dual monitior

  1. hunch8864

    Display port not working on Deskmini 310

    Hi everyone I am encountering some issues with my newly finished Deskmini 310 hackintosh (Catalina 10.15.4) and two Asus VP249HE monitors and I am at wits end to get both of them working. My spec: CPU: i5 9400 Motherboard: H310M-STX (with 1xHDMI, 1xDisplay port, and 1xVGA) Graphics: UHD630 RAM...
  2. AJ57

    Help! Catalina dual monitors using iGPU HD530 or which cheapest dGPU?

    After days of googling and following all the guides I just can’t get dual displays working on Catalina. 2 AOC monitors, 1 via HDMI , 1 DVI. I can boot to desktop in either but can not get both up at the same time; hot-swapping makes no difference. Anyone have a idea how to solve this, can it...
  3. snitron

    Dual monitor on Intel UHD 630 on laptop (ASUS VivoBook X571GT-BQ037)

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to connect a second screen via HDMI to my new laptop (Intel Core i7 97 50H, nVidia GeForce GTX 1650 (Intel UHD 630 in use), 16 GB RAM, OpenCore 0.5.7). But when I connect the HDMI cable, the laptop screen goes blank for a few seconds, then it lights up, but the second...
  4. ZoranJack

    X58 With RX 570 HDMI Black DVI

    Hello everyone! I recently install macOS 10.15.2 my Sapphire RX570 Pulse black screen on HDMI DVI(not test) DP (regular) I found that the Graphics Memory frequency is 100% when both DP and HDMI are connected My Mobo have a Oboard Graphics it can't driven ,i think it maybe is one of the...
  5. thorhackingtosh

    Dual monitor not working on Mojave

    Hi, I just installed Mojave on my PC. Almost everything is working... The biggest issue is the dual monitor setup. I'm unable to make it work. Black screen on second display. Here is my Clover config.plist (relevant lines) <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>DualLink</key>...
  6. morpheus302

    Dual screen on Mojave and NVIDIA GPU

    PS: i am a total noob and couldn't find a solution using search. 2 samsung monitors plugged to my GTX 1060 via HDMI and display port. When i boot to Mojave everything works but the screen plugged via display port is always black. Did anyone manage to solve the issue?
  7. RobinTap

    GTX 1060 Boots in black

    Hi folks, I have a problem with my build: it won't boot when I have 2 displays connected to my gpu. (it is just stays black) But when my system is booted up I can connect a second display without a problem. I have installed the web driver and my system recognises it with no problems. Does...
  8. Picsu

    DVI + HDMI Doesn't Work!

    Hello guys! I'm having a problem with my hackintosh, and I decided to come here to see if someone helps me I use my hackintosh perfectly with only one monitor (which is HDMI), it works perfectly. However, when I connect my second monitor on the GPU (which is DVI), this happens: It shows the...
  9. amauro

    Please recommend budget graphics card for dual monitor

    Hi, It's my first hackintosh and I am in a small budget, trying to make things work right. I have been using mini-Macs for several years, and I just want a nice small office box to run MS Office suite, web, media view, etc... but I need to use dual monitor. After reading some guides, I bought...
  10. jmelle2

    [Solved] Intel Graphics trouble after updating to High Sierra

    Hi all, I updated to High Sierra today after getting some Nvidia errors with the latest version of Sierra. My setup: intel i7-7700k mobo: Asus Prime Z270 Dual monitor setup: 1 monitor GTX1060 1 monitor KBL intel hd 630. After updated the display connected to the GPU was working correctly...
  11. ZakKurasov

    MSI-B250 dual monitor with internal graphics

    I have just installed macOS High Sierra, everything works with, but second monitor connected via HDMI didn't found. How can I add HDMI support to my hackintosh?
  12. KlamHuggeren

    Booting with two monitors results in black screens

    Hey, I'm almost up and running completely with my High Sierra installation. However if I boot with two monitors plugged ind my 1060 GTX I get a black screen after the drivers are loaded halfway through boot. I feel like I've tried all the options I could find. I've tried with VideoPorts set...
  13. iamgramaton

    Rig Issues / NVIDIA DRIVER issues / OS stability issues again?

    Hello, I am updating this thread because I feel like I am going in circles. I have read about every ounce of solutions on this website and I am at a dead end. Let me start off by stating: THIS RIG DID WORK ... IT WAS STABLE ... I WAS IN BUSINESS! However, Friday evening...I came home and...
  14. dr.floyd

    [Solved] Kaby Lake - High Sierra: Issue dual monitor with integrated gpu

    Hello everybody, The premise is: I'm new ... Therefore I hope my question is not too dumb. I've tried many possible suggestions that I could find on the web on this topic without success. Most of them on this site, although mainly about issues with Sierra. My problem: I'm trying to make two...
  15. SethyIT

    Display problems

    Hey guys! I recently installed Sierra 10.12.6 on my PC. Everything seems to work fine except a couple of things and I can't seem to find the solution. First of all the annoying flickering, everytime an animation start (logging in, hovering over tabs, clicking downloads) everything begins to...
  16. MrFSXguyHD

    Dual Monitor with GT710

    Hey, I am building a hackintosh for my friend after building my own and running fine. However, I have always had a problem with dual monitors. We are planning on using a GT710 (Check the hyperlink) and a Gigabyte Z170 Gaming K3 (Check the hyperlink). What would I have to do to get dual...
  17. yankeechamp15

    Dual Monitors not Working GEFORCE GTX 1050ti

    Hi everyone I am trying to run dual monitors on my GEFORCE GTX 1050ti using 2 HDMI cables. One monitor is on and flickering the other has no signal. I downloaded the graphics card driver and tried to change a few settings. Any idea on how to solve this?
  18. TungCena

    Intel HD 530 can't dual monitor

    In Sierra 10.12.5 First monitor HDMI can connect while second monitor DVI can't. I find HDMI is port-5 , DVI is port-6 I have added two ports kextsToPatch port-5:<01050900 00040000 87010000> to <01050900 00080000 87010000> port-6:<02040a00 00040000 87010000> to <02040a00 00080000 87010000> thanks
  19. Bocajalistick

    Second Display Mirroring

    On macOS Sierra I have two monitors plugged in and both show the exact same image. This even happens in the BIOS screen and in the Clover Bootloader screen. One monitor is using HDMI and the other is using display port, both plugged into my graphics card (R9 290). I hope to fix this and have...
  20. MrFSXguyHD

    Dual Screens El Capitan

    Hi there, I have had a hackintosh for over 6 months, and love using it for music production/Logic Pro. I currently have two screens and was wondering how I could get them to connect and work together in mac. Every time I try to connect I get to the Clover bootloader, choose El Capitan, it...