r9 290x

  1. Synth000

    Catalina vs Amd Radeon R9 290x - Cant boot after installation

    I had a 100% perfect hackintosh with Nvidia 980 ti, but i need catalina so i bough Amd Radeon r9 290x because i though it was an easy GPU to hackintosh... I have a very old "helper" GPU and i boot into Catalina using that gpu and as you see on the image everything exept gpu is working nicely...
  2. Kashamura

    Stuck at IOConsoleUsers

    I updated to high sierra, i did restart and it's happended. My specs: Intel i7 4790 Gigabyte GA-H97M-HD3 Antec 620W AMD Radeon R9 290X
  3. gateway69

    3 Displays showing up ???

    So I finally was able to get upgraded to HS and get my AMD R9 290x working with dual monitors. While going though my monitor settings to my surprise I saw an extra monitor attached. Its just called Display and is 17.8 inch running at 1024x768.. Anyone know what this is about and how to...
  4. mrmacmuffinz

    R9 290x (Sierra) 7mbit VRAM

    Hi Guys, Thanks for taking the time too read this thread. But i have been frustrated the last couple of days because my r9 290x with 4gb vram only shows 7mb vram. Which leads in a very laggy interface and almost no chance too actually use it. The installation went fine i got audio working and...
  5. maxrainy

    gigabyte r9 290x 7mb vram

    Hi! I've seen other threads, but for me there are no solutions, and it drives me crazy. as you could understand, i got AMD 290x 7mb vram on sierra. I tried so many different ways but still no results - fb names, smbioses, fake ids, edited amd kexts, clover flags and patches:banghead:.. mb you...
  6. avou

    [Help] R9 290X Freezes on Boot

    i have the same problem cpu i7 5820k gpu dual r9 290x ram 32go mobo asus x99 ws-e but after clover ccc ATIConnectorsData...
  7. Pawcraw

    GB Z97X-UD7-TH and R9-290X-EDFD... Will they work?

    Hey guys, This is going to possibly be my very first Hackintosh build. I've had these pieces running as my PC build but due to work, I think it might make things easier if I were to switch my computer to a Mac. I do a lot of video editing and I just got a job where they use an iMac and I'm...
  8. ReMiii40

    R9 290X with MacOS Sierra

    Hello guy, I have a Gigabyte R9 290X, and I have a black screen when I want boot for the first time on my HDD. I don't have iGPU (i7 920 1366 with Intel x58 so no Intel graphic card). How can boot ? Which options I must change in Clover ? Edit : The first boot work only with Inject ATI, fb...
  9. ReMiii40

    Problem R9 290X with El Capitan

    Hello guys, I'm on El Capitan (10,11,1), with my R9 290X (Gigabyte version) I use this settings in config.plist FBName : Baladi Ati Connectors Controller : 8000 Ati Connectors Data ...
  10. Ozgur

    Black screen after "Boot from Clover USB"

    Hangs at the end of the loading bar after new kexts or hardware change. UPDATE: I had looked over it and finally figured out, very oddly, that making a new USB2 OS instead of USB3 stick fixed the problem... I installed the OS, fixed my ALC sound kext and everything seemed to be great UNTIL I...
  11. m0dc0w

    Asus Maximus Hero VII w/ 4770k and r9 290x black screen while installing

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on here, and I am running into a problem I followed the unibeast tut to the t. I am currently getting the black screen when trying to install the OS. Bios settings are set, usb is in 2.0 slot, I have tried all sorts of things. Any help would be greatly...
  12. juutsch

    AMD R9 290X on Yosemite

    The new 5K iMac has a R9 M290X in it. So has anyone checked out if there's a native support for the "new" R9 Cards in Yosemite?