grey screen

  1. matteove16

    Stuck at gray screen with mouse cursor after booting Mojave [Haswell+Asrock B85M Pro4]

    I followed the installation guide for Mojave: 1- I created the bootable USB using UEFI Boot Mode; 2- I tried to change as much settings that I could from the bios, but I could not change: -disable CFG-Lock -Set OS Type to Other OS -Set XHCI Handoff to Enabled Cause in my Bios these settings...
  2. Nahush

    Hackintosh Mojave Grey Screen with moving cursor

    Hey! I have installed Mac OS Mojave. I have successfully completed install through USB and then preboot from prebooter. But after that I was stuck at Apple Logo. Further I restarted in verbose mode and was stuck at various places after various tweaks. After some research, I got an EFI online...
  3. SherwinCorp

    Grey Screen after installation. Specs in post

    Hi guys, Currently I get a grey screen when booting into hard drive. I've installed and when I use -x it boots perfectly fine, but not without it. I followed a tutorial on here to path my frame buffer from @carpentryplus25 Using Buri Framebuffer. Before I was getting a black screen after the...
  4. tolekk

    No USB avaliable in Boot Maintance.

    Today, I've tried to install macOS Sierra on my PC but after booting from usb, a grey Boot Maintance screen pops up. I followed a guide on how to install the OS but I've got no USB drive visible in the "boot from file" option. Specs: I5 6600K Asus Z170A GTX 970 I have all the BIOS options...
  5. khora02

    [SOLVED] Post UEFI Windows install Grey Screen

    So, i recently installed both Mac OS X and Windows in UEFI mode on the same HDD. Once installed i was able to boot into Windows with ease. No problems whatsoever. Now just randomly i received a 'grey' screen. I rebooted my PC and then selected the Windows partition but I'm stuck with a grey...
  6. ninelives

    [SOLVED] Hackintosh - El Capitan stuck on grey apple logo.

    Hey all, so recently my Hackintosh build has been working perfectly fine with zero problems to report for a few months. A few days ago after a shutdown I rebooted the machine and selected my OSX drive but it keeps getting hung up on the grey screen with the apple logo. I have no clue on how to...
  7. grisu70

    ASUS Z170 Pro and Legacy mode - Unable to install

    Hi to all, i looked around to various post, but can't find a solution. I just changed my Mobo and moved to Asus Z170 Pro with I7 6700K. I need to use keep the bios in legacy mode, as i have 4 disks and with another boot manager i can choose between 10 different Os, and i manage to keep them...
  8. Coast

    Stuck at grey screen after clover - Acer aspire ax3900, osx 10.11.4

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem trying to install 10.11.4 on my Acer Aspire ax3900 desktop. I've managed to get to the clover bootloader (after switching from UFEI to legacy in unibeast) but after selecting to boot osx from the USB drive I see the apple logo, followed by the apple logo and a...
  9. boqueboqueron2001

    I can't install OS X in my laptop.

    Hello, I can't start the installation of OS X in my laptop ASUS F553M, I try to do the USB with Unibeast by the two forms: UEFI and Legacy. With UEFI, it appears the apple and then it appears a prohibited signal, and it doesn't do anymore. With Legacy, the screen stays grey and it doesn't do...
  10. stormus

    [SOLVED] GA-h97-d3h stuck at Grey screen after install

    Starting out - I have a GA-h97-d3h mobo tied to an Intel 4690k and Nvidia GT-740 - no SSD or anything fancy. Install for El Capitan was flawless - UEFI clover - even recognized my graphics card in the installer. When trying to boot from the HDD after install, I get stuck at a grey screen with...
  11. konx

    unable to complete installation of el capitan

    hi there again, i tried various ways to install el capitain with unibeast 6.1.1 on my hackintosh - exactly as told on this page. unfortunately it just doesn't want to be working... so far everything seems ok - i'm able to start the installation via clover but after the first reboot (after...
  12. mmillis1

    Grey Screen Stuck With Cursor after Boot

    Ever since I upgraded from my old video card (Nvidia NVS 310) to my new card (GTX 740) I have been getting a grey screen with a cursor and being stuck there. I do have a solution and it is to boot with the following. Which increases my boot time considerably. (Is this a reasonable solution?)...
  13. posteros97

    HDAEnabler problem in yosemite 10.10.3

    Hi i have just installed the latest update 10.10.3 .In the previous version 10.10 i didnt had any problem with audio .My onboard audio is alc 892 .After the update if i try to start the pc i stuck at a grey screeen with cursor on top but i cannot move it.I managed to start the pc with...
  14. sydas

    Kernel panic on first build, stuck at Apple loading screen: GA-Z98M-D3H

    Kernel panic on first build, stuck at Apple loading screen: GA-Z87M-D3H [EDIT: The title is wrong, the motherboard is GA-Z87M-D3H, NOT GA-Z98M-D3H. sorry!] Hey guys, This is my first ever pc build, and all has gone smoothly up til this point. My build: GA-Z87M-D3H Intel Core i5-4690K EVGA...
  15. bbsmith

    Z97x-ud3h, Mavericks freezes at Grey apple logo after booting up

    [SOLVED]Z97x-ud3h, Mavericks freezes at Grey apple logo after booting up Hi everyone, Here is the problem, I installed Mavericks using the 10.9 installation guide, going through unibeast and then multibeast. After multibeast I restart the computer to boot off the ssd. However it gets stuck at...
  16. flex21

    verbose only

    Hi all. After update on Mac OS 10.9.2 my ProBook 4530s can boot only verbose mode. If boot on normal mode i have grey screen and apple logo. Please help me on this problem.
  17. wali22

    770 on eternal grey screen

    That is the problem. I already tried "GraphicsEnabler=no". This is the configuration: *GA-X79-UP4 *CORSAIR PLATINUM 2X8 1333 *Gigabyte winforce gtx 770 *Intel s2011 3820 *OSX 10.8.5 sup All works perfect if i put my ATI HD2900 in dvi. ¿Any help?
  18. thewarlock97

    4770K Z87X-UD5H won't boot

    Hey guys. I managed to install OS X on my Haswell build. I booted it up with unibeast after installing it. Then I used multibeast to install all the drivers that I thought I should. I also installed chimera 2.2. After installing multibeast, I rebooted and it gets stuck on the Apple logo. When I...
  19. tyjacobsen37

    Grey screen of doom upon using GTX 660

    Totenkopf and Stehor have been great getting troubleshooting the OS SL issues and boot0 issue. Now that I am running much more smoothly, how do i install the nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 GPU? I downloaded the nvidia drivers before installing and set GraphicsEnabler=no. Am I missing a step?
  20. ilikecorn500

    Grey screen w/cursor after CalDigit USB 3 MultiBeast install

    I've had my hackintosh for less than a month, and I recently decided to get my USB 3.0 working on it. Not for the speed, but because the ports on the front of my case are 3.0, and I want to charge my iPhone with those. I installed the CalDigit 3rd party drivers with Multibeast, and now, I...