1. zabi1

    << Solved >> Battery indicator not working with updated OpenCore

    Hi everyone I have been wasting hours on what seems like a small issue, but its annoying. I updated to Monterey yesterday, and decided its time to update OpenCore too given its been a whole update since i last did. However OpenCore 0.7.4 refuses to show the battery indicator. I've tried...
  2. chanwyatt

    razer blade stealth 2019 oc 0.5.7 all work but HDMI

    my device is razer blade stealth early 2019(Whiskey Lake i7 8565u) with MX150/uhd620 .FHD. recently i tried to install the catalina in my device and works well.(i guess.) thanks to @NONITS and @elmacci 's astonishing work at the razer blade stealth 2019,(link...
  3. uar

    [Guide] Installing Arch Linux on the Razer Blade, Late 2016, FHD

    This is my way of saying goodbye to the Hackintosh community for good as I can't stand a mediocre operating system that crashes at least 3-4 times a day, deny updates and a company that won't provide support for NVIDIA drivers anymore. I already moved to Android a year ago, and have Windows...
  4. weby78

    Screen backlight turns off after sleep

    I'm having an issue where my backlight wont turn on after the laptop goes to sleep. I have verified it still outputs display by using a flashlight and I can see the screen and interact with it. I've attached my error reporting to the bottom. Things I've tried: FixEDID with MacbookPro and...
  5. lectrasxt16

    High Sierra on Razer Blade 2017

    Hi guys, i am currently installing High Sierra on my Razer Blade 2017. Unfortunately I ran into several problems: - Intel HD 630 is not recognized properly (showing only 7MB VRAM) - Backlight control is not working (probably related to IGFX problem above) - Trackpad is not working...
  6. uar

    [Guide] Razer Blade, Late 2016, FHD

    Warning: There is an unexpectedly kind of issue on the blade. I have investigated it and the problem is the engineering behind the blade on the GTX 1060 causing it to not being recognised on the first boot on UEFI systems (as the blade was with CSM Support enabled and video was set to legacy as...
  7. Sebimoser98

    Hackintosh Mac OS Sierra on Razer Blade early 2017

    Hi everyone, recently i bought the new Razer Blade before that i owned a MacBook Pro Retina 13" Late 2013. I already made a Hackintosh with my Gaming PC and i got it working except for the Audio. Anyway the problem is i miss a lot features that Mac OS has to offer and are not there in Windows...
  8. Silentmoon

    Razer Blade 2016 OSX Sierra

    Has anyone managed to hackintosh the Razer Blade 2016 with OSX Sierra to a functioning level of about 90% ? Are there any comprehensive guides for this specific laptop?
  9. GauravC

    Razer Blade 2015 Trackpad Issues.

    Hi Guys, I wanted to get el capitan working on my Razer Blade 2015. Ive done some research and what my finding are that mostly everything works expect for wifi and the trackpad. Wifi can be fixed by replacing with a different wifi card and some Kext edits which is fine. However the main...
  10. crash228

    2016 Razer Blade Stealth

    Hi Everyone, I did a little bit of searching here on the forums and couldn't find any reference to this particular laptop. So, i want to ask - can this laptop be turned into a Hackintosh? It's got a Skylake i7-6500U processor and Intel HD 520 graphics. more details here...
  11. chiniminiz

    Razer Blade 2014 14" / HM87, Haswell, i7, HD4600, Clover, El Capitan

    Hi all together As I was reading a long long thread about configurating everything for the Razer Blade, the topic stops unfished. So I wanted to give it a new try with more attention. Additionally I read a lot threads about laptops with similar specs like the Dell XPS 15...
  12. joshieboy720

    Razer Blade 14 (2014) Hackintosh for Yosemite

    I recently got my Razer Blade and thought it looked like a cooler Mac Book. I love OS X software and I can still play my favorite game CSGO on it. My problem is that when I have inserted the USB in boot menu, nothing shows, I already changed the BIOS settings and disabled secure boot and...
  13. ne0zh

    Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion or even Mavericks on the Razer Blade?

    At the moment i just cant make a decision about if i am going to buy the Razer Blade, the Razer Blade Pro or the Macbook Pro Retina. The specs of the Blade are: Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4702HQ Quad Core Processor with Hyper Threading 2.2GHz / 3.2GHz (Base/Turbo) Chipset...