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Jan 31, 2014
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I have the exact same issue in Sierra 10.12.6 with Korg nanoKEY Studio. It doesn't connect even if the Bluetooth MIDI app is finding the device. It appears also in the Bluetooth list as nanoKEY Studio but it doesn't work. Has anybody found a solution to this problem?
Jul 20, 2020
2010 macpro
Necrobump, but I got it working. I have a ROLI Seaboard and Lightpad. I am on a 2010 MacPro macOS 10.13. I have the stock Bluetooth card/setup. I plugged an Asus BT400 into one of the read USB slots. I am using a BT Apple keyboard and Trackpad (the newer wider one with haptic). I use Bluetooth Explorer (apple) to switch the BT device to the BT400. The keyboard and trackpad work and work across reboots.

I had the same issue of "connect" showing in the Audio Midi bluetooth configuration screen but not actually connecting to the ROLI device when clicked. Here's what works for me. It took a lot of experimenting with getting the steps in this process ironed out.

1. Turn off all ROLI devices
2. Open System Prefs / Bluetooth
3. Open Audio Midi Setup
4. In Audio Midi Setup, click on the bluetooth device in the Midi window to open the bluetooth configuration
5. In Sys prefs / Bluetooth, turn off Bluetooth (you will need to use a wired mouse for the next steps)

Now, in quick succession do these steps. Do some trial rums and move the windows into positions that allow you do these steps as quickly as possible:

6. In Sys prefs / Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth
7. Click onto the Audio Midi window to reveal the Midi over BT window
8. Turn on your ROLI device
9. Click the connect button as soon as it shows

The faster you do the above the more success you'll have. It may take a few tries to get it to work. I usually have the ROLI Dashboard open to so I can monitor if a connection was made.

I came up with this solution because I noticed in one of my random attempts to get it to work, it did. so I worked to replicate and refine the steps. My assumption was that things needed to occur in a specific way. There are many things going on an once. I wish there wasn an easier way.

If you have a better solution please do share!
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