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    Will this work?

    are you thinking about getting those, or you already have those? if you dont already, go coffee lake.
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    Question about processors? Confused here

    nope you arent misunderstanding anything. without any real competition from amd, intel was allowed to rest on its laurels from sandy bridge all the way to today. the only real improvements were in igpu performance, although amd was still beating them in that area and intel was no match for...
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    Coffee Lake mATX build

    if using a graphics card, its not needed, but if using igpu it is
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    Upgrading from 6700K to 7700K Sierra 10.12.6

    The upgraded H265 acceleration is via the iGPU, which you won't be using. There isn't a 10% improvement, at least not in a clock for clock comparison. The reason why a...
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    Upgrading motherboard, can I use a working stable HS SSD for the new MB?

    can use your old ssd installation with your new system. most likely need to change some settings in your config.plist, as well as redoing any ssdt youre using, and replacing any kexts for audio/lan if they differ from your old board but the HS install itself will work fine
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    Upgrading from 6700K to 7700K Sierra 10.12.6

    update your bios, delete any ssdt for power states you may be using and itll work straight away. its not an upgrade though. not an upgrade in any shape or form
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    Before buying

    as far as builds go, its a regular hum drum build so dont worry about compatibility. personally i would research coffee lake builds (z370/8xxx cpus) as they work with osx fine. the only issue i think youd get is with the case. as far as projects go, its great, but in terms of cost/ease of...
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    This one vs that one

    whichever you prefer really. i prefer asus over giga, but really it dont matter with osx these days
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    Coffee Lake or not? New build for home use

    if it were my money, i wouldnt be buying kaby lake parts now. either go coffee lake, or wait till apple use coffe lake. there are users with CL systems already. so far, it seems the only issue is when using the onboard gfx as primary. with a gfx card, no issues.
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    Can someone look over my parts list and provide feedback? Customac Mini Deluxe
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    2500K to 2700K swapout

    you wont need to reinstall for that, itll work fine. bios settings might reset, and if you are using an ssdt for power management, delete it first.
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    Working Kext for Killer E2200

    youre using alxethernet.kext, use mieze's atheros kext delete alxethernet, try with the above
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    Can someone look over my parts list and provide feedback? Customac Mini Deluxe

    you could go for something like the fractal node 202 silverstone also do some thin sfx cases you might like. couple that with a psu wonkeydonkey suggested. id also recommend looking into z370 itx builds over z270, with an 8 series...
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    CPU Buying Advice Request

    all of them will be satisfactory, especially compared to your core2 imac. the main factor is money and time. the more money you spend on your cpu going from 2 to 4c, or possibly 4c with hyperthreading, the less time tasks will take. have you considered using a 2nd hand 6700 or similar. older...
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    Can someone look over my parts list and provide feedback? Customac Mini Deluxe

    do you really want a 16inch monitor? or you want it for the portability? for a cooler, i like the noctua low profile cooler the dan case you mentioned uses sfx (small) psus, yet youve picked a full sized. not very knowledgable on sfx...