1. T-Mux

    Can Hackintosh USB3.0 run full speed?

    Guys, all the USB 3.0 on my device can only run the speed as USB 2.0 Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thx so much. My Device information: GIGABYTE & Intel i5-8400 By the way, USB 3.0 can run full speed on windows :(
  2. Briccoenjoy

    NVME installation disable USB3.0 ports and viceversa

    Hello, i am an happy hackintosh user, some problems here and there but always fixed, I installed my new MP510 nvme ssd, enabled on bios, used the "KernelAndKextPatches" fix to get him recognized and it worked, so i initialized the Drive to MacOs journaled (i need it to stream data not for OS)...
  3. Briccoenjoy

    Nvme SSD disable my USB3.0 ports

    Hello, i am an happy hackintosh user, some problems here and there but always fixed, I installed my new MP510 nvme ssd, enabled on bios, used the "KernelAndKextPatches" fix to get him recognized and it worked, so i initialized the Drive to MacOs journaled (i need it to stream data not for OS)...
  4. ozz.yyy

    GenericUSBXHCI alternative

    I decided to do a clean install of Mojave on my system, using clover as the Bootloader. Everything is working pretty well except for the USB 3.0 as it uses a 3rd party controller (VIA VL805). All of my rear USB 3.0 ports don't work, the front panel ones do, however, because they use the chipset...
  5. haydennyyy

    Latitude E6230 USB3.0 Troubles

    Hi all, So I managed to install MacOS Mojave on my Dell Latitude E6230 via the /r/Hackintosh network install vanilla guide, and I've ran into some troubles post-install, mainly with USB3.0. I've been trying the fixes listed in the Laptop USB SSDT guide they linked but even after installing...
  6. Swikanth

    [Solved] Motherboard usb3.0 not working but front usb 3.0 working

    Hello guys, I am kinda new to this Hackintosh thing..i just followed a youtube video and did it.Most of my things are working fine expect mob usb 3.0. event front usb 3.0 is working.. BTW MOB audio is working fine,LAN is working fine..even 2.0 working fine as i am using keyboard and mouse and...
  7. jabirbin

    NEC/Renesas uPD720200A USB3.0 XHCI controller support

    Is there any way to get this controller to work? The hub dies when the install disk begins to boot and "still waiting for root" shows up which I guess is expected. I also can't get the eSATAp port to work. Are they somehow related? Does anyone know about any possible workaround? Laptop: Dell...
  8. ethanlevy97

    [HELP] Thinkpad x230 Docking Station Compatibility

    I've been running Sierra(10.12.6) on my laptop as daily driver for a long time. Everything works perfectly except those problems I found today. My docking station comes with: USB3.0 x1 (Not working: usb3.0 hub not showing in System Information) USB2.0 x5 (Working: usb2.0 hub appears in System...
  9. vasilispapatha

    GA-Z68X-UD7 USB3 Problems

    Hi guys, i am using this motherboard which has not UEFI BIOS. I do know that is a little frustrating to begin with. In general i do not have many problems, but the only thing really bothering me is the USB 3.0 front panel headers. I cannot make them work properly. From the Gigabyte website i...
  10. dtakn

    USB 3.0 Does not Work

    I just installed macOS Sierra and am trying to stabilize the system. Rite now, I need to get my USB 3.0 ports working. I have tried "Increase Max Port Limit" and "3rd Party USB 3.0" in the latest Multibeast release. Also, I have "FixUSB" checked in Clover Configurator. Can someone help me out...
  11. trent9645

    Yosemite USB 3.0 problem

    I've been looking to update my GPU for awhile now from the 970 to the Titan X but I've read that you have to have Yosemite or El Capitan fully running to support the Titan X. I have Mavericks running completely right now and trying to get everything working on a test drive with Yosemite and I...
  12. kaszankazmaslem

    USB3.0 works only when pendrive is plugged in before booting

    Hello guys! My hackintosh is running very well, but my USB3.0 isn't working... at all. When computer is already running plugged in USB3.0 devices didn't work, but when I plug USB3.0 pendrive before turning on computer and then turn on it, pendrive works like a charm. If I try to unplug it and...
  13. Rikoshet

    Gigabyte ga-x99m gaming 5 USB3.0 hdd keep disconnecting

    Hi guys! I have some problems on this machine otherwise it is a great setup! So, the problems: 1. usb3.0 hdd keep disconnecting. I'm using latest FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext and FakePCIID.kext. With this kext my Clevo laptop work great. 2. my samsung pci-e ahci ssd working on 2 instead of...
  14. yugox

    USB 3.0: Mouse working, but no USB Stick

    Hello :) I installed the latest GenericUSBXHCI kext in the /Extra folder. USB-Mouse and USB-WLAN is working but no USB Stick can be mounted or even recognized. But it was working on Mountain Lion, now I'm on 10.10.3. Thank you for every help, Yugo
  15. vienna01

    WiFi Adapter 1200AC USB 3.0 or PCIE Opinions/

    Opinions? Based on Hackintosh success reported. I have edited this post as I have learned a bit more. -If I have a choice of the following, which should give me the easiest install/setup? -Which will work best with Mavericks now & will likely be supported soon for Yosemite** ? -I don't mind...
  16. kuvar

    USB Port not working

    hye, first of all i think there is lot search and R&D which makes the hackintosh for perfect run as i am doing. My two usb ports(usb 2.0 ) are working but third usb port is not working i have patched the DSDT.aml, using EHCI, UHCI patch as required but not working. as i have made...
  17. mrdaino

    strange behavior 3.0

    Hi! I have yosemite on my hackintosh. I have installed usb 3.0 universal with multibeast. USB 3.0 work but with a strange behavior. When I start the system the first time that I connect a usb 3.0 drive it seems not to work. So if I disconnect that drive and put it in an OTHER usb 3.0 port it...
  18. ste178uk

    GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD how do i fix USB3.0 ?

    Looking for a little Guidance here, Followed the Guide For installing Clover native EFI on my board and all worked fine, Was a few teething problems but in the end i have a very stable yosemite install working iMessage the works, but none of my USB 3.0 Ports are working. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed...
  19. amosjackson

    Yosemite USB 3.0 Not Working - No Buses

    Yosemite USB 3.0 Not Working - No Hubs I installed Yosemite over a Mavericks install with completely functioning USB 3 ports. I used the MultiBeast USB 3 driver. Now, the computer detects the ports and shows them in system information but nothing plugged into them will appear (they also have no...
  20. alexander.zas

    Yosemite + Sabertooth Z77

    Hello, Guys please help... Always I use Mavericks on my hackintosh without problem. Today I install Yosemite, and Chameleon (Multibeast 7.0.0) All works fine, but USB 3.0 don't works =( I install GenericUSBXHCI.kext it's don't help (Multibeast 7.0.0 - USB 3.0 Universal) USB 2.0 work fine. i7...