1. jasonbond

    Having trouble picking out a motherboard for what I need hackintosh for...

    I want M.2 on the board for SSD drive. I will be doing music production and playing x-plane 11. (The only game I'll play.) I keep running into the : Gigabyte Z370XP SLI ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO What else would I need to put in the M.2 slot? From what I see I...
  2. Wtfmac

    iMac replacement Light gaming/Logic Pro X parts list

    So here's the deal I am using a late 2013 27 inch iMac with 24GB ram 1TB HDD I want to upgrade to something faster and more up to date. I use Logic Pro X and I want to play X-plane 11. My current iMac can handle Logic for the most part. But it can't play x-plane. I am currently using High...
  3. brownknee

    Ethernet suddenly stopped working after 4 years

    Hello, I've had my hackintosh up and running smoothly, with no issues whatsoever for the past 4 years. It is still running 10.10.1 because it worked for me (if it ain't broke..) I haven't had any problems with any of my current/new software or hardware until now. All of a sudden, my whole...
  4. Lucas.bernardi

    Is this a good "easy to install MacOS" hardware?

    I'm going to buy a full PC from scratch next month and I'm looking forward to install macOS. However, I'm currently a hackintosh virgin, and, although I followed the "Buyers Guide", I want to be sure that the current hardware I have in mind is actually the best for installing it. I'm going to...
  5. whosnoah353

    Using a original Macbook HDD with mac os already installed for a hackintosh

    i have this big question and i cant seem to find any info about it!! i have a macbook pro late 2012 with a 500gb SSD(high sierra) ..but im gonna build a hackintosh and i dont wanna have to install everything from scratch on the hackintosh. would it be possible to just clone my macbooks 500gb...
  6. blueridgedog

    New Motherboard Advice

    My current motherboard has bit the dust. Going to get an i5-8600K and a new board. I like the ASUS Prime H370M-Plus/CSM with the small form factor and the two M2 slots, but the H370 boards seem to be poorly supported. Is that still the case or are Unibeast and Multibeast ready for them? Any...
  7. noaml1

    Will My Motherboard support a hackintosh installation? MSI B360A PRO

    Im pretty sure most of my other components are good to go, but does my mother board (MSI B360A PRO) support osx? Any information that might be specific to installing osx on this motherboard would also be much appreciated!
  8. KingBfire

    Asus Z370-A suddenly shutted down - won't boot anymore

    Hey lovely community members, Minutes ago I had a terrible experience that during my normal work with my hackintosh (simple browsing etc - no "stressful" usage for the computer) the computer suddenly shutted down without any warning. From this moment on, I cannot turn on the computer anymore. I...
  9. captjones

    Which Z370 motherboard?

    Howdy folks, I am amidst the Great Z370 Confusion. Why would I not pick Asus Z370-P or Asrock Pro4? They're both around 100$. Why do people pay 1.5x for Strix Z370-F Gaming, 2x for (Gigabyte Gaming 7) and 3x for (Maximus X Hero)? Because of DisplayPort slots? You have those on your GPU...
  10. bigpoppa206

    Motherboard and OS compatibility question.

    I have a working hackintosh, no issues. But its old enough I can't use Mojave on it. I also have older drives that can boot up into Lion (Pro Tools) and Mavericks. What is the newest motherboard that I could get and still use these older systems? Or how can I research this? Thanks.
  11. guilhermectp

    Gigabyte H370M-D3H vs Z370M-D3H

    Hey guys, I'm working on a mATX build, but I'm really not sure about the mobo. I'm thinking about going with Gigabyte because look it's the easiest mobo to get everything working. But I'm really not sure about the model. so far the main differences are: H370M-D3H - USB 3.1 Gen2 - expansion...
  12. jsrey88

    New GPU on older Motherboard

    I have a Z77-DS3H Gigabyte board and with the new High Sierra update I have found my old GPU does not work anymore. I have an i7 Intel chip that is basically doing the work for me at the moment but when I do more graphic heavy stuff it slows a bit. Have full 32GB Ram so it's maxed out there. I...
  13. Cookiefamily

    Looking for Mobo and GPU advice

    Hello, planning my first-time Hackintosh Build right now, that will be used for Content Production in InDesign, Photoshop, Quark XPress, Acrobat etc. I still have some questions though about a fitting Motherboard since I do want to have the possibility to install a Thunderbold add-in card later...
  14. alissond

    Budget build for FCPX - Which motherboard to get?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum! So I got some components laying around and I want to build a hackintosh with them, to use it only for Final Cut Pro (mainly) and Xcode (for iOS dev). I don't really care about other apps as long as these work function properly, because all the rest I use is on a Debian...
  15. EchoStorz

    EVGA Z370 FTW mobo

    Anyone have any experience with the EVGA Z370 FTW? Looking to buy a prebuilt that has this board. The chipsets used appear to match with the Gigabyte and Asus boards in the Buyer's Guide, but if anyone has attempted it, it'd be great to know...
  16. virusdoc

    Recommendations for mini-ITX Motherboard with Fully Functional Integrated Video

    Hello! I am an old member but haven't built a CustoMac in several years, but would like to re-learn. I want to build a small form factor, relatively silent rig using the Streacom F1C-Evo case: This case does not support a...
  17. alexnmt

    Idle CPU Temperature 60C after motherboard replacement

    Hi all, I recently replaced/upgraded my motherboard (formerly GA-Z87X-HD3 now GA-Z97-D3H) on my hackintosh after it no longer booted. Now the CPU (Intel 4790k) is reading 60C within the Bios which seems way too high. When I loaded up the macOS (everything loaded fine), it was reading 80-98C...
  18. kennedy32

    Is ASUS PRIME H370-A compatible?

    There's a ASUS PRIME H370-A/CSM on the buyer's guide list, but I can only find the model without "CSM" on local market, what's the difference between them, will that difference make H370-A incompatible? And the same question with H370-Plus, there's H370-Plus on the list, but H370-Plus/CSM isn't.
  19. Draque

    Reboot on Sleep - 8700K / NZXT N7 Motherboard / 1080Ti

    I posted this originally on another thread and @RehabMan suggested I post it on here. I've been trying to get my build to go to sleep for weeks. I don't have a baseline to share anymore but I've pretty much done everything I can think of. The problem is the it basically goes to sleep and...
  20. 8Y53

    for Final Cut Pro X Upgrade or Replacement NEEDED

    hi guys, back in 2015 i built my hackintosh with: Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H 32GB RAM CPU: Intel i7-4790K Graphics: 2x 5770 today i somehow killed my mobo :( was looking for a replacement for the Gigabyte GA-Z97X but couldnt find any reasonable offers. what should i do? any tips for a new...