1. LubieBociany

    +++… when booting MacOs

    Hey I have problem. When Im trying to boot MacOS many ‚+’ is on my screen. I think it may be problem with BIOS but I dont know. I have clover bootloader and my main os is Windows 11. Im really noob at hackintosh. (Sorry for my english because i live in poland)
  2. brendon

    I'm in trouble with realtek rtl8139 kext on Catalina. Help me, please.

    I installed Catalina but the ethernet kext is not working. I did a fast search of this kext and i couldn't find it for Catalina, please help me.
  3. Siren

    Ethernet (Intel I217-LM) not working, IntelMausi kexts not functioning

    Hey there, I got my first real Hackintosh working and it uses onboard Ethernet. During the initial install I was able to connect to the network, but whilst setting up macOS (10.15 Catalina is what I use) I have to choose the option that the "Mac" doesn't connect to the network, otherwise the...
  4. gonokin

    HELP! Unable to fix once-stable build after meddling with EFI

    Hi friends! This is my first post, although I've belonged in this community for some time now. So far I managed to help myself with the solutions to other people's problems but this time I'm out of ideas and I need some specific attention. Thank you in advance guys! So... I built my Hackintosh...
  5. madazzle

    HELP: MacOS Big Sur on Skylake Desktop PC

    Hey, I really don't like to write on Forums but by now I'm really desperate. In the Attached Files are my EFI Folder and my Crash Dump and I really tried a lot like redoing it 5 times or removing Kexts but really nothing worked also ran it through SanityChecker with no big results. Also my...
  6. Samsungtvwithmbp

    Lion ''installer not complete''

    i am trying to make a OS X Lion usb but installer the doesn't work. i am making the usb on MacOS Mojave Does anyone have any idea how to fix?
  7. ogi09

    Boot Mac OS install problems

    Hi guys, I tried to install Mojave on my Pc. I make a USB stick but, when I start to boot Mac OS Install this happens. my Hardware: i5 10400 Gigabyte 470 hd3 Corsair 3.000 MHz I hope you can help me.
  8. rayjaken

    Stuck at apple logo after Clover menu - Catalina installation

    Hi there! I really could use some help. I'm trying to install Catalina on a computer with Asus ROG Maximux XII Extreme, a Intel i9 10900K and a RTX 2080, with 64 GB RAM. I followed the steps here at tonymacx86, using UniBeast. I created the USB drive, I get to the Clover menu, and when I...
  9. henry774656368281834

    MACH Rebot

    hello, my system always gets stuck here what is the problem? Thanks in advance. Sorry for the bad English im from Germany :) Laptop: Compaq CQ58
  10. suvrat777

    apfs module start 2436

    I am trying to install Big Sur 11.1, stuck at "apfs module start 2436". You can find in the image below. I am using clover 0.6.6. All the kexts are updated. Unable to find any solution. Catalina was working perfectly fine. If anyone can provide a working EFI that will be very helpful. Gigabyte...
  11. lexboss

    [Resolved] Can't update to Big Sur from 10.15.7 using OpenCore 0.6.4

    Hello guys, Since Big Sur was released to the App Store I'm trying to update to it but with no luck :( Currently I'm using OpenCore 0.6.4 on a 10.15.7 Catalina and everything works well. (I had a hackintosh from a time where there was a Mojave and a Clover out there). I've tried updating from...
  12. jmsantacruz

    Network problems on hackintosh

    Hi guys! please, i need your help! I installed hackintosh on my pc but now isn't detected the ethernet PCI port. I don't know what happend... Need a solution for that problem . my motherboard is GA-Z77-H3D (gigabyte) thanks for help!
  13. Piero2411

    << Solved >> Can't start install Catalina on ssd nvme

    Hello, I'm trying to install mac os Catalina on my new Samsing 970 EVO Plus. After preparing the BIOS and USB I started the installation process and when I select the target disk in the mac os installation user interface the screen returns to the mac os utility without any error message. And...
  14. CorniGamer

    No booting to the Catalina installer b150 „UPDATE“

    Hello, I am new to the Hackintosh Community and need some help on installing Catalina on my Hackintosh. I tried Mojave but there my Ethernet and Graphics doesn't work so I tried to Install Catalina, but the Installer wont boot, stuck on the booting apple logo. Can anyone Help me, I disabled all...
  15. cascados

    Help to install Sierra

    Hello! I have one problem... Installation Sierra 10.12 always stops at this place. Please, help me)
  16. Aamir560

    Mac OS could not be installed on your computer

    when i install hackintosh catalina that error is given during installing {AN Error occurred while running from package "OSinstall.postscript.pkg" Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again} how to Fix This Problem please help me... And my Boot option Show Like this first i go...
  17. lawmaster

    Hackintosh (i7-9700K+5700 XT) not booting up after switching from integrated graphics to GPU

    I followed this guide ( and successfully installed Catalina on my PC. However, after I get to the step when I switch the output from integrated graphics to GPU, the computer no longer boots and gets stuck at the "GIOScreenLockState 3" line and not going to...
  18. jackblack87

    iCloud re-login every 15-60 minutes

    Since the update to 10.15.3 I need to re-login in iCloud more often than usual. Today I had to re-login after 50 and then again after 15 (!) minutes. Before, I had to re-login only every 2 or 3 computer restarts (since Mojave). Under High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan (...) I had no problems with...
  19. Satana452

    Copying Files problems

    I've been trying to create a usb installer but it keeps loading and the bar doesn't move. I tried with an early 2016 MacBook as well as another MacBook Pro and many different usb sticks but nothing the same thing occurs over and over. After a good 20 minutes of loading it says "there was an...
  20. Andrea-Iannini

    Shutdown causes reboot (01/02/2020)

    I get this from the verbose mode. I suppose it's the wi-fi PCI-E card doing this but it worked fine for 1 year until two weeks ago. Build: High Sierra 10.13.6 CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz MOBO: Asrock Fatal1Ty H270 Performance GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 OC 2Gb Wi-Fi PCI-E: TP-Link...