1. KimOhNo

    Finding the right Motherboard for my first Hackintosh Mac Pro

    Hey guys, thanks for this awesome community so far! I am about to build my first PC since 15 years. The part that overwhelms me the most is the Motherboard. Any help would be great. I want to use this Computer mostly for rendering in Cinema 4D And After Effects work. I am going for the...
  2. Metafos

    Does my components can run Hackintosh?

    Hellow everyone. Im new to mac-Hackintosh and i have seen many videow that thanks to YOU ALL (Hackintosh instructions, tutorials, step-by-step how to guides) have made it sucsess to build hackintosh machines. Some of the components i have seen that work (cpu, Motherboard) but i dont know about...
  3. unDavide

    Solid, no-frills hackintosh

    Hi, I've been checking this website for months before deciding to build my first hackintosh (in other words my old MacPro has expired, and I need a desktop machine besides my MBP15). I have tried to inform myself here, and reading specs and articles, but at this point I still have questions that...
  4. Jnrss

    gigabit ga z270p d3 boot error

    Hi, Working on my first build. Trying to boot for the first time. Motherboard keeps beeping - short beeps once every 5 seconds. Per, this means there is an error with how the memory is installed. To check, I removed the DIMM and got the same error. I...
  5. rwwilkinson

    Ethernet not recognized. WiFi works fine.

    Hi all, I'm having an issue where High Sierra isn't recognizing my ethernet. However, my WiFi card is working fine. It would be much preferred to be using ethernet though. Any ideas? I have an MSI Z270 Gaming M3 motherboard, and I installed VooDooHDA as the kext. Thanks for the help!
  6. lukenfzw

    Sleep Issues (USB)

    Hey there guys, So I'm having a common issue with sleep. It's when the computer sleeps and the fans and lights go off, and then comes back on within a second from doing that, and just continues looping that behavior. I've read that the most basic and common solution to this problem is to...
  7. SIjano

    Asus Maximus VIII Hero supported?

    Hey, I want to install OS X on my system but I don't know if my motherboard and my GPU is supported.... anyone here has maybe some experience with this motherboard. CPU: Intel i7-6700k GPU: AMD R9 390X Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Hero Thank you
  8. OlliverAira

    Hackintosh, coffee lake & Apple Thunderbolt Display COMPATIBLE MOTHERBOARD

    Cheapest possible (other solutions welcome) I haven't checked the entire build list recommendations for motherboards, but I haven't found any Thunderbolt Display compatible Need it for my GTX 1060 6gb
  9. deckardlives

    Has anyone installed high sierra using the x299 asrock taichi montherboard?

    I'll be attempting my first hackintosh install and probably next week. Just curious if anyone had specifially a similar build using x299 taichi 7900x x299 asrock taichi msi gaming x 1080 ti samsung 960 nvme some ssd for the operating system
  10. ic3cold

    Intel DX58SO apparently toasted

    My old hackintosh with 2 OSes Lion and Yosemite has died. It started with overheating problems, then I noticed the red Led on and I started removing components, first the Graphics card Sapphire Radeon 6870 HD, then memory 2 DDR3 HyperX fury modules and then the obvious resetting CMOS, nothing...
  11. MadGear77

    [Solved] Unable to use Keyboard & Mouse (X99-High Sierra)

    My specs is as follows: i7-5820k Asus X99 Strix Mobo ASUS GTX 980ti I'm unable to use the keyboard and mouse when i go to the lock screen. Does anyone have the same problem ? and how did you rectify it. I'm using the latest version of High Sierra 10.13 and please tell me the values and how to...
  12. lilloferra

    Desktop HP driver for motherboard

    Hi guys, it's my first time here and my first hackintosh, so hello everybody!! I did some reserch but I didn't find dirvers for my motherborad HP 2AF7 for my desktop HP 500-211 that I have upgraded with GTX 970 and 2x 8gb Corsair DDR3 1600MHZ. Other HW are: CPU: i7 4770k SSD: Samsung 840 250GB...
  13. Vomiter

    Are these components compatible with hackintosh?

    Hey, I have a computer with this motherboard and video card. I was wondering if these are compatible with mac os Motherboard: MSI X370 GAMING PLUS Video Card:MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti DirectX 12 GTX 1050 Ti 4G OC 4GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready thank you for responding!
  14. willfalb

    Motherboard help for i5 lga1150

    I have the Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz LGA 1150 motherboard (BX80646I54570). I need help finding a reasonably priced motherboard lga1150 compatible that can run hackintosh. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. paramourcheng

    Thunderbolt for the LGA 1150 system

    Hey everyone I've got a hackintosh running Yosemite with a i7 4790 , Gigabyte H87M-D3H. Everything is working well but now I want an upgrade. I'm looking to get something with thunderbolt support to use with my UAD Apollo Quad Mkii that i got recently. Since the LGA 1150 is kinda old, getting...
  16. timetrapped

    Where is the Gigabyte GA-Z270X-UD5?

    The GA-Z270X-UD5 is listed in the Buyer's Guide, but I can't find it for sale anywhere. I need a new motherboard with Thunderbolt capabilities (for an Apple Display) and that model seemed to be the only affordable option. Has it been discontinued? Are there any alternatives; perhaps another...
  17. Qlic

    Asking for second pair(s) of eyes on my first Hackintosh build

    Hello dear people of, first thanks to you all for the great and helpful athmosphere on this site! Although I spent quite some time sifting through this forum I think I learned something new with every post i read! Currently I am seeking advice on my buying list. I have built...
  18. originalmagneto

    [Solved] UPGRADING just the motherboard (H170N->H270N)=PROBLEM?

    Hi, just wanted to make sure that I don’t need to do anything special when switching just the motherboard on my system. My GIGAGYTE H170N-WIFI got toasted, but all the other components work without problems. I found a good priced GIGABYTE H270N-WIFI motherboard that will work with my i5 6500...
  19. deibysartigas

    MSI H270 Tomahawk Artic

    Hi, Everybody. This is my first time building a Hackintosh and I need to know if this motherboard really works fine. I love it design and I wanted to build my Hack with it. What do you think about it?... There's some better out there or I can buy it in secure?. Excuse my english, I'm from...
  20. RhubarbMac

    Any way of building a Hackingtosh without access to an Intel Mac?

    Hi, I have a power pc mac, an early G4, but there are various roadblocks that prevent me from getting a copy of intel OSX, not least the version of Safari that it has not recognising various new Apple urls. <Cut> I have removed the original question 1 as this was pointed out to break forum...