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    OS X 10.10.3 Update

    This is my first time updating a Clover installation and nothing is broken after the update!
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    Safari web content quit unexpectedly.

    This issue appears to be fixed in 10.10.2. However, this is the workaround I was using pre-10.10.2: 1. Close Safari. 2. Enable the Safari Debug menu by executing "defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1" in Terminal. 3. Open Safari. 4. In the Debug menu under...
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    Success Core i7 4790k - Gigabyte Z97x Gaming 7 - Gigabyte Radeon R9 280x - 16GB Ram Corsair Vengeanc

    I'm using "AtherosE2200Ethernet v1.0.0" and it is working with the Z97X Gaming 7. I experienced the issue you described when using the alternative drivers. What I believe is happening is the other kernel extensions are still present and you will need to manually remove them. 1. Navigate to...
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    Safari web content quit unexpectedly.

    I am also experiencing this issue. Flash will fail with "Plug-in failure", HTML5 will fail with "Safari Web Content quit unexpectedly". I mainly experience this issue on websites with video playback such as YouTube and Crunchyroll. Safari is my preferred browser and I really hope to find a solution.
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    Skype unusable on OSX

    Skype always prevents OS X from shutting down, regularly locks up and crashes, and sometimes refuses to launch until after a restart. The quality of the OS X version has deteriorated greatly since Microsoft acquired it.
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    Web Dev on Hackintosh?

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    World of Warcraft performance?

    This post is off-topic, however might help someone: If you are unable to use modifier keys with your MMO mouse (Naga/G600/etc) then execute the following command in Terminal: If your mouse acceleration is strange then execute the following command using the in-game chat box: Note: I...
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    Poor Performance with NVIDIA GTX 460 SE

    Hello all, I'm noticing very poor performance with the NVIDIA GTX 460 SE when compared to Lion. I did not modify any graphics-related kexts on Lion. Specifically, the frame rate becomes very choppy in World of Warcraft (and other games) using the quality options that I have always used...
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    Building Surface

    Hello maaxk, I was mislead into opening this topic because the title is misleading, I was expecting something related to Microsoft's recently announced Surface tablet! :P Regardless, you can use any surface. Make sure you're not standing on carpet and/or wearing socks as the static generated...
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    WiFi Native AirPort Extreme - TP-Link TL-WDN4800

    Refer to my post in the other thread on this subject:
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    Recommendation: 450Mbps 5Ghz/2.4Ghz PCI-E wireless card

    Thank you for the recommendation Tokay. After building my Hackintosh, my previous WiFi card (ASUS PCE-N13) was not recognised and there were no 10.7.4 chipset drivers available for it. Based on the recommendation of this thread, I purchased the TL-WDN4800 card a week ago and can confirm that...
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