1. hawth33

    Install stuck at "VM swap subsytem is on"

    This is my first Hackintosh build. When booting to the USB installer in verbose mode, it stops at "VM swap subsystem is on" and then the display shows some green lines across it. I have set the Bios as recommended. Do i need to bypass or spoof anything? If so, some guidance would be...
  2. bpawnz

    System crashes if wake from sleep when while display is off.

    Hello all. In the past few months I have dove into learning the art of building a hackintosh and have almost reached the mountaintop so I feel. My current build is using an Asus H81I-Plus, Haswell i5 CPU, and I have am using discrete graphics with Intel HD Graphics 4600 iGPU and AMD Radeon HD...
  3. mgregrs

    [SUCCESS] HighSierra, i5-4590, MSI H81l (ALC887, RTL8111G, HD4600)

    Hi All, After a few tests with ElCapitan and Sierra, used before with that little Motherboard I was thinking about High Sierra clean install... and after few tries -> Success :D I was thinking about my fist Hackintosh and It was much more difficult than this time so... with some more details...
  4. sohag360

    Want to Buy New GPU for Hackintosh. Need suggestions...

    I want to buy a Graphics Card for my PC that will run Hackintosh. Here's the specification of my PC. Please suggest me a budget graphics card that will be compatible with Hackintosh. MotherBoard: Gigabyte H81M CPU: Core i5, 4th Gen 1TB HDD, 120GB SSD I tried to install Hackintosh several times...
  5. don_key

    Shuttle XH81 (haswell) Sierra hibernation woes

    Hi, I have a little barebone from Shuttle: H81 chipset i3-4160 CPU 8GB Ram (two 4GB memory modules) OSX 10.12.4 Clover r4049 The machine works like a charm in both UEFI and legacy modes: video, sound, sleep / wake are all ok. Unfortunately I cannot get hibernation wake to work properly. I...
  6. mauropgarcia

    [SUCCESS] Sierra on Haswell + MSI H81 + Radeon 5000

    Hey, guys. Just checking in and letting you know that I've made a successful installation of macOS 10.12.2. My rig: - i5 4460 - MSI H81M-E33 - XFX Radeon 5770 1024mb ---- OOB - 16gb Kingston HyperX 1866Mhz - Kingston UV SSD 120gb - USB mouse & keyboard. What worked FOR ME USB installer with...
  7. mrelenschi

    Please help me with a noob install guide for El Capitan..

    Hello! I am new around here and I wanna be a part of the Hackintosh community. I tried an install of El Capitan earlier this year on my PC but I bumped into more than 20 problems and after trying to install it took me 1 week, I kinda gave up. So, I'm asking you to help me with how to install El...
  8. fzn9898

    Can't get Intel 4400 HD Graphics to work on i3 4130 H81 M-S1 on El Capitan

    Hey guys, This is my first post. I recently intalled El Capitan on my Desktop. I can't get my onboard graphics to work on my Build. Also, Sound doesn't work. My configuration is as follows. Intel i3 4130, no external graphic card. 8GB DDR 3(4x2) 1600Mhz. Gigabyte H81 MS-1 Motherboard. I've...
  9. aldocano

    No audio device on H81 GAMER.

    I have successfully installed El Capitan also updated. But no sound on my H81 GAMER mainboard with SUPREME FX. Can someone help ? Thanks in advance.
  10. oguz463

    Get a H81 or Z97

    Hi everyone. I'm so new about Hackintosh. Actually I've made research if i skip some forgive me :) Actually i know what difference in h81 and z97 slot version, extra slots overclocking chipsets. I'm web designer so OS X will suit me anyway :) That's what i think I wanna go for budget and...
  11. Faslane2

    Yosemite 10.10.1 and GTX 750Ti working...but.. graphics very sluggish

    Running Yosemite on an Intel 4470K 3.4GHz quad core CPU GTX 750Ti and H81-S2PV Gigabyte mono. 8GB ram Mac is reporting graphics card properly and I've installed latest web drivers but its VERY sluggish. I can boot with GraphicsEnabler = On and GE=off but same result like its reading card but...
  12. X-Static

    First timer: Asus H81I-Plus mITX. Will this work?

    Hi I'm looking to build a mini ITX system for a Hackintosh/gaming pc. I have googled a LOT in terms of viable builds and am pretty familiar with the inner workings of a pc. Under normal circumstances I would choose a Gigabyte z97/h97-board, but I am able to buy a built-to-order system in my...
  13. bballspartan08

    H81M-H Multibeast + initial install support Needed Advice

    Hey everyone I've seen a couple post on H81 and B85 series board and haven't seen too many Full SUCCESS on these boards and I have a couple questions though if you can please help. So this is my 3rd hackintosh build and already purchased the parts my first main hackintosh was a 1. z87x-ud5h 2...
  14. jjforums

    H81 and low-end chipsets

    Is there any technological limitation for not recommeding low-end chipsets? H87 is too expensive where I live, so I was looking for a Gigabyte with H81, would give more trouble than a H87 (performance wise). Thanks.