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    Windows 7+ Lion + Snow Leopard (Tripleboot) - on GA-P43-ES3G

    Install this, Stereo sound, mic works well.
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    About This Mac Custom Image? you can use this app, or you can use which you can change system icons, and dock as well.
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    App Store Login Error Solution

    :thumbup: :thumbup:
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    Lion slow start at boot

    Little Snitch and parallels adds some seconds to load on boot time, so it seems normal that you have that boot time, my range is mostly 20 to 30 seconds with no apps loading on boot time, 37 secs is not an big deal.
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    Lion slow start at boot

    Speed depends on your pc configuration, RAM, CPU, HDD etc and the number of apps you installed, and if they start to work on boot time, and also check your boot.plist if you have -v -x -f kernel flags. and you can do Use Kernel Cache method. Search the forum for that, they are are guides.
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    a dely before auto select lion..pls

    Confirm that you installed chimera on the cloned drive after cloning operation.
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    App Store Login Error Solution

    It wierd that you have a fan issue with that, but you can try PciRoot instead of PciRootUID. I keep on search on it. And i think bioshock is crashing because your NIC is not recognized as Integrated. You can try to install Lnx2Mac s driver from the link. Make sure you read the instructions on...
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    Lion install succesful now bootloader does not work

    May be your internal drives are failing or will fail in the future.
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    App Store Login Error Solution

    You're welcome. :thumbup:
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    Reboot problem after installation Mac OSX 10.6.7

    you can try rboot too.
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    Wallpapers for tonymacx86 community.

    It will take some time :D . I can only work on it on sundays because of my job. I will start today, and may be finished after Christmas. :lol: But i will do it. :thumbup:
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    Random SATA DVD Recognition Issue [ HELP ]

    Thanks for the tip. :thumbup: So i will gift my DVD drive. :D Who wants a free DVD drive?! :lol: