macOS 13.4 Update

z590 11900K OC 090

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Worked fine on OC 0.9.2 except the SmallTree warnings from my Monterey days are back :lol:

I’ll wait til they’re not supported anymore to deal with it.


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Quick update, don't know how long it took or how many restarts, I was out and I came back to 13.4!. Booting OpenCore 0.9.2

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Updated to 13.4, 20 minutes and 3 reboots wifi bluetooth and audio working for the moment no problem Clover 5151


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Updated bluetooth drivers
  • Updated BlueToolFixup.kext may be necessary- no fix yet.
There seems to be a real problem with BrcmPatchRAM-2.6.6-RELEASE BlueToolFixup.kext in macOS 13.4. There is no fix yet.
Update went without any problems, on OC 0.9.2. However, Hackintool won't open and the system complained about it being a "malware" and "will damage your computer". Anybody got any clue on how to get around this issue? Thanks.

UPDATED: Hackintool v 3.94 fixes this issue.

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All good, Apple finally fixed the Music app that crashed upon shut down, using large libraries not stored in the Music \ Media folder. BlueTooth is broken, but that's ok for now.
Updated without any issues. OC 0.92.