1. rony747

    use nvidia as a second monitor post

    After many unsuccessful attempts, I was able to make my Big Sur hackintosh with my 9900k and iGPU. But I have a Nvidia 1060 and I use 2 monitors in windows. Currently, with iGpu I can only run one monitor. Is there any way to run the second monitor as well (use Nvidia HDMI port as the second...
  2. Raul3lflaut1tista


    Can someone help me creating an EFI folder for macOS Big Sur instalation? specs: Cpu: Intel I5 10600 Graphics: Integrated MotherBoard: Gigabyte Z490 Gaiming X Ram: Team Group 16gbx2 3000mhz SSD: Crucial MX500 1TB Wifi/BT: Fenvi19

    << Solved >> Is my laptop compatible for macOS Catalina HP OMEN 2019

    System Manufacturer: HP System Model: OMEN by HP Laptop 15-dc1xxx System memory: 8 GB System board: 8575 21.15 System board manufacturer: HP Graphic device 1...
  4. farsounski

    Is msi b250m compat with hackintosh

    hy i want to install el cap 1st then upgrade to catalina is my mobo supported thank u
  5. kittenyang

    Can this computer configuration install Hackintosh?

    Hey guys, here is my computer's hardware configuration. I did a lot of work trying to install Hackintosh on it but always fails. Can my computer install Hackintosh? My computer configurations are below. ---------------------------- Model Dell Precision Tower 5810 Tower CPU Intel XeonE5-2620...
  6. onursarigul

    RX 5700 Hardware Acceleration Not Working (Catalina 10.15.3)

    Hi everyone i'm trying to enable the hw acceleration past 2 days and had no luck. I was running 10.15.4 when i plugged the RX 5700 then i tried so much but never get to use it with hw a. so i downgraded and clean installed the 10.15.3 but still no luck. I tried: using different EFI folders from...
  7. hassanswe

    Intel HD 4400 Mojave scrambled screen

    Hello i have sony vaio duo 13 SVD13215PXB i have successfully installed mac os mojave 10.14.6 on it and patched dsdt And used device id = 0x04128086 ig-platform = 0x0a260006. But i get Scrambled screen however hdmi working well..... I think the problem is with firmware because this laptop only...
  8. lightining

    how to solve in memory panic and MACH Reboot

    hello everyone i know i know there are already to many threads posted on these but non seem to work so had to post one sys config brand :- msi gl series(notebook) graphics :- 1050ti ram :- 24gb core processor :- i7 8750h thank you guys in advanced
  9. lamar8

    Need help! Airdrop has a problem with my Hackintosh after wake up every time

    I bought a WiFi card BCM94360CD (including BT4.0) in recent days. It works well basically, both airdrop and handoff. But an annoying issue came. Problem is that airdrop doesn't work every time after wake up from sleep. If I reboot the machine, it works again. Then I try to find out the reasons...
  10. Alfredng

    Fail to install

    Hi, guys. To be honest, I am a new mackintosh user. Recently I've just try to boot my hp laptop into Catalina, but in progress I failed, but have no clue why. I had prepare every essential things for example transaction the dmg file into a new USB, and change bios settings to UEFI. I enter boot...
  11. momen2310

    Mojave hd 4000

    Hey I have toshiba c850-b833 Screen : 15.6" LED Display Resolution : 1366 x 768 (WXGA HD) Processor : Core™ i5 3rd Gen. i5-3230m RAM : 4 GB DDR3 HDD : 500 GB 5,400 rpm HDD, Graphic : AMD Radeon 7500/7600 Web Cam : 1.0MP HD WebCam Mic : Built-in mic, Wi-Fi : Yes Bluetooth : Yes 4.0, gpu...
  12. RickFlores

    How hard will it be to run hakintosh on this hardware?

    Hello to all. I want to build a pc for hakintosh. How hard will it be to run it on this build? http://www.dns-shop.ru/conf/80108bac82500bec/
  13. kailinx

    My network card driver does not work at all! Help!!!!

    So I just dual booted my PC, and I installed MacOS Mojave on an HP PC from China. And I need to download all the drivers, I followed some tutorials on drivers and used multibeast but it doesn't seem to work at all, can somebody help? But the most important thing is the wifi, I can only have...
  14. Furro

    Is a HP da0010la Hackintosh compatible?

    Hi I have a laptop the HP da0010la and I was wondering if it was Hackintosh compatible I the specs are: - Core i5 8250U - Kaby Lake-U/Y - Intel UHD Graphics 620 - 4GB DDR4 RAM Would It be hackintosh compatible as I want to run high Sierra on it. Thanks
  15. Mttk

    Installing Mojave On HP Z400 > Error "macOS could not be installed on your computer"

    Hello Guys! I'm trying to upgrade my Mackintosh by installing Mojave on my Previous build of HP Z400 running perfectly with Sierra. I'm stuck at this error saying "macOS could not be installed on your computer" I've added the same kexts as before in my previous builds and I'm not sure why...
  16. BMJProd

    Glitch screen, No audio, Reboot at startup, audio disturbances audio interface

    Hi I'm a real noob to this so I hope someone can help me out... I'm build my custom Pc for my hackintosh for my DAW. My setup: ASUS® PRIME Z370-P II: ATX, LG1151, USB 3.1, SATA 6 GBs Intel® CoreTM i7 8core i7-9700K (3,6 GHz) cache 12 MB 16 GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 2666MHz (4 x 4 GB) 2 GB...
  17. Lucioconner

    is my pc compatible for a hackintosh?

    I would like to make a hackintosh to my pc the components are: Processor: i7 8700 Motherboard: Asrock H310M-HDV GPU: Nvidia Ge Force Gtx 1050ti colorful Psu: sharkoon wpc power 550w 2hdd 1 Tb 1 SSD 250 Gb
  18. Cyril699

    Hack possible with this configuration?

    Hello, before I start I wish to logically know if my configuration will not prohibit me the hack. Could you advise me if there is a need for some version of MacOs? Will I have to change some component? Being "android application programmer" I want to learn programming for IOS and so I need XCode...
  19. bucs9115

    Clover Boots very slow

    Hey guys, Before I get into my problem let me just say for the record that I am aware that there are several different threads with a similar theme, most of which are marked as solved. However being relatively new and inexperienced When it comes to hackintoshes I was not able to follow a lot...
  20. notoriusc3

    First Time Build, Video Editing Dual Boot PC

    This is my first time building one I plan on using it for video editing, and maybe some light gaming, but I also want to dual boot Mac OS and Windows, but I’m curious if you think I should add anything or change anything? Because I’m really nervous about my first build and don’t want to mess it...