macOS 10.13.6 Update

Figured this out.
I am using MacPro name and there is a patch for TyMCED kext to avoid kernel panics.
Seems that this patch is not working anymore - TyMCED is a reason for KP in my rig
Boot with -nehalem_error_disable
I don't have the update in MAS neither via terminal (softwareupdate -l)
Software Update Tool
Finding available software
No new software available.

I'm on 10.13.5, smbios 17,1. Any ideas why is it like this?
USB 3 is not working after update. Could someone tell me what the new patch is for clover configurators kext to patch please?``

Edit: got it working after applying the new patch from post #151! - USB 3.0 didn't work. Thanks to blueandhack for the solution Now they work.
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All OK here.

I'm on a iMac 14,2 build, I generated the latest firmware version number and date and manually updated my config.plist in CC as a safeguard against getting a "firmware update required" error I noticed some have seen. I do not know if this was an essential step, I just did it to save myself any bother just in case. The firmware version I was using, was slightly out of date (2017).

I uninstalled my Nvidia Webdrivers before running a standard upgrade from App Store, then simply installed the newest after the upgrade completed. Time machine is now backing up and I'll CCC the drive later.

I am still on Clover 4533 and HFS. Everything is still working golden.

I could really use some advice on the newer versions of Clover and changes there and if I should be thinking about making alterations already for good practice in 10.13.6 and in prep for beta test on 10.14.

If someone could point me in the right direction on that, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance as ever, for everything.



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Ok after I start the update install and it reboots, I am supposed to choose the install OSX option for the drive I am installing the update on? Is this correct?