1. Machinee

    rosa black - clover theme

    rosa black clover theme new theme based on rosa Download:
  2. Machinee

    rosa - Clover Bootloader Theme

    rosa Hello people, back with another minimalistic theme. I call it rosa. Feel free to try it out. Current OS icons Debian Fedora Legacy Mac Mint Ubuntu Windows Features Banner Custom checkbox Custom font Custom icons Custom radio button Scrollbar Download release on GitHub!
  3. studiologic

    Clover theme to fit right on the monitor orientation

    Hello ! I want please some help, I want to see clover theme to fit right on the monitor orientation, does anybody know to tell me please now edit clover themes ;
  4. Machinee

    Mac OS Classic - Clover Theme

    Mac OS Classic - A Clover Theme by Machinee (Work in progress) Created a Classic Mac OS Theme for Clover Bootloader. Thought I'd share it for anyone interested. It has the features of the Classic Mac OS with a modern look. Features Animated Banner Scrollbar Custom Icons Custom Font...
  5. anita432tyler

    Designing Clover theme. Possibility to view changes without reset.

    Hello everyone :D Have you ever saw tool to designing themes? I'm asking about possibility to view changes without reset computer again and again... and again :banghead:
  6. BurpSuite

    best clover efi bootloader theme.

    Screenshot: Description: Github:
  7. nawabaarij

    High Sierra Clover Bootloader Theme

    Here is a theme for Clover Bootloader with the High Sierra background. This is just an edit I did to the original Yosemite by xenatt/ El Capitan by: CosmosCJ/宇宙 Here is the link for the El Capitan theme: (Credits to the Yosemite Author) My High Sierra...
  8. Darkrai1012

    Unibeast 8.0 Clover theme

    I do know that Unibeast 8 cannot be redistributed, however can someone upload it's Clover theme? I really like the icons and appearance in general of the theme so I want the new Sierra one without downloading the operating system from the App Store and creating a USB with Unibeast 8. Thanks.
  9. topazzz

    Progress Bar on Boot isn't correct

    I'm running macOS Sierra 10.12.5 Beta on my late 2008 aluminum MacBook 5,1 and the Progress Bar isn't correct. It doesn't mess up functionality, but it bothers me. The bar will load to halfway then the MacBook will just boot without finishing the bar. is there any way to correct the bar? I want...
  10. boss87

    Bootloader Theme

    Hi! How to modify Chameleon Bootloader(.iso image made from source) Background and logo?
  11. Toemouse

    [Help] Clover theme will not change no matter what I do

    System specs: Yosemite 10.10.5 i7 4790k MSI Z97 PCMATE GTX980 (using DVI-D to HDMI cable if that matters) 16GB RAM I have had a hackintosh setup for almost a year now, I recently wiped my whole system and did a clean install of Yosemite. My clover theme will not change from the glaring blue...
  12. Baasjebram

    Not able to boot anymore after installing clover theme

    I got a serious problem after installing a theme within the clover app. After rebooting OS X it didn't start anymore. I'm stuck in the clover boot menu and I don't know what to do. I tried the next boot with F12 from my bootable USB stick en selected my SDD which has OS X installed on. It...
  13. what

    Theme is randomly appearing and disappearing

    Hi Yesterday I installed this theme called "Universe" for my hackintosh, using Clover. Well, I think I have anyways. I have put the downloaded zip with the theme into EFI/CLOVER/Themes folder, and changed the config.plist theme section with the name of the new theme. However.. The problem is it...
  14. Llau

    Theme boot loader

    This is the topic that I use. It is very elegant and simple. Copy / paste substituting installed.
  15. TripleA

    [Theme] Original with yosemite style

  16. larsras

    Clover Theme change (Christmas) not possible?

    Hi I have been struggeling with getting rid of the CHristmas theme. First i tried with the CLover COnfigurator, and now i'm on Clover Theme Manager 0.75. Yosemitelogin is installed in the themes dir. Both apps indicate that NVRAM is set to yosemitelogin, and config.plist is checked /...

    NEW THEME: The Original Look by DMAUTOS

    Hey just finished designing my new theme! Designed to look like the apple boot screen. BTW, this is only version 1.0! Better versions to come! Hope you like it! :) To apply, drag the unzipped folder into /extra/themes . I recommend you back up your previous theme by naming it whatever you...
  18. Jesserson

    Chimera vs. Chameleon Boot Loader themes

    Quick question, I was wondering if a boot loader theme that works for chameleon 2 would work with the latest version of chimera. I found the coolest looking theme: and want to be able to run it on my...
  19. s0niqu3

    Softgrey theme for Clover

    For 4-5 years now I've used a soft grey, minimal/boot-camp style theme for refit on my MBP (I think I found it originally on ubuntu forums) and now that I have my hackintosh up and running with Clover, I set out trying to find a matching theme. And while the mlcamp theme was close (and is really...
  20. heartlesspigeon

    boot flags remain

    I have strange problem with my boot flags. I upgraded from ML to Mavericks with relative ease. For the first boot- to access multibeast, I booted using the -x flag. Now every time I boot, safe mode is loaded by default. It is not in the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file. I is simply always present...