dell latitude

  1. Skynet92

    Dell Latitude 3480 Catalina update issue

    I'm running vanilla Mac Mojave 10.14.6 in my laptop. Though it is running well, but facing some minor issue like, HDMI port is not working. Can anyone please help me to figure out the issue. and also when I'm trying to update to Catalina, after the first reboot the system stuck at...
  2. beginneruser

    apfs_module_start error

    I am trying to install macOS Mojave 14.4.0 on Dell Latitude E5440 with specs: Intel i5-4310U Intel HD4400 with screen resolution of 1600x900 When posting the first time to install macOS on the internal drive it stops on this line of code: apfs_module_start:1393: Load...
  3. deeveedee

    Should XOSI include "Linux"?

    I just learned about the XOSI patch (still learning) and suspect that this is a better way for me to implement OS Identification on my Dell Latitude E6410. My unpatched DSDT (attached) includes _OSI("Linux") calls, but I don't see "Linux" listed in Rehabman's SSDT_XOSI.dsl samples that I have...

    macOS Mojave kextd stall AppleACPICPU and Unsupported PCH

    I have followed RehabMan's guide to prepare the bootable macOS Mojave USB. However I'm stuck with the said error. I tried recreating the bootable medium twice to no avail. Problem Reporting files have been attached.

    Dell Latitude 5590 no touchpad

    Hello guys, I am trying to install macOS Mojave on my Dell Latitude 5590. I have been trying various kexts to make my touch pad to work but to no avail. The touchpad is ALPS according to Windows 10. Can anyone point me to a working kext for this laptop?
  6. deeveedee

    DSDT / ASL question for Dell Latitude E6410

    This is a question for those who have a basic understanding of programming and logic and it would help to know ASL. Is the code below a bug in the DSDT for the Dell Latitude E6410 (also in other Dell Latitude models)? Does this expression ALWAYS evaluate to TRUE and if so, should LOr be...

    (Help) Dell Latitude 5580 reboot automatically after some loading at Apple Boot logo.

    Hello guys, I am trying to install macOS High Sierra in a dual boot configuration with Windows 10. Sadly, I am unable to find any guides for this model and hence seeking help regarding issue that my laptop reboots automatically when macOS is loading (at Apple logo screen). Here are the main...
  8. SydneyB

    Mouse/keyboard don't work on the Installer screen

    Hello, I'm trying to install Snow Leopard using the iBoot Ivy Bridge boot loader and the SL retail disc version 10.6.3. The laptop I'm using is a Dell Latitude e6530. In reading the FAQ, I noticed that it specifically mentioned that laptops using Nvidia Optimus switching graphics wouldn't be...
  9. VIG2017

    Advise on new build Dell Latitude 7280

    Hi, I have been trying to use the guides on this website to install High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, but unsuccessful to do so on my Dell Latitude 7280. Can Anyone please help me if this is possible or not. Below are the specs from my laptop. 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6600U 2.60ghz Processor...
  10. kijijistuffforsale

    Latitude e6510 hangs on apple Screen

    Hi, First laptop attempt, I have a Dell Latitude e6510 laptop, 320 HD, 4GB Ram, trying to install Mountain Lion with Unibeast, created a usb with laptop support...but I can't get to the installer because it hangs on the apple screen.... tried -v and the last line says PCI configuration begin...
  11. ThatRedstoneGuy

    Hackintosh on Dell Latitude E6520 - Legacy boot - CLOVER

    Hello! So I have a Dell Latitude E6520 and I am attempting to load it up Hackintosh style. I am using the CLOVER bootloader. I can get to the boot screen and I can try to boot up Mac OS X El Capitan with verbose boot. After that I see the log printing up, but it just seems to fail after I boot...
  12. Epicfial

    Dell Latituide Compatibility?

    I have a Dell Latitude E5540 and was wondering if I could get Yosemite or El Captain (preferably El Captain but it doesn't make too much of a difference to me) on it, it has 4 GB of RAM and a Core i3 4010 1.70 ghz I'm positive the CPU will work since it's a Haswell model and almost all of them...
  13. balajibv

    Problems: Installing Yosemite on Dell Latitude E6430

    Hoping to get lucky with a Hackintosh, I started following this tutorial: USB Stick : Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive 16GB I tried every option that I could find in this website...
  14. russell01978

    Dell Latitude E6400 won't update to 10.6.8

    I finally managed to install Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my Laptop using iBoot Haswell. Updating to 10.6.8 has proved imposible, it stalls at startup screen. I've tried combo update. I've tried updating to 10.6.7 (works fine) then 10.6.8 (stalls at start up). I've tried update helper but still no...