1. mikevanasselt1

    Gigabyte H110M-S2H - HDMI AUDIO PROBLEM

    Hey All, I Want to finisch my first hackintosh. Only the audio + HDMI audio do not work. I have done all the things I can do. My specs are: i3 7100, 8GB RAM Gigabyte H110M-S2H (his audio codec is ALC887) EVGA GTX 1060. Is there anyone that can help my?
  2. Tpixelminer

    Looking for a DDR3 motherboard!

    I have a few DDR3 ram sticks that I found in an old pc and I want to save costs and build a Hackintosh using them. Basically, I want to get a motherboard that is cheap as possible and can take DDR3 ram. I am willing to cut corners to be able to build a Hackintosh that is cheap as possible. I...
  3. macorange

    Please recommend motherboard for Intel i7-8700K Hackintosh

    Hello, I want to build a high end workstation using Intel i7-8700K CPU. Due to availability,could you please recommend three motherboards (ranked from top to bottom) that will work? Thanks.
  4. temka789

    Need an advice in creating new hackintosh

    Hello, guys! I have working mac El Capitan on i5 3570 & ASRock B75M-DGS. Current PC long time worked on Windows but I decided to instal mac for my work needs and after some time on mac, I started using only it and forgot when I run Windows from second SSD) I had come problems on current build...
  5. omii3295

    hp pavilion 14 notebook pc 14-v013la

    intel core i5-4210U CPU 1.70GHZ 2.40 GHz RAM: 8:GB Sistem 64 bits Nvidia Gforce 840m intel hd graphics 4400 Procesador 4 nucleos Can I install hackintosh with these features? Is there any problem Thank you
  6. kiwiszon

    Kaby lake low profile motherboard

    Hello, i can't find info If there's good compatible mobo with sodimm(notebook like) ram? I dont want to buy outdated cpu, so o prefer to fake skylake cpu until official kaby support.
  7. bjam

    Best MOBO to buy

    Hello! I need a MOBO for my build and of course would love to have HDMI 2.0 and Thunderbolt. The Gigabyte z170 UD5 TH is too hard to find at a normal price, or at all, and that was my ideal board because of its success, features and build guides. So now i'm having some trouble figuring out what...
  8. Moviemaykr

    Is it smart to somewhat future proof with MB and CPU?

    Im curious what most on this board think about getting an Intel 7th gen CPU and a Gigabyte 270 series MB for creating a Hackintosh if you don't mind waiting a couple months? There actually art any good closeout deals on 170 series MB and 6th gen CPUs. When you the math at most places the price...
  9. richfiles

    Replacing a dead Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH

    My Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH motherboard has completely failed. It trips a power fault condition on my power supply, and the local computer shop verified it does the same for 4 different models and brands of PSU. If servicing it through Gigabyte doesn't pan out, i'm curious what I should look for in...
  10. bjam

    Help! Which Motherboard should I get? I have everything else

    Hi there! I purchased all my parts a few days ago only to find out that the MOBO (GA-Z170X-UD5 TH) I chose was discontinued and the company made a mistake in saying it was in stock. Now I have all my parts minus the MOBO. I need to get a new board and get cracking on my system. I'm using it...
  11. iVirusYx

    My first build: ASUS vs Gigabyte vs ???

    Hey there fellow Hackers! I'm new here and I hope you can give me some advice for my first Hackintosh compatible build. Intro (for the curious) I have a MacPro 4.1 (early 2009), which I was barely able to upgrade to macOS Sierra. I had to apply a workaround, however I fear that as of next...
  12. BetoBob

    Is my PC compatible for Sierra?

    Planning to install Sierra 10.12.1 on my Windows desktop. 1. CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor 2. MOBO: MSI H110M Gaming Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard 3. GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB SuperSC ACX 2.0+ Video Card 4. Memory: Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2133...
  13. PratikPagada

    which mother board is good for hackintosh with i6 th genration ?

    i could not find any solution upto advice please ..
  14. GehKnuth

    My PC compatible?

    I wonder if my machine is compatible with any of the Yosemite Systems, Mountai Lion or Marverick? My computer has the following configuration: motherboard H81M-E33 Processor: Intel G3260 RAM: 4Gb Video card: GS 7100 or Onboard HD: 500 Gb Who can give me a hand I would greatly appreciate it.
  15. ashtreylil

    Gigabyte Sniper M5 Compatibility

    as with most users in this section i want to know if my system is compatible, specs are CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Gigabyte G1.Sniper M5 Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard Memory: Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Memory: Corsair...
  16. cpesky

    Which motherboard??

    Hey guys!, Very soon I will be building my first hackintosh (YAY!) I've got pretty much all my parts picked out except for my motherboard. I have a few requirements: No ITX!!! I have an ATX case. Has a mini PCIE for WiFi Supports Intel i3-3440 Can support 32GB of RAM Doesn't require a DSDT...