1. aitor451

    Recommendation for purchasing a motherboard

    After a malfunction of my motherboard (Designare z390) I have to buy a new one. I would like to buy a more updated one (up to €250). I would like to ask for recommendations. I have seen this Black Friday offer on Amazon (Spain) for €224 that seems interesting. It's a good option? I have doubts...
  2. Hreb

    B760 chipset (Raptor Lake) compatibility

    I'm curious if anyone has considered the possibility of a hackintosh built on the B760 chipset and intel 13th gen. I see plenty of discussion on the Z790 thread and I wonder if the B760 is a worthy drop-in replacement, or if there would be compatibility issues affecting MacOS. Specifically I'm...
  3. BlinkUsher

    1155 motherboard option

    Good night guys I would like to know the options for a motherboard compatible with socket 1155 hackintosh, I had a gigabity b75m-d3h but it burned out and it's hard to find another one, can you help me change this part so I can use my hackintosh again? Thank you guys in advance!!
  4. littlefooch

    Multiple Thunderbolt PCIe Cards on Intel Motherboard?

    Has anyone attempted to install 2 Thunderbolt cards in one Intel motherboard? An example of something similar would be the mac mini which has 2 thunderbolt controllers on the motherboard (and hence 4 ports). I've always assumed this is not possible. Any further info appreciated. LF
  5. yarden

    Mini ITX MB for AMD that support macOS (Hackintosh)

    Hey guys, as of my current specs, my GPU is incompatible with latest macOSs so I can't install hackintosh on it.. My only usages for the GPU is to plug dual 2k monitors to it, or my 4k TV.. This task is pretty easy for common days Motherboards which already comes with some HDMI 2.0 and up or...
  6. brucecassano

    Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H replacement

    Hello everybody, I built my first customac in 2013. Last week my motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H has stopped working, but this model is not available anymore. So I am searching for a similar motherboard to replace my broken one without replacing the other hardware components. Any advice? I...
  7. hisartwork

    z590 Maximus XIII?

    new egg has this new Z590 available: Safe to assume this MB will be compatible with Open core, correct? Also I heard these new 590 boards are backwards compatible to the 10th gen intel, I’m still not sure if I’m getting the...
  8. dlo512

    Realtek to Intel LAN Motherboard - Update Kext/Reinstall?

    Hello, I'm new here and just built my first hackintosh. Got all the compatible parts and everything is running great BUT I didn't realize my motherboard doesn't support Thunderbolt 3 til it was too late. I am using my hackintosh for music composition and production and my audio interface is...
  9. sergi.color

    Motherboard with 10 SATA ports?

    Hi all, First time I write, although I have been a follower of this forum for a few months already. Thanks to all the advice here so far. Sorry if this question is repeated, I have searched but found it nowhere answered. Also the buyer's guide didn't help me on that: Is there a motherboard...
  10. elgreyghost

    Clover not Opening Up macOs Catalina Installer

    Trying to get Catalina installed on my new hackintosh and after booting "macOs from Install from USB" and once started the Apple logo appears with a progress bar that goes about halfway and then the screen goes black. I've attempted to "enter alternate boot modes such as verbose and safe mode...
  11. jackoa19

    Gigabyte H370 Aorus Gaming 3 Wifi - Catalina Installation Issues

    Hi Forum! After days of unsuccessful installation attempts I beseech your help! Unfortunately my knowledge of computing is limited so forgive my ignorance and anything glaringly obvious I might've missed. My situation is as follows: - I have followed (as best I could) the Vanilla Clover...
  12. uselessbuilder

    Buying Advice: Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 3?

    Hi everyone! I built a Hackintosh about two years ago. It was my first computer build. I had tons of help from here back in the day, but it just never improved. It had some of these are surely do to clover config, and some of these are hardware. That being said, I think a motherboard and...
  13. timkostes

    Will I be able to connect the z390 to iMac 2012 as a monitor?

    Hello! I want to create hackintosh based on mb z390, and i want understand may i connect as display imac this mb?
  14. AlexisK

    << Solved >> Mavericks Compatibility & K/KF CPUs

    Hi everyone, I'm currently planning on building a "budget" Mac Pro, for about 1300 $. Main uses : AVID editing (no need to edit 4K as we are used to work with proxies), music making (Logic / Ableton), a bit of VFX (After Effects), lots of video exports. As I'm not that experienced in computer...
  15. shargath

    Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Master / Master G2

    About to pick this motherboard for my new hack pro... Anybody had any issues with either of them?
  16. kenshin988

    MB mATX with native NVRAM

    Hi guys, I'm searching a mATX motherboard with NVRAM native support, any advice? The Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming it's ok? Thanks a lot to those who can help me
  17. ZaiFuchigami

    Motherboard Advice For First Build

    Hey everyone, Been thinking about building a Hackintosh for a few years now but felt it wasn't the right time until now. I finally started planning my first build. My machine will be used primarily for video editing, photo editing, graphic design, CAD and the usual stuff like web browsing...
  18. sm0nster

    Searching budget, well-proven working coffee lake motherboard with m2

    Hi everyone! I have one Hackintosh on High Sierra working flawless and I’m trying to build new one on Mojave, main parts are: - i5-8400 - MSI H310M PRO M2 - Intel iGPU UHD 630 (Correct me if I’m wrong but I think rest is irrelevant) But damn, I have nothing but issues with it: - sound is not...
  19. A.Tony

    Is it possible to swap out a Motherboard without problems after making a hackintosh?

    I just recently finished my Hackintosh with the following components: Asus Z390-A i7 870pK Strix Vega 56 16Gb Ram Samsung NVME M.2 Now i hate that my hackintosh doesnt have Wifi nor Bluetooth. Can i just swap out the motherboard for one with bluetooth and wifi? Because i m worried i will have...
  20. ablyes


    Hello, I dont see this mother board MSI MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC in the buyer's guide. Is there any problem with this mother board? Can I expect all components to work? Thank you guys for helping me. Lyes