1. maykesplana

    HDMI Audio NUC DC3217IYE

    Hello everyone, I successfully installed High Sierra on a NUC DC3217IYE mostly working after installation but now I'm stuck at getting the HDMI Audio to work. I am wondering if someone can point me to the right direction. I searched and tried some of the possible solution without any luck at...
  2. MacFiliz

    New NUC with 8559U

    Hello World! Intel is putting the final touches on its new family of NUCs, codenamed "Bean Canyon," which will feature the chipmaker's 8th-generation Coffee Lake U-series processors with Iris Plus Graphics. Link...
  3. Waveslate

    NUC DC3217BY for a budget mini Hackintosh

    Hi guys, noob here. I was wondering if a NUC Kit DC3217BY (i3-3217U, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 8GB RAM, 64GB SSD) would be suitable for a Mac Mini-like hackintosh? I found one online for around $140, but I'm new to this so I wanted to ask for advice first. All I want is to be able to dual boot...
  4. theycallmebatman

    Could you utilize the AMD integrated graphics in the new Hades Canyon NUC?

    If you change to wifi card, could Hades Canyon NUC be a simple golden build?
  5. Rockishi

    No Ethernet on Intel NUC - Is this problem worth scrapping Hackintosh?

    Ethernet has been broken since installing Hackintosh on my NUC 3 weeks ago. 1. I have switched the ethernet cable. 2. I've successfully installed High Sierra following this guide by rehabman: 3. Rehabman's...
  6. Rockishi

    Ethernet Not Working on Intel NUC 5i3RYH

    Hello all, After trying to solve this problem as much as I could on my own, I am resorting to asking the community. Ethernet does not work on my Intel NUC 5i3RYN. Ethernet uses an Intel branded card, the program DPCIManager also verifies that it's an Intel card. 1. I have verified the ethernet...
  7. valherru

    Ideal mini PC for triple monitor setup?

    I want to replace my ancient Mac mini and I need triple monitor setup working. Preferably with reasonable price and more connectors to be able connect displays with something else than DP daisychain capable displays. So far I found three promising alternatives that supposedly works with three...
  8. dakishimesan0

    Has anyone installed motherboard firmware patches for Meltdown and Spectre?

    Hi fellow hackintoshers, I've been debating installing the Meltdown And Spectre microcode updates on my high sierra 10.13.3 NUC 5i5. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried them with their Hackintosh and what your experience was? Part of my hesitancy is that, at least on the NUC, once you...
  9. Withoutaface

    [Guide] Intel NUC DC3217IYE macOS Sierra 10.12 (TV BOX)

    Project Info This Guide describes my work to get my tv pc to a new operating system after using mountain lion for a (to) long time with stopped software support. So i decided to use Sierra 10.12.6 instead of the new High Sierra to avoid instability from new minor/major updates. The experience...
  10. Eglez

    Intel nuc 5i3ryh

    Hi, I installed the Mac OS Sierra in my nuc 5i3ryh but I dont know what I need for Post-installation and how to do it.somebody can help me? Something else: My friend has a nuc 5i3ryh and he installed MacOS El Capitan.What he need and how he can do for the Post-installation?
  11. Huttah

    Audio inputs distorted in DAW

    Hello, everyone! I've recently built my new Hackintosh following RehabMan's guide to a T (found here) for getting my NUC6i7KYK on High Sierra. Everything seems to be working beautifully, but I'm having a peculiar issue. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 for recording, and it works fantastic in...
  12. Eglez

    el capitan intel nuc 5i3ryh

    I want to install el capitan in my intel nuc 5i3ryh but I need the Sebinouse_20151101.Please, Anybody share to me.
  13. star-affinity

    Kaby Lake NUC same Intel GPU as newly released 13" MacBook Pro

    So I take it we'll soon be able to relatively easily Hackintosh one of those? My guess is that when macOS Sierra 10.12.6 is released (in beta as of this post) it should include drivers for those GPU's. Anything else that is required for other features (sleep, Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.) to...
  14. GideonBlack

    Sierra on NUC Skull Canyon (Skylake) with Samsung 960 EVO NVMe

    Hello, I'm trying to install Sierra on the above mentioned NUC. While I successfully boot into the installer, I am unable to see my SSD partition to proceed with the install. Only the external USB drive used to boot is visible. I have heavily researched posts on loading patched kexts with no...
  15. Melvinzill

    [SOLVED] Intel NUC D54250WYK Mac App Store Problem

    I recently got a broken nuc for cheep. The Ethernet controller was completely fried. I managed to install Sierra, but I wasn't able to use the Mac App Store (See Picture). For Internet I am using a Edimax Wifi dongle. I have already tried deleting the NetworkInterfaces.plist and changing the...
  16. miikedenton

    Compatibility of BOXNUC6I5SYK with Hackintosh

    Hey, Was looking at buying a NUC kit with 6th Gen i5-6260U and was wondering what level of compatibility I would have in terms of OS and Bluetooth (wifi isn't a necessity) and if I would have to buy specific RAM and other components to ensure compatibility.
  17. nephh

    Intel NUC6i5SYH and compatibility

    Hello, I think the Intel NUC6i5SYH is compatible with Hackintosh. Is it true? But what about compatibility? Can WiFi work without USB dongle (with AppleIntelWiFiMVM drivers)? If not, what WiFi USB dongle works? For the Bluetooth (for the Magic Mouse & Keyboard), this can work with a USB...
  18. maximillion23

    Anyone Try Intel NUC6i3 with BCM94352Z m.2?

    Just curious to see if anyone had tried to use an M.2 BCM94352Z in the intel Nuc6i3 or 6i5? Going to give it a go, but not sure if there are any limitations that others may have found. Outside wifi and bluetooth, these are great little machines.
  19. fitzpaypay

    Broadcom Bcm943225hmb Nuc i5 not picking up wifi

    Hi everyone, I'm new to building hackintoshes and just got my first one up and running on my intel Nuc i5. Everything looks great except I cannot get wifi to work. My wifi just continues to search for networks and when it does find them it does not connect. What am I missing? Any help is...
  20. fitzpaypay

    Installation of Sierra not Proceeding after certain point

    Hi There, I am trying to install Sierra on to an Intel Nuc i5 4250U. I have followed the instructions exactly how they say and have tried other installation methods but keep on running into the same issue. After booting from the flashdrive i initially get the apple logo with a black screen...