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    macOS 10.14.3 Supplemental Update

    Update from Software Update-- did the couple reboots like everyone else. No problems.
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    (Guide) GA-X58A-UD3R v2 -> 10.13.3 High Sierra

    Thanks for the Guide! (And sorry I didn't see your question in the previous thread). I let my system convert my drive to APFS. The big stumbling block for me, and the reason I couldn't see the new install at first, was that I have an MX100 SSD, which had the "new" 4k sector thing. There was a...
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    a good graphic card for video editing?

    Honestly, your current card is pretty good for FCPX. In a normal time, an upgrade to R9 2/390x or Vega would make sense for the additional power and VRAM-- but GPU prices are insane at the moment because of GPU-based crypto-currency mining. I mean, we're talking used R9 390X going for $400+...
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    [GUIDE] Getting R9 290/390 (non-X) to work on Sierra (10.12) AND High Sierra (10.13)

    So, adding my success report. This is on a legacy clover install! Did Hex steps from first post. LoadVBios in config-- using the bios I edited for El Cap Checked inject ATI Fake ID of 0x67b01002 FB set to Radeon Latest AppleALC, Lilu, WhateverGreen in kexts/other Rebuilt caches Resarted. AND...
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    High Sierra - GA-x58-ud3r (Legacy Bios)

    Thanks so much for this-- worked for me. I just updated my system from El Capitan to High Sierra 10.13.2 via Unibeast + USB. It was a bit of a tricky process because I had to wrangle with an R9 290 (non-X), custom card (Gigabyte Windforce OC) plugged into a 4K monitor via DisplayPort. But in...
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    [Solved] ICH10R and High Sierra

    I'm interested in this too-- because I'm trying to do a new install on my system as well, with 10.13.2. I can boot into the installer made with Unibeast, "install" HS (only took ~5 minutes; assume this is round one, as it were), but on reboot I get a kernel panic post Clover when I try to boot...
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    XFX R9 390 Post-installation Issues - macOS 10.12.6

    R9 390 (and 290) have a host of issues in Sierra (and lesser extent El Capitan... which is why I'm still there). Adding multiple displays makes the problem harder... 1. Only the 290x/390x variant is "officially" supported, so you often needs to trick the system into thinking it's using such a...
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    Radeon Vega 56

    Nobody can answer that question. All we can do is speculate-- and suggest we probably will be able to answer that question when that iMac Pro with that hardware AND the OS version it runs on is out in the wild.
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    macOS Sierra PB: Need testers for new AMD Radeon drivers!

    Indeed! Here's the stock market version. It's really more about psychology than any particular dynamics...
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    AMD R9 390X - High processor utilisation running extra hot with OSX Sierra

    I suspect that the processor utilization reading/bar in OSX is not accurate. If you look at the temperature readings for Hawaii in OS X, they don't work-- you see 0C forever. I have an R9 290 with a customer overclocked/undervolted VBios that Clover loads on boot. In any case, once the GPU...
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    Are Vega, OpenCL... working?

    I'd file Vega (and High Sierra both generally and with respect to Vega) as-- looking good. But as we've seen time and time again, final releases and point releases and annual updates can all remove functionality and compatibility-- even from functional betas.
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    Radeon Vega 56

    It looks good for us-- but I'd hold back the optimism until GPUs get into computers and we know for sure they are working properly. Bottom line, though, is not to expect 1080 Ti performance in gaming. Instead it looks more like 1080 range gaming, with up to 30-90% HIGHER power consumption...
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    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Agreed. Assuming RX Vega 56 gets the AIB-makeover (no blowers for me), and full High Sierra support without the need for a helper card-- both of which seem likely given recent developments and the announcement of the iMac Pro-- it's my next card. I'd consider the full Vega 64, but not sure the...
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    Success: X58A-UD7 + High Sierra

    I'd love to keep seeing results with each release/advance. I hope to get my UD3r + X5650 up to High Sierra once I have the GPU situation worked out (no helper card at the moment, and living with an otherwise powerful OC R9 290 over DP on 10.11).