gtx 970

  1. jugglehard

    << Solved >> ACM Infinite Loop High Sierra

    Hey hey, On Friday morning i want to boot a working system and i started getting infinite "ACM" loop . IDK if it was a bad shutdown previous day or what happened. I Followed this link but...
  2. adamb

    Big Sur Build for Developing on Xcode

    Hello everyone! Since I can't accept being price gouged by Apple to use their products to develop apps for iOS devices, I have decided to see about using my current PC for the job and I'm hoping the community can help me out. Here's what I have available to work with: GTX 760 (in storage) &...
  3. atvrider647

    No boot drive unless using USB installer

    Hello everyone, I’ve managed to install High Sierra on my SSD by following this guide - but when I unplug the installer USB and boot to the drive Clover doesn’t show any bootable partitions. I can see partitions when I boot off the installer USB and access the desktop. I have ran multibeast...
  4. cedpowa

    GTX 970 is not recognized. Only display 5mb. Tried all possible solutions.

    Hello there, This is my first Hackintosh and I will listen to all the recommendations of this community. I have created a bootable USB with macOS High Sierra Installer using Unibeast and successfully managed to install macOS High Sierra on my HDD. Posteriorly, I used Multibeast for the post...
  5. jcbroncanoc01

    High Sierra doesn't boot when a DVI link is connected, only HDMI [Nvidia GTX 970]

    Hi! I have installed High Sierra on my PC with the next configuration: - Gigabyte GA H97M D3H - Intel Core i5 4690 - Nvidia GTX 970 4 GB - 8 GB RAM System works fine, even graphics and sleep... but only with one monitor connected throw HDMI. If I try to connect another monitor with a DVI link...
  6. power911

    Hackintosh Pro - GeForce GTX 970

    Hello! I'm going to build Hackintosh Pro but i don't know if i choose proper hardware. I want to format SSD M.2 disk for two partition and would to choose what should i start: windows10 or Hackintosh Mojave. Is it possible? Here is hardware which i choose: Intel Core i9-9900K Octa Core...
  7. FullMetalDude

    Working Hacktosh for few weeks suddenly boots to black screen.

    Hi All, So 3 weeks ago i dit an OSX upgrade from el capitan to High sierra.(latest) That worked out much easier then expected. Had some issues with my USB 3.0 was still in the progress of fixing them descent with the DSDT (Din't do it yet cause is't a new step for me and still was searching how...
  8. lauli

    Please help!

    Hello guys, I had a try on Hackintosh last year and it didn’t end too well. I was bored and again had interest in building a hackintosh. I want to do this with my existing parts of my computer here they are: Intel i7 4790, Evga Nvidia gtx geforce 970, Asus ROG Maximus VII, HyperX 16gb ram I...
  9. cnote.stl

    Nothing Works for High Sierra & GTX 970 Compatibility

    I have been trying for days to get my graphics card to work after doing a fresh install to High Sierra. I am running a GTX 970 on a Gigabyte Z97X-Ud3h board with a 4790k. I have tried every tutorial I can find on the forum including... The black screen fix tutorial (Didn't Work) The...
  10. mmmarty

    AGDPfix Every Reboot

    Having an issue where I need to boot up with nv_disable=1, then run AGDPfix, then reboot, then my graphics show correctly. If I don't use nv_disable=1 then I boot to a blank screen. When I do use nv_disable=1 only one monitor works. When I use AGDPfix both monitors show. Any suggestions on...
  11. Arthurgom

    [SOLVED] Couldn't update from 10.11 to 10.13.1

    Hey guys, I had everything working perfect when I had to update. Following the instructions, one of the rebooting stuck at "Attempting system restart... MACH Reboot". I know this could mean anything, so I upload a Screenshot. I don't know what to Google about to solve this problem, so I hope you...
  12. Bugsone

    I Newbee in Here Can You Help Me?? :(

    Hi sorry my english bad, I have pc specs : i5 4690 Asus H-97 Gaming GTX 970 SSD Samsung Evo I want install OS in my pc, but i don't know what should I do. So can you show how to install os from beginning to end? What OS is compatible with my computer specifications? This my first time try...
  13. L0rdLogan

    Itunes movies - Blank screen - High Sierra

    Seems like a small issue in comparison to others. Itunes 12.7 GTX 970 - using latest web drivers Intel core I7 5820x Gigabyte X99 UD4-Wifi Everything is setup the same as it was in Sierra, SMBios is the same, and apart from Clover giving me an error about APFS on boot and the loader being...
  14. cristian91

    I can't use Nvidia web driver - Sierra 10.12.6

    As a title, I have an Asus Strix GTX 970 and I can't use Nvidia WebDriver. I have attached the screenshot with the configuration on boot clover!
  15. jonvdveen

    [Solved] Graphics glitch in Safari controls

    None of the icons and interface elements in Safari are displaying correctly. They almost look like little QR codes. In fact, when Safari is the foreground window, even the Apple icon glitches. Please see attached image. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone discovered a fix? My system...
  16. ehijon

    Sierra - Random Freeze

    It worked great for 2/3 months and after it start to randomly freezing. I mean, the keyboard and mouse stop working and after 5 seconds the machine reboot itself. It happened using Premiere Pro but also simply with Chrome. Someone has any idea how to fix it? - mobo: GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-UD5 TH...
  17. DanielFoster

    Help Please, Mac OS is Installed but There are Problems

    Hi, I have to the best of my ability attempted to successfully install Mac OS Sierra onto my custom built computer and it seemed to go well at first however I am relatively inexperienced and I am probably in over my head but this is something I would very much like to learn and get right so I am...
  18. rikk08

    GTX 980TI vs GTX 1060 for Adobe Suite?

    First of all, is the EVGA GTX 980 4GB version supported with a hackintosh? Which would yield better performance on the Adobe suite the 980 or the more recent, 1060?
  19. neodite

    [Solved] New user hackintosh attempt (Please be gentle)

    Hello Guys, First of all, here are the specs of my system, unfortunately when I built the system, I didn't have a hackintosh in mind, but it's nothing special so didn't think I would have many problems. CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170-Gaming K3 (Updated to the latest...
  20. jyothi

    Black Screen after installing Nvidia web driver

    I followed skylake installation guide. everything was fine before installing web driver. after installation, rebooted with nvda_drv=1 to get nvidia work. but it gave me a black screen. as i was using iMac 17.1, and it is a known issue, i tried Lilu.kext & NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext in...