1. Kevin

    Beast Mode - Live Event / Video Production Machine - Buying Advice

    Hi everyone, I’m researching parts for a new rig and could use some guidance. As the title suggests, this machine will be a workhorse used in a production environment as a mobile workstation and as a live event multimedia server. It will need to be a rock solid 100% functional build, and from a...
  2. Laureano

    nVidia GTX1050ti or intel graphics 2000/3000 on bigsur?

    Hi! Any simple method to install GTX1050Ti or Intel Graphics 2000/3000 on Bigsur? It's a shame because everything works fine for me except the video card.
  3. jaaoelias

    Wifi works, bluetooth doesn't

    Hello, I have an Acer NITRO 5 AN515-51-50U2 with Catalina installed. I recently bought the broadcom bcm943224pciebt2 network card (https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/32849220309.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.2f29b90aVIr6Gn). I put the kext AirportBrcmFixup.kext on Clover that made my Wifi work...
  4. Nodarkthings

    Z68 + NVMe via PCIe adapter?

    Hi! I'm considering installing a https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B01M211K53/?tag=tonymacx8607-21 via a PCI Express adapter like this one https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07CBJ6RH7/?tag=tonymacx8607-21 on my old Z68 board. I don't wanna modify the BIOS (which is UEFI, by the way ;) ), so I guess it should work...
  5. DCB

    Newbie help for pro music comp

    Hi guys, hoping someone will be kind enough to save me a lot of time searching for anwers to a couple of questions! My self modded Mac Pro 4,1 / 5,1 2 x 3.46GHz running Mojave isn't quite powerful enough any more so looking to go hackintosh route. However I use 3 bits of dated external...
  6. andyroo77

    Anyone know what network card model/manufacturer is being used in the new Mac Pro (2019)?

    Surely if I can find the card model, I can try tobuy one and it should be plug and play Bluetooth 5.0 & WIFI 5 via a PCIe adapter? Anyone know?
  7. Slickademo

    PCIE Problems (Solved)

    Gigabyte Gaming 7 z370 Mobo. Just recently switched to a dual RX 580 setup to run 6 monitors. I got it working however with 2 graphics cards AND my Alpine Ridge thunderbolt card it won't boot. If I remove the thunderbolt card it will work just fine. I am running F10 bios. I've tried removing...
  8. buddhabackpacker

    PCIe Card for SATA

    I killed my hack so I’m building a new one using an ASUS MAXIMUS XI HERO, i7 -8700, etc. But, my last Gigabyte board had SATA slots for 8 drives, which I used. This new board has room for 6 plus an SSD. Thus, I have one drive less. Are there any known compatible PCIex 4 SATA adapter...
  9. haaxed

    DUAL GPU macOs Mojave ? RTX 2060 / RX 570

    Hello, I currently have a hackintosh running on my computer with my iGPU (UHD 630). I own a RX 570, I would like to know if it is possible to disable my RTX when I'm on mac? For the rest of what I saw it looks simple so that my RX 570 works under mac os. In the bios I have only one option...
  10. trs96

    Learning the Hackintosh Four Letter Words

    Hackintosh Four Letter Words - 15 important acronyms that you'll need to know Learning these terms is your first step to getting a fully working hackintosh build. Take your time and study and memorize these so the meaning is second nature. Then you'll be able to communicate with and understand...
  11. notconected

    Ethernet pcie cards

    Hello everyone! I have successfully installed "Mojave" on my old motherboard GA-Z77-DS3H. I have removed my old Nvidia GTX 650, and I have put a Sapphire RX 580, and everything works perfect. Execept the Ethernet of the mobo that has died! I've checked it in different Linux distros and nothing...
  12. jaymonkey

    [PRO TIP] Get better WiFi/BT Signal when using PCIe BT/WiFi Card in a Tower Case

    A few months back I added a PCIe WiFi & BT card to my desktop Hackintosh system. The card I bought was based on the BCM943602CS chipset which is a 3x3 MIMO device and is natively supported by MacOS, these cards can be found cheap on eBay for around £30.00 (approx $37): The card included three...
  13. N8261D

    DW1830 m.2 to PCI-e Adapter

    Hello, I have the DW1830 m.2 card, but am looking for a PCI-e adapter for it in my desktop. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  14. N8261D

    M.2 to PCI-e adapter for DW1830 wireless card

    Hello, I am looking for an M.2 to PCI-e adapter that has three antennas. One for bluetooth and the other two for my usual WiFi. I know this card is compatible out of the box, I just need a way to plug it in. Thanks!
  15. hackintosh4me

    ASUS WS C422 PRO with Xeon W vs X299 Deluxe Core i9 and VROC

    Hey all, I'm new to building and could use a hardware recommendation. I'm looking to build a workstation system and am wondering if anyone has had any success with the Xeon W CPUs on the ASUS WS C422 PRO motherboards. I know the iMac Pros run off of Xeon W so I'm hoping there's compatibility...
  16. Carbongrip

    Using Apple Proprietary SSD Blades in a Hackintosh

    Hello everyone, I have recently been looking into using Apple SSD's in a hackintosh build for native support and trim. I have found these options to convert the proprietary connector to pcie. Option #1: OWC PCIe SSD Expansion Card Mfr P/N: PCIEA13SSDOWC SKU: OWCPCIEA13SSD Works with SSD's...
  17. malm123

    Any PCIE USB card/s that works with OSX10.13 AND Win10?

    Hi folks! So I have tried 3 different PCIE USB cards in my hackintosh and NONE have worked so far. My motherboard is the Asus Z370-E. all other USB ports work on OS10.13 and win10 including my external hub and the front panel USB. Also, I have heard of the 15 port USB limit on hackintosh but for...
  18. lolototo

    Changing MB (Gigabyte H270), now PCI combo card does not works

    Hello, I changed my motherboard for a Gigabyte H270-Gaming 3 (one the recommended board from the buying guide) and now my hackintosh doesn't detect my PCI-E combo card BCM943602CS. It used to be working OOB with my old motherboard... Am I missing something from the BIOS ? I didn't find...
  19. jsparrow

    Can having a GTX 1060 in a PCIe x4 slot cause graphical glitches/system instability?

    I've got my first Hackintosh running, and for the most part, it was pretty painless. I'm running 10.12.6 with the latest web drivers. I followed the guides here and here. Everything appears to be working, except that I have issues with my build getting bogged down at random times, and...
  20. FactorySounds

    RME Raydat Pcie problem...

    Hello, Yes I see that this sound card is on " confirmed audio' interfaces" list here, but I have problem to get it on my new machine, - 8700k/Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7/HighSierra. It is not recognized in hardware list and automatically not shown also as audio device. Latest RME driver 4.10...