1. eob2000

    Hackintosh takes down entire network

    This is a strange one. I just reinstalled my hackintosh with a fresh install of Sierra. The install went really well (Not one bootflag needed) It had previously been running El Capitan fine. Everything seemed to install fine except my LAN card, I needed kexts. I opend MultiBeast and installed...
  2. sporkman

    Known good ethernet card under $20

    I'm gifting my old hackintosh to my wife. It works well, and is faster than her old Core2Duo hackintosh. It does have network problems that I never got around to solving: sometimes multicast just stops working (which essentially breaks file sharing and printing on the network), and more...
  3. archetype2142

    Ethernet connection problems

    I have a rtl8101/2/6E running 10.12.2 and I tried installing this kext file. It does shows "connected" in network settings but the internet doesn't seem to be working. I tried to ping the router( but got 100% packet loss
  4. Antoniopap

    Asrock Z97 Anniversary Audio Driver Help

    Hi guys! I completed my hackintosh. I got the ethernet and gpu to work fine. All I have left is the audio. My mother board is the Asrock Z97 Anniversary. This is the link for the specs of the motherboard: As you can see, the audio is: 7.1 CH HD...
  5. ghozien


    My Lptop Wifi Realtek RTL8723BE does not work in Sierra. How does to make it work? Any solution for this?
  6. Joshyboy362

    Asus z170k Realtek 887 No audio - Need help Plzzz

    Hi, This may sound like a noob question but I have installed OS Sierra and have gone through all of the post installation however after installing the audio driver and restarting the system, the system will not install anything for the audio. I don't know much about this stuff and have been...
  7. Jagadysh

    Yosemite unable to restart

    I have been having trouble with audio for my new mackintosh setup. I installed Yosemite in my pc and the audio doesn't seem to work even after installing several kexts from the multibeast and outside multi beast. My mobo: ASRock z77 pro 4 GPu : 7850 1gb saffire I have tried installing the KEXTS...
  8. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Audio - Trying to Enable Subwoofer

    Hey all, My Dell Inspiron 15 7559 has a 2.1 audio setup, with 2 speakers and a bottom-facing subwoofer on the bottom of the laptop. The dual-channel audio (left and right) works fine along with the internal mic, but the subwoofer doesn't work at all. I've been trying to figure out how to enable...
  9. F1ndus

    AppleUSBHostPort disconnect & Ethernet link down on en0 with old hardware configuration

    Hi everybody, I'll probably need your help... I'm trying to install Sierra on a pretty old configuration... - Gigabyte GA-EX58 UD3R - Intel Xeon X5880 - NVidia Geforce Quadro FX4800 In the BIOS settings I've done the following - deactivated Hyperthreading - limited on 1 CPU core - deactivated...
  10. if110015

    Realtek ALC892 on Sierra

    I have my System with the Realtek ALC892 Soundcard running Sierra. I installed the correct driver with Multibeast, the Standard Stereo out works and even Front Headphone Jack works. But the Mainboard has more outputs, in Windows I had the speakers pluged in the standard stereo port and my sub on...
  11. Ajmainisawesome

    ALC887 no mic input

    Help!!! After installing VoodooHDA on Hackintosh Sierra i got sound but the mic didn't work so i removed it from extension even from System preference and also ran apple hda disabler as i wanted to install a fresh kext to see if the mic works, after restarting i found out that a strange sound...
  12. Constantijn

    No Audio Realtek ALC 889 and loud fan [Sierra]

    Ever since, I've upgraded to Sierra, I can't get the sound to work. In fact, no audio devices are even found. I've tried: - audio_cloverALC-120_v1.0b0 - and also audio_codecdetect_v2.0 - Multibeast driver for Realtek ALC889 These potential fixes are from the No Audio Devices sticky guide. I...
  13. kaziiriad

    Post Installation Support for Acer Aspire E5-571

    Hey Geeks! I have installed OS X El Capitan on my Acer Aspire E5-571 but there is some post installation that I can't figure out. Please help me fixing those problems! 1. Audio Problem(need Realtek ALC283 kext file, but didn't find it). 2. SSDT.aml patching(tried once but didn't work well). 3...
  14. xpple360

    Acer Aspire 5742g Mac os Sierra 10.12 AUDIO NOT WORKING

    Hi, I managed to build a pretty stable hackintosh on this laptop but since Yosemite i haven't been able to activate audio. I tried toleda patch (no codec detected), applehda patched with HDAenabler(nothing), voodooHDA( activate but only left speaker working and no jack working). I attach Ioreg...
  15. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 - Card Reader?

    Hey all, I got a 64GB SDXC card and I was wondering if I could get my card reader to work with it in macOS?:lol: There hasn't been much at all about card readers in general so was wondering if I could give this a shot ... I checked my hardware and I have a Realtek PCIE Card Reader ...
  16. gabriel777

    Audio skipping ALC1150

    Hi guys, This is my first hackintosh build and everything is working perfectly except that my built-in audio randomly starts skipping. Previously I was using my USB headset which uses its own sound card (I think) so I didn't have any problems and sound worked normally. OSX El Capitan (10.11.6)...
  17. LoryGamer03

    Audio drivers not working

    Hi guys, I installed Mac OS El Capitan today, but i can't hear anything. I opened MultiBeast, then drivers, audio and I tried to install Realtek ALC887/888b and VodooHDA 2.8.8, but it isn't working. I want to use the stereo jack (not an HDMI source) My specs: MotherBoard: H81M-A CPU: i3 4170...
  18. macdario

    macdario has a Question to Audio Drivers

    Hello tonymacx86 Forum My Realtek Audio In/Output doesn't work. Currently I have no Drivers installed, I read different posts but i don't understand how I have to do this. It's a GA-H87-HD3 Motherboard with El Capitan. Can someone pls help me?
  19. Atwin

    Realtek RLT8723AE and Kexts

    I'm using MSI CX61 2PF, which have: - Realtek RLT8723AE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC - Qualcomm Atheros AR8161 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30) Despite having tried a lot, I couldn't connect to wifi, but LAN was possible. Please help me!
  20. NickOglet

    Internal SD card reader?

    Hi, I was wondering if its possible to get my internal card reader (SD slot) to work I believe it's a RealTek Semiconductor RTS5229 based on my HWiNFO report. I'm currently on 10.11.5 running smoothly with all parts working expect my SD slot. I'm not sure if this is the right section. Sorry if...