1. koolkid831

    OSxAptipFixDrv Error -requested memory exceeds our allocated relocation block

    Previously, I’ve been able to work around this by going to safe mode but recently after getting fed up, I reinstalled High Sierra and wasn’t able to boot up through safe mode anymore without getting rebooted. If I try to boot normally, I get OsxAptipFixDrv as the error. What can I do? Specs...
  2. keys4mike96

    High Sierra - Getting Prohibited logo when booting to Mac OSX but able to boot into safe mode...

    Hey guys! I am in a bit of a bind this week. My computer has been running flawlessly, with little to no issues. Unfortunately, I assumed that clover updates were simply just updating the main aspects of the app, not actually removing a key aspect of the EFI for it to boot... This core aspect is...
  3. besttech

    [solved] Clover Stuck on Row of Plus Signs when booting from SSD

    Hello, I recently install high Sierra 10.13.3 on my HP Spectre x360 15t. The installation boots fine when booting from my install USB, but when the installation is booted from clover on the SSD, the installation stalls on a row of plus signs shown in the clover verbose.jpg. It is puzzling...
  4. mabzki

    Kaby Lake Gigabyte Z270X Ultra Gaming + i7 7700 Boot Problem

    Hi Guys, I followed the installation guide of High Sierra using unibeast then I booted it thru clover using verbose and i came across this error; osxaptiofixdrv error by mabzki posted Jan 29, 2018 at 1:37 PM What do I do now?
  5. grassmudhorse

    [solved] HP Spectre X360 -13t Coffee Lake won't boot from internal ssd

    I recently got a Spectre x360 2 in 1 laptop and try to install HS on it. I am able to install HS on the laptop. However I have encountered something strange. I can boot the HS from my USB disk without any problem, however I cannot boot it from the EFI from the internal ssd (both have the same...
  6. Samthedeveloper

    Please help! Apple logo shows and then the computer restart.

    Please help guys! This is my first hackintosh. To create the usb was hard but it worked...But now when im going to install sierra, it shows the apple logo and then its just restarting. When i try to install in safe mode, its just keep shows osxaptiofixdrv-64.efi error for a few seconds before...
  7. DropMotion

    [Solved] Can't boot in SIP (high sierra)

    Hi, I want to install nvidia web driver, so I need to boot in SIP, but when I set CsrActiveConfig to 0x00 my hackintosh crash immediately when booting. If needed I'm using this kexts : FakeSMC.kext IntelMausiEthernet.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext USBInjectAll.kext...
  8. Campanis

    [Solved] OsxAptioFixDrv error requested memory exceeds our allocated relocation block

    I get this error message when I try and boot into the OS X Sierra installer. I've tried different drivers: osxaptioFix2Drv and such with no luck any ideas would be appreciated. clover file attached DESKTOP BUILD
  9. Campanis

    [Solved] Can't get to Sierra Installer. OsxAptioFixDriv

    cant get past the apple logo to the installer. Loaded in Verbose Mode got an error pertaining to OsxAptioFixDriv So I installed that driver with Clover Configurator. Then relaunched and got a different error that is pictured below. This is where I am stuck Any help is greatly appreciated
  10. lapatin2

    Requested memory exceed in OsxAptioFixDrv

    Hello! Trying to install hackintosh to this system: Intel Core i5-7600k Kaby Lake Asus H-110MK D3 NVIDIA GTX 1070(unplagged now just in case) Tried with UniBeast 7.1.1 and Clover 4049. Always with OsxAptioFixDrv and with OsxAptioFixDrv I get results in attached. To be on the safe side I post...
  11. RAPWare

    Clover and an Asus Strix GTX 980

    Until yesterday I've been using an Asus GT 640 videocard in my pc (Asus Z87 Deluxe/Quad, 32GB RAM, Intel 120 GB SSD boot drive, dual monitor) and until yesterday everything worked great. Even iMessage worked without problems (on Yosemite). However, as I have ordered an Oculus Rift, it was time...