macOS 13.4 Update

No issues for me: Dell Latitude 5490 with OC 0.9.2


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Update with opencore 0.9.1 no issue.
I had to wait 8 min after first login, once update was done (what Mac OS said).
All good here too...although the option to update to 13.4 didn't show until this morning. OpenCore 0.9.2

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It preferred the smaller update not the bigger one this time!
OC 0.9.0 - going well, this is on my daily driver so it needed to be good.
Updated successfully on PowerMac G5 "Grand Mac" on the second attempt with the small update package using OC 0.9.2. I did not disable BlueToolFixup.kext and this might have been why the update failed the first time.

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Hi. Everything was successfully updated with OC 0.9.2


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Was finally able to update to Ventura with this release. Almost certainly it was nothing 13.4 specific, it is just that this time I used OCAuxiliaryTools to upgrade my OpenCore configuration, and the upgrade actually went through.

NB, this is the Coffee Lake machine.