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    Update to Mojave

    Stork Appreciate your response to my original query. As a clarification, does step 3 above "Install Mojave over your Sierra" simply replace the system files, leaving all of my existing user configurations, applications, etc. in place or does it delete all of those and require them to be...
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    Update to Mojave

    So basically you are suggesting that rather than updating from the existing Sierra install that I should start from scratch and follow the steps in this post ( One thought I had was to buy...
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    Update to Mojave

    I'm presently running MacOS Sierra (10.12.6) on an i3-4170 installed in a ASRock H97M-ITX/AC motherboard. I have no external graphics card and instead simply use the Intel HD4400 graphics. I've never updated the original Sierra installation on the basis of "don't break what's already working"...
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    Update Directly to macOS High Sierra

    Finally going to update to High Sierra. I downloaded the latest version of Clover Bootloader (2.4k_r4658) which seems, unsurprisingly, to supersede the version Post #1. Can you please confirm that I am able to update to HS using this latest version of Clover. Thanks
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    Update to High Sierra

    Pilgrim......thanks for the quick response. For my own education I have a couple of follow-up questions. Does the SuperDuper clone process copy Clover to the new SSD? Is a EFI partition present on ever drive that is formatted as HFS+ on a Mac? Would you advise that I disable the conversion...
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    Update to High Sierra

    I have a Sierra build running on an ASrock H97M-itx board with a spinning HDD as the boot / storage drive (there is a 64GB partition on the drive for the OS). I'm getting ready to update to High Sierra and as part of this process would like to install a SSD as a new boot drive. I'm thinking...
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    NVMe SSD for H97M-itx Motherboard

    I currently have a MacOS Sierra build that runs on an H97M-itx motherboard with a spinning HDD as the boot/storage drive. As part of an update to High Sierra I'd like to install an SSD for the OS and storage of frequently used files (apps, etc.). The H97M-itx board does not natively support...
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    An iDiot's Guide To iMessage

    As a point of reference, I followed this guide to get iMessage up and running on my Skylake hack that runs High Sierra today. Working with a system id of iMac14,2. It seems that if you follow each of the steps carefully that the process will be successful. Note that for the ROM and MLB...
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    AppleHDA Realtek Audio [Guide]

    It turns out that the fix was as simple as going to Sound in the control panel and turning up the output volume (slider at the bottom of the dialog box). So just to clarify, the following are the steps that I took: Installed High Sierra as described in the guide. Ran Multibeast specifying...
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    AppleHDA Realtek Audio [Guide]

    Toleda.......thanks for all the hard work that you have put in on creating this thread. I apologize but after having read through your guide multiple times I'm still a little confused regarding the process to enable audio with my ASRock H170m-itx board. I ran MultiBeast post the initial...
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    How to Fix iMessage

    I'm hoping someone might point me in the right direction with regard to configuring iMessage on High Sierra. I previously had iMessage working fine under Sierra with a system specification of iMac17,1 (ASRock H170M-ITX board and i5 6500 processor). After upgrading to Sierra I found that...
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    [GUIDE] Intel i5 6500 + Asus H170 Pro Gaming + GTX 1060 6GB

    I have an i5 6500 system that is now running High Sierra. The system is configured with an ASRock H170M-ITX motherboard and Intel HD530 graphics. When I initially built the system I used the iMac17,1 identifier however having recently updated to Hugh Sierra I see that MultiBeast has set the...
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    iMac17,1 Identifier with High Sierra

    I posted this in the High Sierra Desktop Support area but thought that it may also be worthwhile posting here as I suspect the issue is related to graphics somehow. My Skylake system (ASRock H170m-ITX, i5 6500, HD530 graphics) ran successfully using an iMac17,1 identifier. After updating to...
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    System id for High Sierra

    My Skylake system ran successfully using an iMac17,1 identifier After update to High Sierra I noted that iMessage was not working. I therefore modified my config.plist to reflect parameters that I used in making iMessage work on Sierra. This included changing the iMac14,2 definition that I had...
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    Implementing iMessage - Now Machine Won't Boot

    OK, so the problem was in changing the system id from 14,2 to 17,1. When I specified 14,2 using the clover boot options I am able to successfully boot the machine from the High Sierra drive. I guess this also explains why I was unable to boot from the clone. According to ID iMac...