1. SimplyRyan

    handoff shows as enabled but doesn't work

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W520 on 10.12.6. It has a Broadcom wifi/bluetooth combo card, BCM94352, this card https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JY6X9HM/?tag=tonymacx86com-20 . Wifi and bluetooth both work fine. iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime all work fine. I've never fully gotten handoff to...

    Want a Wifi + Bluetooth card for macOS Sierra on Dell Inspiron 5559 (2016)

    Hi guys, I have successfully installed macOS High Sierra on the said laptop using a guide on Reddit (by ArtikusHG). However I want to ask what Wifi card will you recommend for this laptop. I have searched forums but couldn't find a specific forum for High Sierra, there were forums regarding...

    WiFi+(Bluetooth and Handoff) card for Dell Inspiron 5559 (2016) on macOS High Sierra

    Hi guys, I have successfully installed macOS High Sierra on the said laptop using a guide on Reddit. However I want to ask what Wifi card will you recommend for this laptop. I have searched forums but couldn't find a specific forum for High Sierra, there were forums regarding Sierra though...
  4. xddfgdafg

    Handoff not supported

    So i got this bluetooth USB and its been amazing no driver installation needed. I wanted to use handoff but i didn't see anything in the settings so i looked in System Information and i looked at bluetooth and it said Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 6.0.0f1 Hardware, Features, and...
  5. remyc93

    High Sierra Handoff issues, help?

    Hey, As stated above I have an Asus Z170-Deluxe running 10.13 with the supplemental update; Wifi worked out the box, but Bluetooth needed Rehabman's BRCM patches. System report states everything is supported and the Continuity Activation Tool Beta says that everything is activated. Instant...
  6. Shridhar

    Handoff continuity and airdrop now working on high sierra 10.13 with bcm94352hmb.

    Hello hand off continuity and airdrop not working on high sierra 10.13 bcm94352hmb. it worked on sierra but not working now. Any ideas? i have not changed patches since sierra as my wifi is working properly and bluetooth show in menubar. do i need to apply new patches ? or anything else
  7. TheTrollCaptain

    Handoff/Conitnuity does not work iOS > macOS while using BCM94360CD

    Hello all, I bought an Apple Genuine BCM4360CD WiFi + BT Combo with a x1 PCIe adapter. As I can tell from other guides, this card should work out of the box with all features supported. In addition, macOS reports Handoff, AirDrop, Instant Hotspot, etc. are all listed as supported. However...
  8. tobi931998

    handoff feature can't be found on my mac OS Sierra

    Hello everybody, i'm here to get help from you. I have recently installed mac OS Sierra, but i can't find handoff feature on system reference (i see a tick box of handoff on my friend Mac). Maybe the problem is my PC has no wifi card, doesn't it? Please help me! If the problem is not having wifi...
  9. Geco

    Bluetooth not working with different recommended BT-Modules (according to the Buyer's Guide)

    I've bought three different BT-Modules, but I don't get them to work... properly. Let me explain it to you. (Symptoms and description of both USB-Nano Adapters, first entry and last entry, are the same.) The USB-Nano Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter by CSL The first one I tested was a BT-4.0-Modul I've...
  10. isaiah3467

    NO HANDOFF but 5GHZ/WIFI/BLUETOOTH are working?

    My build: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-el-capitan-on-the-skylake-h170n-wifi.178197/ Everything seems to be working besides handoff, I would love any help whatsoever! I am on Sierra 10.12.6 Photo of my kextstopatch: http://imgur.com/a/5l4hq
  11. ben9923

    [solved] BCM94352Z WiFi + Handoff problem

    Hi :) I received my DW1560 card, and after installing the required kexts + patches (FakePCIID.kext, FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext, BrcmPatchRAM2.kext, BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext + fcvo patch + handoff patch, and also a CC patch) I got it working. Although it's working, when I try to switch a WiFi...
  12. tata2290

    BCM94360CD, WiFi but no Bluetooth Sierra 10.12.1 OSXWIFI Card

    I just bought a BCM94360CD card from osxwifi recently and installed it today into my Hackintosh running Sierra 10.12.1. The WiFi works OOB, but the Bluetooth is not available. No Bluetooth setting in system settings and only a grayed out Bluetooth icon in the top right statusbar. System profiler...
  13. korgo

    [Handoff Sierra] El Capitan to Sierra problem

    Hi there, I had a fully working system under El Capitan and then moved to Sierra following the guide. Now everything works except handoff: I cannot make calls from my computer using my iPhone and I can't take calls either. Sending SMS from the computer via iPhone also does not work. Where...
  14. Crow

    [Solved] Trouble with Handoff and unlock w/ AWatch

    Hi. Recently installed a card on my hackintosh with wifi and BT, this card here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01MDLG51U/?tag=tonymacx86-21 Specs: Intel Core i5 4690K Gigabyte GA-Z97x Gaming 3 Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming 16Gb DDR3 RAM 1600MHz Dual boot between MacOS Sierra...
  15. Rahulislam20

    BCM94331CD card says handoff is not supported

    (First time posting not sure if this is the right place to do so) I ordered a wifi/blueooth card (BCM94331CD) after checking if it is compatible with handoff after installing it on my computer everything seems to be working fine WiFi side however, Airdrop also doesn't seem to work even though...
  16. jktaurus8

    Smallest Mac Mini with Kabylake

    Recently I replaced my Desktop with small form factor PC. It is an excellent experience when customizing a computer. Now I present you my tiny HTPC that runs MacOS Sierra. It doesn't have any Graphics card because my aim is to make it smaller, so I'm using the Intel HD Graphics. HTPC Build...
  17. jyanes83


    anyone else noticed after 10.12.4 that handoff and airdrop stopped working? Is it just me?
  18. delingren

    Problem with continuation

    I'm having an interesting problem with continuation. I have an iPhone, a (real) MacBook, and a hack. The phone and the MacBook can handoff with each other. The hack and the MacBook can handoff with each other. But no luck between the phone and the hack. The hack had been able to handoff with the...
  19. onmybikedrunk

    [100% Working] 12+6 Pin Apple WiFI/BT Card to M.2 NGFF Adapter! Handoff! Unlock with Watch! UEFI!

    So I just had to do a quick write-up on this because I've hardly seen it mentioned in the networking/WiFi threads... On all newer boards, WiFi and Bluetooth is based off an NGFF M.2 module. We have all been struggling trying to buy used Dell/Lenovo cards off eBay from Chinese distros and it's...
  20. razorflashmedia

    Build for Sierra / Handoff / Bluetooth

    Hello Guys I am web developer running a macbook pro 15'' retina late 2013 2.4 ghz attached to a 27'' DELL monitor ( quad hd ) in clam mode. I basically can not imagine my life without MAC OS X. I've been doing this for 2.5 years and it has not affected the laptop battery life much, but I would...