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    Apple Unveils Redesigned Mac Pro Desktop and Pro Display XDR at WWDC

    But I don't see a pay to power the drives? Unless it's that strange connector near the sata ports. Does anyone recognize it? Also, is that a USB type A? Wonder what that's for, it doesn't seem like apple at all...
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    Use a SATA PCI Card to expand number of non-booting drives on High Sierra?

    I tried this card, or at least a nearly identical card, and it currupted the drive I think. May be a bad drive (SMART Status says it's good though). I don't want to risk any other drives till I hear, has anyone else had first hand experience with this card?
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    [Solved] AppleACPIPlatform(6.1) Crash

    I think I finally figured it out. I think there may have been a bad kext in either my s/l/e or l/e. I tried deleting those folders, then doing an install of 10.3.6, and everything mostly worked after that. So I think that's what resolved my issues...
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    Graphics garbled on the screen

    But the GTX 660 is a GK104, not a GK106. So is the GTX 670 and 680 also effected?
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    [Solved] AppleACPIPlatform(6.1) Crash

    Hello all, I was running 10.11.6 on my GA-Z77X-UD5H board firmware F14 on my WD 500GB Green drive, to simplify everything I've removed my GPU and am running with ONLY the intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. I have attempted to update various different ways, using a new install disk to update...
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    Prohibitory/Stop Sign: Cannot boot anymore

    I'm also having this issue, were you able to find a solution?
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    My MacPro (2013) Hackintosh

    Nice little build. I have two questions/concerns though. 1. Cooling, do you have enough airflow for those high power parts? The NH-L9i is going to have a hard enough time with an 8700 in much more ideal situations, and you also have a 1070 in there too. have you tested this? 2. Power, the GTX...
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    GTX960/Yosemite 10.10.5 HDMI Video Issues?

    Having the same issue, did you every find out any more info ?
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    Clover, 10.11, Sandy Bridge, overclock?

    What system Definition are you using? Also, why stop at El Cap instead of going all the way to Sierra? :p
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    Is there a way to enable EIST (SpeedStep) and have overclock at the same time?

    Did you check intel power gadget or HW monitor to make sure it's not OC'ed?
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    Can I submit app to the app store from hackintosh. Will Apple detect it that it is compiled from non

    I *think* I uploaded an app compiled on my hackintosh to the app store before, but it was well over a year ago, might have been before that whole code injection thing. Right around when i started app development I switched to a 27" 2011 iMac for work, just in case anyone ever looked under my...
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    Success Guide for Installing Mavericks on DG35EC - GTX460

    I really had trouble getting sound to work on this board on 10.11.5. I tried a bunch of stuff and eventually one of them worked. I think It's using the latest version of voodoo that's actually working, but you might try the ALC 888 driver as well. If you are still working on something older...
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    New Apple 5K Retina Thunderbolt Display

    If they made a 27" 5k display with a GTX 1080 (not M)Built in, I bet they would sell a far number for $1000 USD, but Apple actually delivering a high value product like that doesn't seem very likely
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    Clover efi BIOS boot - no bootable device solution

    Not sure why you're having this issue, I just did a fresh install of 10.11.5 and it was able to find fdisk440 no problem :/ But, i don't think it has to be at that path in order to be run. Wish i could help more.