shut down issue

  1. enstit

    Catalina no sleep/shutdown

    Hi everyone, When I shut down my hackintosh or sleep it, it does reboot. I've tried: Enabling/disabling ErP in BIOS; Enabling FixShutDown in config.plist; Booting with slide=0 argument, enabling EmuVariableUefi; Removing AptioMemoryFix and enabling OSXAptioFix; but sometimes I get a deny...
  2. refridganinja

    << Solved >> Shutdown and Reboot Problem High Sierra

    Hi, I have been running High Sierra for a while, but when I installed the last update, I can no longer restart or shutdown my computer without the power button. My current configuration is CPU-Intel i7-8700k Motherboard-Asus PrimeZ390-A Ram-GSkill 64GB 3200 DDR4 MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6...
  3. Yafizan

    High Sierra Shutdown Problem on Acer 4755G

    Hello dear Community! I have a Hackintosh with the following specs: Acer 4755G CPU: Intel Core i5-2410M iGPU: Intel HD 3000 dGPU: Nvidia GT540M RAM: 6 GB DDR3 Ram OS: High Sierra 10.13.4 When I want to Shutdown the laptop doesn't finish the shutdown process. Instead I have to push the power...
  4. fercho3138

    Sudden Couldn't allocate runtime area

    Hi! So I've successfully built my rig and installed Mac os Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi Intel Core i7 9700k Ballistix Sport 32gb Samsung evo 500gb nv Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Pulse Corsair h60 The thing is that I got it running perfectly, even performed some heavy video renderings with no...
  5. pl2k

    Hackintosh shuts down after 10 minutes or less abruptly without warning

    Hi, Long time hackintosh user but a noob at best so apologies in advance if this has been answered because I haven't been able to find anything that solves the problem below. The closest I could find is ( My hackintosh...
  6. kida232

    Post Build Issues

    Hello Everyone, a few months ago my mates and I put together a Hackintosh for post-production and live visual work. Listed below are specs/hardware. I have also included screenshots of all the Kexts and all the current BIOS settings. Any information be it written suggestions or links would be...
  7. ky91

    [Solved] Mojave 10.14 Wouldn't Shut Down

    I have successfully installed Mojave 10.14.1 on my Sandy bridge Legacy Bios Machine With Supported GPU, everything works, except Shut Down. installing EvOreboot only resulting in Hard kernel panic and i need to reinstall the whole thing again, i tried to fix it using clover configurator with the...
  8. kbibay

    Having a problem with shut down and restart

    I just my gpu working when i ran into the problem with shut down/restart. When i want to shut down the hackintosh the monitor is the only thing that actually shuts down. The tower continues to run. When it comes to restarting the it just freezes up. I end up having to shut down by holding the...
  9. SueSun

    Won't shut down..

    Hello everyone, my system: High Sierra, Gigabyte Z370m D3H, i5 8600k, 16 Gb RAM, 250 GB Samsung SSD, 1TB Seagate HD and a Corsair RM750x PSU I have no issues with the system only when I want to switch the computer off. The system seems to react and after a few seconds the monitor goes black...
  10. erixxxon

    [SOLVED] shutdown problems 10.13.3/OC not recognized

    Hi folks, I read about some of you having shut down issues under 10.13.3. Unfortunately, none of the suggested workarounds work for me. My system works great, but when I want to shut it down, it restarts and when I reach the desktop I get the message that my "computer restarted because of a...
  11. pbrandao

    [Solved] ANY HELP - CLEAN INSTALL HS10.13.2 (Shutdown & Audio/display port problems)

    Hello all - I'm running High Sierra 10.13.2 on my Hackintosh, and pretty much everything is working ok, flawlessly except sleep. Here's My first installation was HS10.13.0, and everything was almost perfect (no WIFI). I can´t upgrade, so decide to try a fresh and clean install. I have done...
  12. xxsoftdown

    Restart/Shutdown issue Sierra.

    Hi I have noticed, If any (explorer)windows are open on the screen(anything like any folder or, clover,or app store,,etc) and I directly restart my hackintosh, then also they are not closed, as I can see them back on the screen as sierra (hackintosh) is back on/restarted. This even...
  13. melamangiata

    Shutdown too slow, without rebuild kernel cache

    Hello there I have had a new fresh installation osx sierra 10.12.4 on my hackintosh. All is working, except when i shutdown my system. It seems that is shutting down: no signal on monitor, hd stop running, hd led turns off but not main system led. For about 40 sec my system is on. After that...
  14. DJDuckVenom

    My Hackintosh isn't shutting down properly

    As the title says, my hackintosh isn't shutting down properly. When I click shutdown the screen goes blank and my pc is still on. I'm on Yosemite with the bootloader from multibeast (I don't know what it's called. It is the only one on multibeast Yosemite. It reboots fine just doesn't shutdown.
  15. ruiza120

    [SOLVED]Having some issues after 10.8.2 combo update - kernel panic !!

    Hi everyone, i'm looking for some help for my new hackintosh. i'm a bit new to this so sorry if i say something that doesn't make sense. everything was working fine until a recent system update that was available for my system (Mountain Lion). I was recommended to do the combo update first, so i...