1. Safire

    [SOLVED] Issues with BCM94360 adapter

    Hello everyone. Until today I had a perfectly working continuity with my cloud devices, with the BCM94360 wifi/BT adapter. But because my SSD was almost full I decided to move my home folder to another drive. The system asked for a restart. After the restart all settings were reset. Finder...
  2. mihalski

    Since updating to El Capitan handoff has stopped working

    I have a native Mac wifi/Bluetooth adapter and Yosemite was working flawlessly with handoff/continuity until I updated to El Capitan. Now it fails completely. I've disabled and re-enabled bluetooth to no avail. I've also noticed that I no longer seem to be able to send SMS messages using...
  3. gajulian

    Gigabyte Z97M-D3H with official Broadcom Wifi and BT adapter - Please help!

    Hi guys, I am building my first Hackintosh and have a couple of questions regarding this WiFI and BT adapter, to get Handoff and Continuity to work: http://www.tonymacx86.com/network/147734-continuity-handoff-capable-apple-mini-cards-pcie-mini-pcie-adapters.html My hardware: Intel i5 4570...
  4. Sidetrack_CA

    100% Working PCI-e Broadcom bcm94360cd (Airdrop, Continuity, Handoff)

    I spent a lot of time looking for a solution to my airdrop not working on my Hackintosh and found several articles that referenced buying a particular PCI-Express card that housed the Broadcom bcm94360cd chip. The one most commonly referenced was from Mallaid/Toabaco. I searched for this card...
  5. izizu

    What Motherboard should I buy??

    At first, I have to say "Sorry", my english is too bad. Ok, my old PC is near to die, and it can´t update more than OsX 10.7 I´m going to buy a i5 4440, 8Gb Ram and a Motherboard. I think that the Integrated Graphics is enough for me (And I don´t have many money ). My question is: What...
  6. meshsmith

    [Success] Clover install: GA-Z68X-UD4-B3, i7-2600K, GTX 570

    I recently got hold of a PCI-mounted Apple Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card (BCM94360CD) for native Handoff / Continuity support, so decided it was time to install Yosemite on my desktop. This was a tricky install! I’ve kept this system updated with each OS X release since Snow Leopard, and this was the...
  7. Shellficious

    Yosemite's Handoff with Half-Height Mini-PCIe Card?

    Hey everyone, is there any half-height bluetooth card that supports OS X Yosemite's Handoff/Continuity feature? All I found are normal PCIe cards and my only PCIe slot (Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WIFI) is taken by my graphics card.
  8. ResentedPoet

    Looking to build a card for handoff. Recommended place for parts (users post your experiences!)

    Hey everyone, With Yosemite out now and Clover working great, I want to get my iBeast up and running with handoff between my iPad and iPhone. I see that I will need an internal Bluetooth adapter after reading through the forum here, and I would like to use the BCM94360CD with PCIe adapter...
  9. perDog12

    Continuity hardware needed.

    I have built a hackintosh that is very capable of hooking up bluetooth and internet, but it doesn't have continuity/handoff compatibility. What hardware/software would I need to get continuity to work?
  10. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Hackintosh Handoff Compatibility (Laptops)

    Hi, I have a AzureWave AW-CE123H 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac + BT 4.0 wireless card inside my Asus VivoBook S400CA. I've gotten everything working (5GHz, BT, everything else), but when I look in the bluetooth tab in the system profiler it says: Handoff Supported: No Instant Hotspot Supported: No Thus...
  11. interpolgp

    Hackintosh Handoff working in Yosemite?

    Hi just wondering can anyone confirm to me that Handoff is working with IOGEAR GBU521 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter or the GMYLE (TM) Micro USB Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle? I know they are both recommended by Tonymacx86 in the guides but I have to buy a new one as my Belkin Bluetooth 3.0 wont...
  12. lsbf

    hackintosh build for Handoff/ OS X Yosemite?

    From what I understand <http://tinyurl.com/qcwpjny> Handoff will require Bluetooth (BT) LMP version ox6. It seems BT for Handoff works when BT is on the motherboard/logicBoard; BT from a USB dongle will not work with Handoff (until someone develops a hack). I am seriously contemplating...