Monterey 12.4 USB3 not working or discovered

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I have a nice working Monterey, which is the latest version today. I even purchased the Graphics card for it; and that was not cheap. Catalina is about two versions back. Do you think that is a good idea to revert back so far? What about all the bugs that have been corrected since Catalina?
I have a related end result with my recent Monterey install. Finally got everything working well enough. I lost 2 USB2 Virtual ports on 2 of the 6 USB3 ports, so not really a biggy. However, all my USB3 devices work fine, just two of the USB3 ports don't support USB2, which is fine. Have you loaded up Hackintool to see which ports you system is seeing?

If you can't support any USB3 devices, you may want to try to repair, as that definitely impacts performance. If you have spare external drive, you can go through the steps to install Catalina on it and boot it up enough. Use it to build out your USBPort.kext, and then move it to your Monterey EFI boot drive.
You only need to fix it in catalina, then save that ssdt or kext, then put that ssdt or kext in monterey
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