeForce GTX 960 4GB or other 4GB Card) Rest: 2x Sata SSDs and 1x HDD 1x Sata BluRay-Player Has anybody build a rig with usb 3.1? Does it matter which Gtx 960 I'll use...