RME Raydat Pcie problem...

Oct 25, 2017
Yes I see that this sound card is on " confirmed audio' interfaces" list here, but I have problem to get it on my new machine, - 8700k/Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7/HighSierra.
It is not recognized in hardware list and automatically not shown also as audio device. Latest RME driver 4.10 installed. physically I see leds lights on card into pcie slot. Maybe anyone with similar experience? Maybe I need disable internal sound card in BIOS
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Aug 21, 2011
I have a RME Madi HDSPe card, and I got it working on my older hack (X58 chipset and El Capitan) but struggling to get it fully working on my other newish hack (100 chipset, Kabylake i7 7700), It's detected, lights up, get's synced and locked but cannot record or hear anything... my easiest way of detecting a problem is starting a record in Logic pro and getting many errors with clocking (saying that the frequency is set at 46'543 hz for exemple)
Dual booting on WIN 10, card works as expected... So the motherboard is not faulty.(Tried with Sierra and High Sierra)

Did you manage to find a solution? I'm also leaning towards a new 8700k build... But do not want to face this problem!
I'm suspecting that I could find a fix within the DSDT but haven't got the time yet to try. And yes deactivating audio in Bios hasn't changed the situation :)