gtx 550 ti

  1. PabloF

    How to make work a 'ASUS GTX 550 ti' in a 'Intel DH67CL' motherboard with High Sierra?

    Hi! I'm using this guide (thanks @RehabMan ): I want to use my 'ASUS GTX 550 ti' but I don't find support about how to do it in a Intel DH67CL so I create this thread to ask for help and in the...
  2. David811

    GTX-550Ti gIOScreenLockState Loop

    Hey, Earlier I followed the guide to install MacOS Sierra. Everything works fine, since I added 1023 as VRam and injected NVidia (but I dont used NVIDIA WEB drivers). Now I wanted to upgrade to HighSierra. I installed it with the same options from Sierra. But after that I got a bootloop The...
  3. henriqueblack

    Geforce GTX 550 Ti works but only in secure mode!!

    Hey guys! I'm kinda confused with my hackintosh: The system recognizes the GTX550 Ti but only when I boot in safe mode! I'm using nv_disable=1 to use osx drivers and seems to works ok in safe mode. Without -x, it loads with 3Mb geforce. Anyone understand/knows what's going on, I mean, why safe...
  4. genxstylez

    Fermi GTX 550Ti on High Sierra 10.13.2

    Hi, I have upgraded my macOS to High Sierra, but it's now usable, the graphics flickers like hell. Any ideas on how to solve it? I've tried InjectNvidia with Web driver but it doesn't work. Please help!
  5. Solvoid

    Will GEFORCE Gtx 550 Ti 1gb work with Sierra 10.12.4 ?

    My friend is offering to give me his, but I have to pick it up in the next day or two. Will I even be able to get it to work? I couldn't find any mac drivers for it on the nvidia website...
  6. haaxed

    GTX 550 Ti Sierra need help !

    Hello, I have several problems with my graphics card Nvidia GTX 550 Ti I activate nvidia injection So I run sierra, I'm on the interface, but no graphics acceleration (slow 3d) After several days of research, I tested all the solutions, be it the web driver or the flag of boot nothing done...
  7. sunny503

    HELP Needed to Install 10.11.

    Hey Guys, I have installed 10.9.5 successfully earlier, but now needed to install the 10.11. Could you please help me, to choose the bootloader,I have chimera bootloader 10.9.5, but heard updates regarding clover bootloader. Will it compatible with my build ? Anyone please shed some light...
  8. saribe0

    Freeze After Graphics Load (GTX 550 Ti)

    I am trying to install Yosemite over an existing Mavericks installation. I was able to successfully install Yosemite and was able to log into the system using nv_disable=1. After running multibeast, I was only able to log in with nv_disable=1 boot flag. Otherwise, my screen would turn off when...
  9. AaronRepublic

    Geforce GTX 550 Ti on Yosemite

    I have a i5-4670k, an MSI Z87-G45 with a modded bios, and a EVGA GTX 550 Ti 2 GB edition. I've had lots of freezing on OSX Yosemite and I have finally linked the freezing to the video card. I personally use chimera as my bootloader and I use the following: <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key>...
  10. beanerbeta2

    Wierd stuff... Used to boot, now hangs

    Just want to start out by saying thanks in advance, I am very new at this, and have been struggling for some time to achieve what I have so far! The Forums have been amazing help, but sometimes you just need to ask your own questions. So lets start out with the build, I have a i7 940, asus...
  11. beanerbeta2

    Asus p6t GTX 550 TI, can install but when i try to boot to os... black screen

    Alright guys, im new here so be easy on me. I have been struggling with trying to at least get my computer too boot into the OS. Its always been a 50/50 chance of even getting the stupid thing to boot into the installer, but I at least got it installed, however when I try to reboot and boot...
  12. benjistl

    EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti and HDMI

    Well here's the deal earlier this year I was upgrading my work/VPN computer and decided to buy parts that could be made into a hackintosh after I was done with the remote equip. I followed the CustoMac Buyer's guide and got some great stuff...but then I couldn't ever get past making my Unibeast...
  13. martin_cipolla

    Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 TI / Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    Hi, I have an Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 TI and I have installed Snow Leopard updated to version 10.6.8. Everything works perfectly exept the full resolution. I read in many places that this graphics card is not supported I need someone to tell me if there is any way to make it work or must I...
  14. martinherrmann

    [SUCCESS] GA-H77-DS3H, i7 3770K, GTX 550 Ti

    Hey Everybody. just want to share that build. i upgraded from a ASUS P5Q with the following Thread: So here are the Details: Intel Core i7-3770K 4x3.5GHz 8MB-L3 Turbo/HT/IntelHD Sock1155...
  15. miasvanklei1

    GTX 550 ti has no hdmi audio with h67m-d2-b3

    Dear Toleda, I'm trying to set up hdmi audio with my GTX 550 ti on a gigabyte motherboard h67m-d2-b3. Unfortunately it doesn't work. I think I've done everything correctly. Could you please look at my ioreg,dsdt, and applehda if it contains errors? Hackintosh fan
  16. ammar577

    GTX 550 Ti Compatibility

    Hi guys, im have been reading through the forums for a while but i have found a clear answer on if the GTX 550 TI is compatible with mountain lion the reason im asking is because its available in the local market here and i only plan to have it for watching HD movies on my Hackintosh and light...
  17. raymondmi

    GTX 550 Ti Dual Monitor on Mountain Lion

    Dear bros, I saw some able to enable Dual Monitor with GTX 550 Ti on Mountain Lion. Can anyone tell me how to do it? Many thanks.
  18. ttuffghost

    Hackintosh Booting Into Blue Screen

    Hi all, First time hackintosh builder here. Loving the fun of doing this, but i've hit a road block and it's getting a bit frustrating! I have a: -Ga-H77-DS3H (bios v F5) -I5-3570K -EVGA GTX 550 TI 1GB -TP-Link Wireless Adapter -HDMI connection from Video card to monitor I installed Mountain...
  19. Magdog321

    Asus Sabertooth X58 Mountain Lion

    hey guys. Recently i tried to upgrade from Lion to Mountain Lion. long story short, i tried everything i could think of and failed miserably. So i decided to get out my spare 1TB HDD and try a clean install to see if i could pin point a problem or create any useful info for anyone with...
  20. nikotel

    Asus NVIDIA GTX550 Ti Problems

    I had Lion running on my Ivy Bridge Core i7, Z77X MBO setup pretty good, almost everything worked. Mountain Lion was released and I thought to myself "Ivy Bridge support built in", a no brainer, upgrade. My first problem showed up on the install. I wound up having to remove the Asus...