1. pp.amorim

    [SUCCESS] MSI Z97 mATX - i7-4790K - 16GB RAM - Intel™ HD Graphics 4600

    ppamorim's "Xcode anti freezer" Build: MSI Z97 mATX Gaming 5 - i7-4790K - 16GB RAM - Intel™ HD Graphics 4600 Components MSI Z97 MATX GAMING 5 Motherboard
  2. gk123

    ALC887 Will not work whatsoever!

    Hey!! I just posted in the Graphics section on another problem as well, so help me out there if you can too! Anyway, no matter what I may try (it's been a week), I can never EVER get the sound working on this machine. My system details should be available in my profile. I have gone through...
  3. tolekk

    No audio device detected (ALC892)

    Hello, yesterday I (again) tried setting up Sierra on my Skylake computer, after a few hiccups I managed to get everything to work... Except for audio. Last time I got audio to work by setting up VoodooHDA, but now it doesn't work. I tried reading toleda's guides, but they're written in some...
  4. darkobovan

    Problem with the patched AppleHDA for ALC889a

    MacOS 10.12.4 Realtek ALC889a (885) I installed patched AppleHDA to /S/L/E Set Audio->Inject = 12 in /EFI/CLOVER/config.plist Then reboot, the sound card worked well. But just once, reboot again, it didn't work anymore. Now, after every boot I have to type the commands: kextunload...
  5. vic1f

    Strange ALC889

    Hello, Everything on my new install is working except sound. Sometimes I've got sound, so I'm working on Premier Pro for exemple, and I don't know why, sometimes I do not have any sound. I Reboot --> Kernel Panic --> reboot in safe mode --> delete HDAEnabler889 --> everything is working and...
  6. Michael.O

    Low Audio Volume on Sierra - Realtek ALC 1150

    Hello guys, I've installed MacOS Sierra on my PC with following specs : Intel Core i5 4590 24 GB RAM MSI H97 Gaming 3 with Realtek ALC 1150 Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 Now i have installed the ALC 1150 drivers from Multibeast and Audio is working without problems. But my problem is that the...
  7. mingo1976

    ALC3263 Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 mod. T07G

    Please help me solving this. Installed 10.12.4 on this Dell CoreM Tablet (mod. T07G) All is working exept: - Touch - Sleep - Audio Chip audio is Realtek ALC3263 Installing VoodooHDA I see 3 Digital HDMI audio but no one works. I've dsdt from clover, fixed errors but when i mod for hdef i see a...
  8. akashbanerjeeab

    Need Help with Audio and CPU Core count

    Hi, I setup my Hackintosh about a month ago, and on discovering that there were no drivers available for Pascal cards, I just kept it as is, and used Windows(DualBooted Win & Sierra), at that time I couldn't get my audio to work, so I kept it for later when drivers were available for my 1060, so...
  9. SwagBrah

    Front Panel Audio Not Working

    Hello, I've been struggling with this for the past few hours and I just don't get this. I've opened my case to see that there are 2 front panel audio connectors. One being "Audio" (just AUDIO, no HD in front of that), other being "AC97". However, I suspect it's meant HD Audio, otherwise...
  10. PACMAN393

    Intel HD Graphics 4600 isn't working on Sierra 10.12.3

    Hey guys, It's the first time that I'm trying to install macOS Sierra. I installed it in a HP ProDesk 400 G1 MT, but when I boot the OS, it can't recognize my integrated graphic card. I was looking for any post about it but I don't understand what I have to do to fix my graphics problem. Also my...
  11. DeltaUnit38

    Audio Codec no longer detected after one night

    Hello I feel completely lost right now. After many tries and fiddling around with the RealtekALC install script, I just keep failing and failing... After I shutdown my PC for the night, the audio devices just dissapear. I don't know why it keeps happening. My motherboard has got a Realtek ALC...
  12. romsfreak

    ACL255 Issues

    Hi I've installed MacOS Sierra successfully and got everything to work except the sound. I've patched the AppleHDA.kext like provided here: and renamed HDAS to HDEF since my laptop has a 100series Mainboard, but it doesn't...
  13. Brannith

    No Audio and No Codec - Dell Inspiron 7347 - Realtek ALC3234

    I have been trying to get audio working on my Dell Inspiron 7347 which has a Realtek ALC3234 chip, which I have read is the same as the ALC255. I have been trying to get audio to work with this guide, but all attempts have failed to inject a codec. I have tried the most recent version of the...
  14. baguettez

    Multibeast fails to install ALC892

    I managed to install the boot loader and network drivers correctly, but when I try to install my audio device it fails. Here is the log. 02/24/17 14:36:08 - Starting MultiBeast 9.0.1-20161010 02/24/17 14:36:23 - Mounting EFI 02/24/17 14:36:23 - Installing 'Drivers > Audio > Realtek ALCxxx >...
  15. Mr.Litchy

    No ethernet cable after boot - replugging required

    Hi guys, about every second time I boot up my CustoMac (macOS 10.11.2) my ethernet cable is not found. After pulling it out and plugging it back in it always works again. Internet working fine after that with no problems. I don't know why this only happens from time to time. When booting...
  16. BPHvZ

    Ethernet cable connected, no internet

    Hello, After reading the FAQ and doing a successful install of MacOS Sierra on my HP laptop, I tried to get the ethernet working. I installed the RealtekRTL8100.kext from mieze (from the FAQ). It recognises the ethernet cable but there is no connection to the internet. I've read every forum...
  17. daanblokpoel

    No audio Realtek® ALC898

    Hello, I installed the driver for the ALC898 from Multibeast. But I don't have audio. It says that it can't find any audio devices... Schermafbeelding 2017-02-05 Om 21.34.31 by daanblokpoel posted Feb 5, 2017 at 9:36 PM I can't figure this out. Please someone help me... Kind Regards, Daan...
  18. camellirite

    Need help with Realtek ALC 3223

    I just got macOS Sierra on my Dell Inspiron 3542 and I got everything working fine except for the audio and brightness settings, I'm not worried about the brightness though. I have Realtek ALC 3223 and I've read through all of the other threads about fixing Realtek audio and nothing seems to fix...
  19. betto007tm

    How do I do hackingtosh with my laptop?

    Goodmornig, I would like to do hackintosh on my laptop but I don't know what i have to change on my laptop for do this... characteristics of my laptop: Laptop: HP Pavilion 15-n073sl (ENERGY STAR) Motherboard: 2166 (U3E1) CPU: Intel Core i5 4200U GPU: Intel HD Graphics Family + NVIDIA GeForce...
  20. AtomicWalrus

    [solved]Need help with audio (Realtek ALC283-CG)

    After installing Sierra, I tried the mutibeast Realtek ALC283 Driver, which did not work. I know the exact model, I just need to find a kext, what should I do? Can I just select another driver from multibeast? Many Thanks!