1. TripleYoThreat

    Monterey Apple Menu > Shutdown / Restart Instantly Restarts Computer

    Hi, hope you're well! I don't think this is an issue with the beta - or rather that, it's something that can be fixed via bootloader. Any ideas? Shutdown and reboot was working fine with 11.2.3 & 11.5 I'm sure someone else has seen this and has an idea or fix in mind! Thanks! Trip
  2. miliuco

    [GUIDE] Clover: how to update Big Sur 11.4 > Monterey Public Beta in Z390 Aorus Elite + RX 580

    There is a post like this with OpenCore instead of Clover: [Guide] OpenCore: how to update Big Sur 11.4> Monterey Public Beta in Z390 Aorus Elite + RX 580 Most of the text is also useful for this post in which I am only going to comment on specific things about Clover. The other sections...
  3. miliuco

    [GUIDE] Big Sur public beta 10 > Big Sur 11.0.1 public beta > Big Sur RC

    Upgrading from Big Sur Public Beta 10 to 11.0.1 Public Beta, and, afterwards, to Big Sur Release Candidate on my system (Z390 Aorus Elite + i3 9100 + RX 580) has been very easy. I have used OpenCore (OC) 0.6.3 which has improvements for BS, among them the return to the option Securebootmodel =...
  4. ngergo100

    Big Sur successful installation but black screen after restart

    Everything works on Catalina, everything works on Big Sur as well until the first shot down (So the install is successfull, i could see the dock with the desktop). After reboot it goes black when normally the apple logo comes for a few sec with the loader. I have the config below: Asus TUF Z370...
  5. uchika96

    << Solved >> Can't upgrade from Catalina beta 3 to beta 6

    Hi, I can't boot the installer after reboot. I will post the verbose of booting macOS and the zip for debugging. Clover version is 5033
  6. Yuhwa

    [Solved]Lenovo Yoga 720 15IKB 10.14 PB7&10.13.6 - 3 Issues(Webcam) (Repost)

    20181229 Now I'm using 10.14.2 There's USB 3.0 problem but, replaced IOUSBFamily, IOUSBHostFamily from 10.14 then it works. Block sleep using "sudo pmset -a disablesleep 1" Webcam problem seems from USB, I didn't fix it but automate active webcam trick with 'controllermate' (It can make nice...
  7. josh_

    Anybody manage to update to Public Beta 2?

    Hi, I finally was able to have a working machine. Mine is a fresh build and decided to start using Mojave. As soon as I finished an update is marked as available (Public Beta 2) tried to installed it but got nowhere and had to reinstall Public Beta 1 (by the way the only one you can download...
  8. nazrm

    Repackaged webdriver on beta - gtx 1080

    I'm running beta of Mojave on my rig. I've repackaged and edited the 10.13.5 webdriver as per KGP (matching the build number of the beta OS). The OS detects my 1080 and it boots in the correct resolution, but there is no acceleration of any kind and a lot of flickering in the UI. I'm not using...
  9. TheMightyGamer7

    Nvidia web driver for 10.13 high sierra

    Hello! I recently updated my hackintosh to 10.13 High Sierra, and to my dismay, the nvidia web driver no longer works! I wantd to ask is there any way to get my display running at 1440P ?, and is there a way to make the current driver work on high sierra? Thanks!
  10. vulgo

    Install High Sierra Public Beta to a new partition (APFS)

    Update 2017.09.25: Now that 10.13 is out this guide is obsolete. High Sierra update guide. Installing the 10.13 beta (starting the installer app from a booted 10.12 installation) to a new partition. Testing APFS filesystem and 10.13 Clover configuration. These steps are to verify a working...
  11. vaK

    [Solved] Mac OS Sierra (Cannot update since Beta 1) Need help!

    Hi Everyone! I love Hackintosh and using it for years. Even helped a friend build one. & got my cousin into it! Recently a few weeks ago I decided to put the beta on a separate SSD drive on my PC. & It works great beside USB3 & Wake from sleep. But another main issue I have is I cannot update...
  12. LiteGaming

    Kernal Panic Issue 10.12 Can't reach installer

    Today I see the Public Beta so I wiped my (Can't mention my close beta) drive and attempted to install the public beta. After I follow Tony's guild I ended up with kernal panics ??? I have put the NullCPUManagment.kext into Others and the FakeSMC, Ethernet and I boot into the drive and went...
  13. SkullD3mon

    [Guide] Sierra on HP Spectre x360

    Outdated: I don't have time to update this guide. I will get to it when I do sorry... Therefore read the posts :). Careful: macOs Sierra is still in beta! Please do not install on main partition! Since macOs Sierra is still in its beta stage I will not provide any details regarding bugs etc...
  14. Lorphos

    Yosemite compatibility

    Now that there is a non-developer beta of Yosemite, is this a topic that can be discussed here? Will the current version of MultiBeast work with Yosemite? I'd like to upgrade my 10.9.4 install to 10.10 beta.