1. PlatformDisphoria

    x299 OpenCore with NVIDIA Issues

    Hello All! I'm having a bear of a time with opencore trying to actually enable hardware acceleration and DRM support. I know it is most likely a configuration issue(was working with clover bootloader), and I was wondering if someone who had a similar system wouldn't mind taking a look and seeing...
  2. MrRodoSmith

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb Graphics Card Not Recognized in Catalina After Update

    Hey folks, Firstly, I pray and hope all of you are doing well. Please be safe out there. Here's the challenge I'm having. This is my first Hackintosh. Started with macOS 10.11.6. Upgraded to High Sierra and things have been working like a charm. Last night, I decided to do an update Catalina. I...
  3. safarlebu

    Help me get a black screen! (aka disable nvdia framebuffer on a multiple-gpu with mixed ATI / Nvidia cards)

    Hi I've been using a color-grading station with a mix of ATI and Nvidia card for several years. ATI for display/GUI, Nvidia for Cuda / gpu-accelerated renders. This worked beautifully, up to 10.12. I had to upgrade to High Sierra (10.13.6), that is the minimal OS required for DaVinci Resolve...
  4. delicious

    CUDA causing kernel panics with Premiere and AE

    Hi, I recently installed the CUDA driver on my otherwise stable 10.13.6 (17G8030) system. As far as I know, Premiere is the only app I use that uses CUDA. However when I run Premiere and After effects at the same time I'm guaranteed a Kernel panic within 5 minutes: Anonymous UUID...
  5. Machinee

    CUDA Drivers when using 2 GPUs built on different architecture

    Currently running a GTX 780 Ti in Sierra 10.12.6 and thinking about adding a 1080 Ti and use the 780 Ti as a secondary GPU for some extra computation to offload when using multiple applications. Does anyone know if the drivers will work for both cards? I assume that the Pascal (1080 Ti) is...
  6. motionworks

    10.13.6 Nvidia 1080 + Nvidia Titan X = 10.13.6 High Sierra (17G65)

    Hello, I have 1 TitanX (Maxwell) as primary gpu and 2 x Nvidia 1080 GTX. (For 3D Rendering + Motion Graphics) I am getting gpu acceleration for After Effects 2018 and Maya 2016 with 378. Nvidia driver. Of course this driver is for macOS 10.13.2 High Sierra (17C2205). But i am on...
  7. BabySeale

    GPU Acceleration in Premiere: GTX 770 or HD 7950?

    I am building a hackintosh for my sister for video editing. She edits in Premiere Pro. As I am new to hackintoshes, as well as OS X, I was wondering which of these two cards was better for GPU acceleration: the two gb 770, or the three gb 7950. Will either even work? Please leave suggestions for...
  8. charlesbelisle

    Premiere Pro makes the computer crash

    Hi, I'm using Premiere Pro on a frequent basis but have a major problem with the software : whenever I'm trying to render a sequence (Render In Out), the computer restarts randomly. It only takes a few seconds before it shutdown by itself. I'm not sure why it's happening. Here's what I...
  9. slidspitfire

    Optimus and GPGPU

    Dear Communauts, I want to have this community feedback on a pair of questions. I am perfectly aware of the incompatibility between Mac OS X and the optimus technology a lot of recent laptops are (unfortunately) packing. My questions come driven by: My work needs (CUDA+OpenCL on the go)...
  10. Philimanjaro

    Problem: Only 3 (out of 5) GTX 1080 Ti GPUs Working

    All, While I participated in the Hackintosh scene 10+ years ago, I've recently stepped back into it. This forum has been tremendously helpful thus far in building my customized system, thank you all for the support! Problem - 1: I can't get the system to boot up when more than 3 GPUs are...
  11. SkyBry

    3d Interface Causes a Crash in a 3d Program

    Here is the problem: When I run Poser 11 and try to animate or move around in 3d space, the program crashes immediately. Also when I try to move windows around it crashes. What does this have to do with a hackintosh? Well, I'm thinking that it as to do with my build. Here's why. I have...
  12. xiaodai

    The screen will be stuck when CUDA application is running

    I have a Hackintosh with x99 and 1080ti. The system seems quite flawless and stable, and it can be burned by P95 and valley (OpenGL) more than one week. For daily use, I also feel well about it. However, once I execute something using CUDA, the system will crash. To be specific, the screen will...
  13. lucasmaiam

    HEAVY LOAD = Random Reboots

    Hey Guys, how are you doing? I'm facing random reboots in my builds while on heavy load. By heavy load i mean Adobe Premeire plus Adobe Media Encoder or Davinci Resolve working together and using all resources available. I have already did the Power Management from Toleda's Posts, and it...
  14. JCMunsonII

    New CUDA update 12/8/2017 387.99

    nVidia released new CUDA drivers today: This fixes the CUDA drivers needing updating in High Sierra 10.13.2 (and whatever else has been patched).
  15. cpatuzzo

    High quality screen recording

    I'm running 10.12.6 on an i5 4430 with a GTX 950 connected to a 4K screen. I'd like to record my screen in 4K@60Hz with H.264 encoding. I haven't been able to get this to work. I have two separate problems: 1) Unable to output 60Hz from GPU 2) Unable to capture screen using hardware support...
  16. oRISHi

    Best GPU for video editing: AMD vs NVIDIA

    Hi guys! Recently I've decided to replace my old GPU with a new one, and considering the recent achievement of WhateverGreen.kext, I still can't choose between buying a GTX 1060 or a RX 580. I will be using it mostly for video editing with Adobe Premiere and After Effects, at the moment I...
  17. kb8wfh

    Building an Adobe Premiere/Cuda/OpenCL Hackintosh

    Greetings. I'm new to Hackintoshes but used to build PC's years ago. So I am pretty familiar with concepts, builds, general and technical but out of date on current details, especially with a Hackintosh. Been watching tons of YouTube videos to get caught up. So here's my situation... I have an...
  18. Arsil

    Dual GPU

    Hi.. right to the point, I want to make my NVIDIA works so that i'll be able to do video editing more faster because it's extremely slow in premiere with Intel HD3000.. am I going to "injectnvdia" or ?? also I can see my nvdia in graphic (system report) Thanks beforehand
  19. supermattg1

    Changed system definition, now sierra using clover won't boot

    Hello, I just upgraded my Hackintosh that I have been using for a few years, from Yosemite to Sierra using clover and had a clean installation. Multibeast worked fine and almost everything worked. The only thing that didn't work was CUDA, which I need to run Premiere Pro and After Effects...
  20. Messa

    Gigabyte 980 TI - No CUDA

    Hey. I change my card form 660ti to a 980ti. Everything works fine, only the CUDA support not. I have installed 10.11.6 OSX. I install latest WebDriver and also latest CUDA driver form Nvidia website. cudadriver-8.0.53-macos.dmg WebDriver-346.03.15b01.pkg - and after install i updated over...