1. jarlenfos

    Blinking underscore all of a sudden, need some help to get my workstation back up and running

    Hey guys, I built my machine about 5 or so years ago now and it has been working perfectly as my main work machine all that time. Late last year I updated to High Sierra, I couldn't go any higher as my graphics card wasn't supported. That didn't bother me. Still working fine for the past year...
  2. MaitrePranda

    Blinking screen issue [10.13/10.14/GT730]

    Hi ! So I have an issue with my hackintosh (that makes it unusable, really) It's that the screen will go black for like 1/2 seconds every 5 minutes or so (depends, sometimes it can go as far as 5 per minutes) I found a video showing the issue (not mine, but that's exactly the same thing that's...
  3. Joako.Lab

    Blinking Underscore

    Hi when i start the pc sometimes enters to clover and sometimes it shows a blinking underscore in the left corner and i have to shut down the pc. the clover is uefi.
  4. elifroejd

    Blinking underscore after install began

    My installation began and said it was about 22 minutes left for the installation to complete. After just a few minutes i got a black screen and a blinking underscore, it doesn't matter if i try to boot from the USB or the SSD i was trying to install High Sierra on. Has anyone solved this? HW...
  5. lapator

    [Solved] Installation of El Capitan on Asus z97-k/usb3.1

    Hello. Its my first time installing MacOS on a PC. I have pretty much experience on Linux and Freebsd and my main OS is FreeBSD. Hardware specs are: M/B: Asus Z97-k/USB3.1 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz GPU: nvidia GeForce GTX 960 RAM: Crucial BalisticX 32G HDD: Samsung SSD 840...
  6. Jacco12

    Windows issue.

    Hello, I tried to install Mutliboot with Unibeast and Clover. Everythings works fine exepect booting. The path of mutlibooting is not right or somethings. When i select Windows it only show's a blinking - . But when i boot from BIOS to the partition then it works. And my PC boots Windows.. So...
  7. mario22april

    Maverics HD3000 blinking screen (but not when DisplayLink is connected)

    Hello, I have this problem on My Sony Vaio VPCSE notebook. I have Installed Maverics, graphics is HD3000. When I run Neverhood via Wine, my screen (notebook display) starts to blinking or flashing. But when I connect to notebbok Fujitsu prort replicator PR7 (with DisplayLink second display)...
  8. wukno

    GA Z97M-D3H with i5-4690K - Maverick - Flickering - Blinking Screen

    Hi all, I have successfully built new hack based on Gigabyte Z97M-D3H motherboard with i5-4690K CPU. It will be used for work that's why there is no graphic card. What I noticed though the screen-graphics are not "normal-smooth". It shows the worst in Launchpad and when scrolling between tabs...
  9. unabl4

    Samsung Series 9 screen blinking problem during installation

    Hi everyone! I'm having an issue with Yosemite 10.10.2 main installation screen (language selector and onwards). Specifically - screen is constantly blinking and it looks like brightness level is jumping back and forth from dark to a slightly brighter level very fast, and the overall...
  10. janohan

    Blinking screen elements - low refresh rate?

    Hello guys, the situation is: Some dark elements blinks on my 10.10. The blinking is very fast like very low refresh rate. Windows 8.1 is OK, nothing blinks. the example: (sorry, it's in Polish but the language is not the case here) The two elements of the web marked in red rectangulars...
  11. eclair4151

    clover boots windows 8.1 to blinking cursor

    So i have been running yosemite with clover for about a month with no issues at all but decided i wanted to dual boot it with windows for school. i have another ssd to install windows 8.1 on so i didn't really think it would be that much trouble. i unplugged my yosemite drive installed windows...
  12. JamesHuston

    All Bootloaders installed on OSX partition stuck on flashing cursor

    Hi all. I am unable to install any bootloader on my laptop hard disk. It's a 320GB HDD, partitioned into 3: System Reserved, Win7 disk and Mavericks. In the past, I installed Chimera on the then Lion or ML, and was stuck on "Boot0: Done". Recently I installed Mavericks with Unibeast, and...
  13. TurdFurgeson

    Windows 7 USB install stuck on Black Screen

    Hey Gang, First of all, thanks to TonyMac and all the wonderful users of this forum. The search button has proved indispensable, so thanks again for sharing all your knowledge. My build consists of: Gigabyte Z77X UD5H Intel 3770K Sandisk SSD (Mountain Lion) WD Caviar Black HDD (Windows 7 and...