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    Gigabyte H470I AORUS PRO AX

    The response from Gigabyte: Oops, it was an error to include that motherboard in the Titan Ridge 2.0 list Thanks for pointing it out. Sorry.
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    Gigabyte H470I AORUS PRO AX

    I can't seem to find any Asus motherboards on that TB3-TR list that also has HDMI 2.0. I've submitted a inquiry to Gigabyte on how the motherboard is on their Titan Ridge 2.0 certified compatible list, but not having the TB3 5-pin and 3-pin connectors. I'll see how they respond?
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    Gigabyte H470I AORUS PRO AX

    No, doesn't need to be ITX, just looking for any motherboard that has both HDMI 2.0 and the Thunderbolt 3 connectors for the Titan Ridge 2.0 card. Seems that Asus has a new Thunderbolt 3 card out, but there seems to be no motherboard with their new 14-pin connector.
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    Gigabyte H470I AORUS PRO AX

    I'm surprised I can't find any builds using this motherboard. It seems to be the only Gigabyte board that is both Titan Ridge 2.0 compatible (although that's questionable even though it's listed on their Titan Ridge 2.0 card list stating "Certified Motherboards with GC-TITAN RIDGE" page is the...
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    Z390 and Thunderbolt 3

    Anyone try the Asus WS Z390 Pro and the Gigabyte Titan-Ridge card together to see if they'll work together?
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    Z390 CHIPSET AND I9 9900K?

    Perhaps look at the Z390 Designare? Also, the Kingston HyperX 3000MHz, you might want to get the HyperX 2933HMz instead. Check out the Gigabyte compatible memory list as to why.
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    Z390 and Thunderbolt 3

    So you're saying everything I've posted is correct then? The bandwidth I posted are different for the DisplayPorts on each card. The fact that on Alpine Ridge you can only do 4K @ 60Hz and with Titan Ridge you can do 8K @ 60Hz? I don't see why you're arguing that all I've posted is correct...
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    [SUCCESS] Ongoing Status of Designare Z390 with i7-9700K

    Some of these people aren't looking at where or how the WiFi card is located and situated on the Z390 Designare motherboard. As for CNVi, hasn't some people on other new Gigabyte motherboards installed the M.2 Key-E WiFi cards in those slots and have found it backwards compatible with it? If...
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    Z390 and Thunderbolt 3

    Those are the raw bandwidth numbers of DisplayPort 1.2 vs. 1.4. It also explains why the max. resolution for DisplayPort 1.2 is 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz on Alpine Ridge vs. 8K @ 60Hz on a Titan Ridge.
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    Z390 and Thunderbolt 3

    Sorry, perhaps "bandwidth" is a better term. 21.6 Gbps vs. 32.4 Gbps
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    Z390 and Thunderbolt 3

    What if the Titan card will work with the Apline specs. but needs the new BIOS to work as Titan Ridge speeds? That would make sense to me if the Titan Ridge card worked (partially) when plugged in before the BIOS update.
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    Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 or Z370 HD3

    Don't know about the DH3, but the Gaming 7 also has the SGX enabled option in the bios for it's DisplayPort if you want to dual boot and want to use a 4k UHD blu-ray drive with Windows 10 (in a dual boot system).
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    Sapphire RX 580 8GB Nitro+ Special Edition for $220 + tax

    On sale for $259.99 - $40 with promo code EMCERPT92 at
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    Wi-Fi ac + Bluetooth 4.0 PCI-E Card Recommendation

    Does anyone know which Wireless AC / BT 4.0 chip the Fenvi uses? Are there other companies using the same chip?